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Jedi Knight Modding

In this forum, you can discuss anything related to modding. Don't forget to use the appropriate subforums if applicable!


  1. Mod Requests & Suggestions

    Looking to have a mod made? Got an idea for a mod that could be neat? This is the place for it.

  2. WIPs, Teasers & Releases

    Releasing a mod? Feeling like showing other people a teaser of the mod you are working on? You can post about it here. If criticism is not desired, please say so.

  3. Modding Assistance

    Looking for assistance in getting your mod to work properly? This is where you can ask for help with any kind of mod, such as a map, model, skin, NPC, etc. Please do not use this subforum if you are having trouble installing a mod, or need help fixing your game.

  4. Coding and Scripts

    Doing some coding? Need some help with that last line of code or just want to show off your amazing edits? You can post about it here.

  5. General Modding Discussions

    Not releasing a mod or in need of assistance, but just want to talk about modding? Feel free to post anything in this forum that doesn't fit in the other modding forums.

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