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  1. Finishing up a "prisoner records" room. And testing shaders on the droid.
  2. Custom chairs, new grating, and more. One more detail pass, before retexturing.
  3. You can! Just start practicing, people are willing to help if you put in the effort.
  4. Thanks to some Noodle magic, the second droid is playable! Needs some texture work and tweaking but exciting time for this big - little mod!
  5. A bit redundant, but a closer photo of the droid so far, with some minor improvements.
  6. Long time coming, with help from Noodle the base form of the second droid has entered the engine! More soon (with luck!)
  7. OCD2

    Sio Bibble

    This can only mean one thing - download
  8. Nice, one of the three wise men for christmas!
  9. Its been a short while since I updated this, and yes indead, this map is still progressing! Im working on textures, and switching some of the pathways around in this map still, though im hoping its not too far off from some sort of release. I have also been working on modelling, and also mapping different live action locations to keep it interesting, as well as spreading my time around learning new programs and techniques to improve all of my outputs. Another location that im working on is the Fortress Inquisitorus from Kenobi. A few of the points of interest in progress: Of course, the jedi tomb. Interrogation room. Torture chamber, with an overhead observation area - something I thought Palpatine would want. (Also, has a data collecting/monitoring center) I built a waterway that will span across two areas of the map. It has a breakable window, that floods the tunnel and pushes players into the sea. There are two access areas the players can swim to, or fight it out in the water. Also have windowed observation rooms where other players will be able to see/watch from inside the fortress. Also have other areas underway - most any archetecture they depicted in the show, like the great hall, the conference room and etc. and more. Everything is still work in progress with lots of placeholder and first pass blockouts, but this one is coming along quickly, as most textures are standard imperial fare. Hopefully ill release a few fun things before the end of the year!
  10. Cool! I was thinking about this one, and the imperial jailer too!. Nice work!
  11. Spelling! Yes, Tython would probably be better suited for a dual map. I had an idea for a king of the hill type siege map, though a duel version probably is easier to realize. The Morak refinery is another favorite that I thought would be a fun creation. A storming the fortress type map would be fum to build. I have ideas for all of the above!
  12. What program are you using? The NetRadiantCustom shortcut to clip geometry is really easy - just hold CTRL and LEFT click to set Point 1. Then move your cursor to where you want to second point to create a line to "cut" the brush. Hitting enter will cut the piece away, holding CTRL and then enter will keep both. Those are the basics that should get you cutting!
  13. Im nearing completion of my main map project, and thinking to the future about the next location - I have a few ideas, and hope for your input on which map would be most interesting! Ideas and thoughts welcome!
  14. Nearly everything is in place. One more minor pass on geometry and detailing (in some areas) - then a focus on texturing before release!
  15. These are all things I wonder about as well, especially since learning blender opens up so many more opportunities.
  16. Congratulations, it was hard to make a choice with all the great submissions! !
  17. Interesting to hear the anecdotes of the creating of the game, wish they had more - why dont they remember every little detail of 20 years ago!!! *sarcasm* Good of you to put this together, nice to see all involved had good memories of the experience. Six hour, 20 year Jedi academy anniversary video next year!
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