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  1. You already know your skeleton work is impressing me! Cham really blows me a way for a lot of reasons. Your frankensteins are really sharp and refined, you can't see any janky seams. It looks so clean and polished. The textures on the clothes are really great! I love vending machines and utilities! Not enough of them!
  2. I wish I had seen this before! This map has so much potential, it's a great feel and a great niche for gaming and filming on!
  3. Wow! Do you have dynamic glow on? Do I have dynamic glow on? Did you do work on the shaders? hahah.
  4. You're coming along in leaps and bounds! I am happy to help. You starting this map energized the community in a way few things have recently, and the security droid and the textures are my little part to keep the momentum going! Looking so good! Thanks for doing what you're doing. The circle door improvements are great too! The ladder idea is perfect. Was that an alternate thermal detonator skin to look like Baby Yoda's silver ball in the above pictures? lol
  5. 100 downloads

    ==New Republic Security Droid== 3D models by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Converted and rigged for Jedi Academy by Jeff Project commisioned and organized by Zander_Nao Prison Transport Screenshots by fullkevlar --NPC Support-- NRSD - Standard Model NRSD_Red - Red Version NRSD_Blue - Blue Version --Optional DH-17 Blaster Replacement-- Include ZZZ_NRSD_Blaster.pk3 in base.
  6. Getting version 1.0 ready for release. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good! Comes with an optional replacement for the blaster to make it a DH-17.
  7. The texture pass is completed! This is certainly a complex project with a lot to keep in mind. It's a little weird being a project organizer/commissioner, sort of translating the limitations of JA to try and keep everything working. I had to ask Phazzzer about the poly/vert count because this still looks too good to be true, haha. It'll be put into A-pose to make conversion into game easier. We talked with the mod conversion team about the skeleton issue and reached some compromises. I think we may try in the future to make a more accurate fit or custom skeleton, but given the time/cost/eff
  8. Hahaha. I love that it was like a blind taste test! Throw them in without knowing it and they identified it. Oh! Yes, I'm glad they found the bug so you could get rid of it! The perils of a map like this are getting turned around, reminds me of the Blockade Runner map by SSSID. I almost always had to noclip to figure out which direction to go. Oi, yeah, the droid model looks like a model from a new game cause right now it's super HD. I'm trying to convince Phazzzer to sell the high quality versions of his models, lol.
  9. @Lancelot hahaha, I was so confused when I went to log in and reply, but this makes total sense. Not a problem 😄 Phazzzer used the A-pose model I sent and we're pretty close. I said I didn't care about matching the head to the humanoid skeleton cause it'd just be for the idle animation and better to keep that 1:1 from the source material. Since the elbows and wrists were close, I asked primarily to turn the hands so the palms face the hips and tilt down a few degrees. The fingers will still probably clip into the wrists, and we might have to shorten the forearm, but it is a lot
  10. @AshuraDX You are completely right. I raised those concerns (and the fact that the model wouldn't hold the gun in the right place if the arms were too long) to try and keep the artist from backtracking any more than necessary. I also shared and fbx of the Jedi Academy human model A-pose to try and get proportions and angles correct. Thank you for bringing that up now before we got too far!
  11. Alright, here is the final detail update pass. Next steps are to bake the details into textures and then reduce poly count to something Jedi Academy can support.
  12. Hahaha. It won't be texture. I thought about bringing it up last night cause I noticed the same thing but didn't want to rain on the parade. I guess I should mention it before he gets too far.
  13. Speaking of characters for this map, here's the update on the New Republic security droid being modeled by Phazzzer. Keep in mind this is currently higher poly/vert count than the finished Jedi Academy model will be. It's still a sort of WIP.
  14. Ohhh! I love your progress, your gameplan, and your opening for testers!
  15. This one was $250. The droid heads ranged from $100-150 depending on if we were re-using parts from previous models (r2 eyes, dome already there, etc). I don't drink, no one's going out to the movies or anything... Film making is my main hobby and so the investment seems worth it to me. It brings me joy imagining the different stories that I can tell even if I have to wait for the pandemic to be over to make the movies with my film group the way I'm used to doing. Here's a slight update with corrected proportions and the start on a little bit of the detail work. The 3D artist will also be t
  16. Also, I should ask that the 3D artist took interest in asking about what kind of weapon the droid uses so I provided picture reference and links...
  17. The chopfields would be really, really cool for a duel map or something! I love the way you think, great inspiration.
  18. Here is the first update from Phazzzer, the 3D artist I commissioned on CGTrader. https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Step 1: A rough draft first past for basic geometry (we're here at this point) Step 2: Correct proportions and add lots of detail Step 3: Use high detail to bake uv/textures Step 4: Reduce poly down to Jedi Academy limits Step 5: Hand the model over for conversion to exist in Jedi Academy Step 6: I'll make reskins and color variants for the lulz Step 7: Release!
  19. If you send me the sound files, I am assuming I can incorporate the taunts. I know the bitrate's very finicky but I've modified taunts before and had it work. I'm also going to pay the 3D artist for both models. We've got a good working relationship going and I want to be fair for the work they put in. The map already looks way better than most starting level attempts. It'll only get better with some input from the experts. A well optimized map with a fair layout like this can become the bread and butter for players for years to come!
  20. I absolutely love your approach to this! Fantastic. Reaching out with well researched questions, checking for the techniques to improve. It already is a beautiful map but it'll only get better from here! As for the security guard, I had a slight miscommunication with my 3d modeler that I commissioned. I asked for (and provided picture references) for the New Republic Security droid with an alternate head from a different droid, but he made the whole body of the other droid first. We switched gears to prioritize the security droid but we'll come out the other side with two new droid types in
  21. Yeah! It is interesting how it sort of came towards T3 in the end. I guess that's a natural droid design as well. I gave the 3D modeler more free reign on this one and said "these are the pieces I want to incorporate" and it came out with that sort of hybrid feel. I'm really happy with it.
  22. Indeed. What inspired me to even start doing these droid projects was the variety and adaptability of the textures Helena had in her original pack. By keeping the body/legs mesh as they were, I could take my own spin on things and play around with new textures and lights and shaders and things but get the head mesh updated to look more accurate and reflect advances in techniques. I think it really made for a good blend and I couldn't have done it without the great efforts of Helena, Phazzzer and Jeff.
  23. 42 downloads

    ===R2 Series Astromech=== Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao This is an updated/expanded version of the NPC Droid Pack by Helena Revan. https://jkhub.org/profile/28-helena-revan/ Original Mod: https://jkhub.org/files/file/240-npc-droid-pack/ Most of the Body/Leg textures are from the NPC Droid Pack by Helena Revan and used with permission granted in original readme. R2 Head 3D modeled by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Base Model by Raven Software Converted for Jedi Academy by Jeff Head textures by Phazzer Other textures/reskins created by Zander_Nao
  24. 18 downloads

    ==F8 Series Astromech== Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao Head 3D modeled by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Head textures by Phazzer Base Model by Raven Software Converted for Jedi Academy by Jeff A portion of the Astromech body/leg textures are from the NPC Droid Pack by Helena Revan and used with credit and permission from the original readme. Other textures/reskins created by Zander_Nao --NPC Support-- F8A8 / F8A8_vehicle - White/Blue F8B8 / F8B8_vehicle - White/Black F8R8 / F8R8_vehicle - White/Red
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