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  1. @Enjak Sakoo If you have images of your character, you should share them here. Someone will more likely pick up your request if they have something to work with.
  2. @Botdra You already have the files you need, so I don't think that there is anything I could send to you.
  3. Looks very good. The second image, with the fixed aspect ratio first and the upscale later, is definitely better. That was the procedure I did. Personally, I also added film grain. The right amount can mask some flaws of the upscales that are hard to avoid. Higher FPS are definitely not a bad idea. After all, most players are able to play the game with 60 FPS (at the very least), so it would definitely add some consistency.
  4. @Botdra Could you share your results? Screenshots are enough, so you don't need to upload an entire video.
  5. I initially started with Gigapixel AI, but then gave up on that, as upscaling the videos frame by frame simply is too big of a task. When Video Enhanced came out, I moved to that software for that purpose. I sourced some of the videos for the more recent upscales straight from the assets of the Gamecube version of Jedi Outcast. Like I said, the videos look far better than the PC cutscenes. The PC cutscenes are heavily compressed, while the Gamecube don't have that much of compression. That's why they are the perfect basis for upscaling. Jedi Academy on the other hand was trickier. The main problem was that some cutscenes were in 4:3 format, which resulted in planets looking like eggs. But once I converted them to the 16:9 format, they were much better material for upscaling. The project was fun. In fact, I wanted to upscale all of the cutscenes, with the intention to get them into the game somehow. But since they added watermarks to the upscaled videos, I didn't continue the project. But here's a question for those who have much better understanding with the engine: Is it possible to modify the game so that instead of ROQ files, it supports better files, like mp4 or avi?
  6. Simple yet fantastic. Like a cross between TRON and the VR missions of Metal Gear Solid.
  7. If you want bigger and sharper versions of the standard textures, this mod is for you. But if you don't see any significant changes from the standard textures in the screenshots, don't bother downloading the mod at all. If you decide to download the mod anyways, keep in mind that you need a strong PC in order to handle the textures properly without any significant FPS drop. Simple upscaling does pretty much nothing to images. You get bigger images, but no real details. AI upscaling on the other hand is not only much more advanced, but also far superior to normal upscaling. Not only does it make images bigger and clearer, it also actually adds more details. And the results look extremely realistic. I assume that the mod was made either with Gigapixel AI. Since 2019, when the mod was published, a lot more features have been added to the software, such as facial reconstruction. In fact, Gigapixel AI is already used by major studios to remaster the textures of their games.
  8. This is probably the weirdest, and at the same time best, Rodian model ever made for Jedi Academy.
  9. Don't hold your breath. Not only has katanamaru not been active here since April 2021, but this topic is almost 10 years old.
  10. As the (season?) finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi was released yesterday, I think it's time to finally talk about it here. Still have to process the series, as there was a lot going on, but here are my thoughts so far: That's it for now. Maybe I will add more later.
  11. If you're planning to rework the voices, I recommend xVASynth. You can find it on Steam, but you have to download the voice models from Nexus Mods. And once you get the hang out of the software, you'll get much better results. In fact, the voices are really convincing.
  12. As far as I know, nobody has ever done female Wookiees.
  13. Have you taken a look at this website? http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Outcast/Maps/ It contains a lot, if not all, mods from jk2files.com and jk3files.com. Maybe you'll find that map there.
  14. Mace Windu in Jedi Power Battles is almost identical to the models and skins we already have of him. All he needs is a blue lightsaber, which he has in the game. As for Adi Gallia, I think nobody has done a model based on her appearance in this game. It would be interesting to see.
  15. I've added another image of the blaster to your post. We should collect more reference images. The more images of the blaster we have, the better will be the basis for the modeler. At the moment, we only have very brief moments in which the blaster is seen. Unless the blaster is a specific type that has been already featured in Star Wars, we may have to wait for more images.
  16. Did you mean the Lightsaber Hilt Collection? Ahsoka's lightsabers are definitely in it. But I don't know if there is a backhand version of it.
  17. Do you have OpenJK installed? If not, download it here. https://builds.openjk.org/openjk-2022-05-23-235fb9e1-windows.zip OpenJK is not a mod, but an "engine upgrade", allowing mods like JA++ to work. You just need to put all the required files of OpenJK in the GameData folder (not in Base). It may overwrite some files, but it won't negatively affect the gameplay.
  18. You can find it here: https://japplus.github.io/site/
  19. The good thing is that only the hangar needs to be recreated, which makes it pretty easy to build the stage. But unfortunately, I'm not a mapper.
  20. Jedi Power Battles was one of my favourite Star Wars games. It's awesome to see a skin based on the game.
  21. Models and skins that were created for Jedi Outcast are usually compatible with Jedi Academy without any problems. So there is no need to convert it.
  22. @fen_bandit The models at 1:07 look like those Sith Troopers from the KotOR games to me. And I don't think anyone has done an Ubese before.
  23. You can find OpenJK there. https://builds.openjk.org/
  24. You know what? If the JKHub logo was designed like a hologram, the stuttering would fit perfectly.
  25. This might be the problem. While both files contain the same model, they have different features. zzz_JangoFett.pk3 contains the standard version of the model, which is the one you should use. zzz_pbrjangofett.pk3 on the other hand has a slightly enhanced version of the model, which requires a PBR renderer in order to work correctly. In other words, delete the PBR version and only keep the standard version.
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