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  1. @Darthsion I once stumbled upon this statue on the internet. Are you the one who made it? If yes, give us some more content if you like. Pictures are nice, but some informations would be really great. The statue is high-quality, similar to many of the Black Series action figures.
  2. It's always great to see new and modern takes on the Jedi Academy menu. This one looks indeed special, and I'm really looking forwart to see more updates.
  3. The design is absolutely incredible. In fact, rend2 makes it look as if it is rendered in a far more advanced engine, like Unreak Engine 4. Unfortunately, I can't test the map with rend2 activated, since my PC can't really handle it.
  4. Don't give up your hope! Just because he has not been introduced in the canon doesn't mean he won't ever be. And that's so exciting! Sometimes, certain characters from Legends get introduced into the canon, if they haven't been already. In fact, there is a theory that he might be a character in Star Wars: Outlaws, because a currently unnamed character looked exactly like him. The theory was later debunked, but you never know. There are still a lot of possibilities in Star Wars, even more than ever before. It just requires a writer. Until then, there are so many other interesting characters to explore. As for Kelleran Beq, I don't expect him to survive long past the Order 66. But I do hope that this was not the last thing we got to see of him. (NOTE TO MEMBERS: This is not an invitation to discuss about who or what is supposed to be in the canon or not. If you disagree with something or feel a certain rage, take a pillow, scream into it, then do whatever makes you happy.)
  5. Out of all the Star Wars games you could've based the Theed maps on, it's great that you chose the The Phantom Menace game. While it's not a perfect Star Wars game, it still has interesting level designs.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has ever considered making a model based on Jedi Master Kelleran Beq. He also has an interesting lightsaber, which I think has yet to be made.
  7. Looks as if you have too much stuff in that folder. Try this: Delete all the files and folders, except the Base folder, then let Steam download the missing files again, which will give you a cleaner installation of the game. Then put all the OpenJK files, and nothing else, into the GameData folder.
  8. @JaredKFan Download and install he latest version of the .NET Framework. Maybe this could help. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet-framework/thank-you/net481-web-installer
  9. Brilliant! I'm really looking forward to see Shin Hati. She's an interesting character. Take your time to make the best version of the character possible.
  10. If you really want the map and don't want to wait, you might as well save your money and start learning mapping so you can make it yourself. At least give it a try. A little time consuming? That's an understatement. Because depending on the scale and the details you want, and the time and willingness the creator has for it, this can take much longer than you think.
  11. Since HUM-3154 has added no SP menu support for them, you have to do it on your own. Method 1 (Very easy): Use the "playermodel" command. Take a look inside the ext_data folder of each PK3, then locate the NPC file of the character you want to play. Once you've done that, type, for example, playermodel BatMan in the console. Method 2 (More complicated): Just take a look at this tutorial.
  12. I must also admit that I take the rumours with large grains of salt. After all, he's very selective about his choices. He would rather turn down a multi-million dollar role just to appear in a cameo role in an independent film. Nevertheless, it was great to see how excited everyone got.
  13. THE ACOLYTE has already been announced long ago, and it's also well into production. Apart from some cast members and the confirmation that the story will take place in the High Republic era (centuries before The Phantom Menace), very little has been revealed so far. The only recent "news" about the show were just the rumoir that Keanu Reeves was cast as Darth Revan. If true, it would be something awesome. Because not only would it mark Darth Revan's first ever appearance in any Star Wars live-action media, but he would also be played by an actor who has been a fan-favourite for a long time. It would also reunite him with his Matrix co-star Carrie-Anne Moss again, who has already been confirmed to be in the cast.
  14. @Starwalker1192 Joshua has made the Kyle model you wanted. Grabe it while it's hot!
  15. Looks great. Feel free to submit the file to our download section.
  16. Anybody interested in making a model of this one? It's a new character from the Star Wars: Outlaws game. Not much has been revealed, only that it's a BX-series droid in a trenchcoat.
  17. I was surprised how smooth the transition from planet to surface was. This is exactly what I imagined when the space battles for the original 'Star Wars Battlefront II' were announced. And I'm also impressed by the hyperspace jump. In the 'Star Wars Jedi' games, you jump into hyperspace, and you won't get out until you trigger a (short) cutscene. But in Outlaws, they have masked the transition so well that it's flawless.
  18. @Daedra Why don't you buy it on Steam? It's so laughably inexpensive these days that the money you will spend on it won't hurt your bank account.
  19. @Daedra Sounds like a great mod. Could you provide some screenshots or videos? Once other members know what your project looks like so far, it's more likely that they will pick it up.
  20. This game will be an open-world game, and it is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It will also feature new characters, including a female protagonist named Kay Vess. Personally, I have developed a strong dislike towards Ubisoft, because it became the LJN of modern game companies for me (if you know the Angry Video Game Nerd, you'll probably know what I mean). This started with their delay of Rayman Legends, initially planned to be a Wii U exclusive game, just to make it a multi-platform game instead. Then came the disastrous release of Watch_Dogs, a game that was not only riddled with bugs, but also couldn't live up to it's promised visual style. And there was so much going on that made me avoid any game from the studio entirely. Apart from a classic I got at a discount, I haven't touched anything from Ubisoft ever since. But this might change with this game. It's not just that it's a Star Wars game, but also because I have to face the fact that I can't hate Ubisoft forever. This game might probably the one that will redeem the studio for me. In fact, I hope it will.
  21. Out of all the season 3 characters, I would love to see Elia Kane and Penn Pershing. Not only are they interesting characters (I really loved their episode in that season), but also perfect for Jedi Academy. As for Elia, I would also love to see the Imperial and the trenchcoat version of her.
  22. Check out this tutorial: And make sure to download the latest Jedi Academy Plugin Suite for Blender:
  23. The Mercenary Kyle and the original Kyle are two completely different models. Each one is using different UV maps and textures. So, if you try to put the texture from one model to another, the texture gets messed up. In other words, editing the skin file won't do anything, you need to edit the model in a 3D modeling software like Blender.
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