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    Dagan Gera

    In MP, you'd type in model dagan_gera/noarm
  2. Excellent mods everyone! Unfortunately I couldn't really participate in the contest for this one due to real life circumstances, though I had a few ideas in mind. Regardless, everyone made some fantastic stuff.
  3. Droidy365

    Dagan Gera

    There doesn't look to be an NPC with this mod, so how you'd do it is by typing: playermodel dagan_gera model_[skin] model_[skin] model_[skin] Replace [skin] with one of the valid skins: default jedi noarm E.g: playermodel dagan_gera model_jedi model_jedi model_jedi Note that all three will have to be the same one, depending on which one you pick. Hope this helped!
  4. Here are the swords made by @Rooxon. However, there still isn't really a proper playermodel available. There is a port available, but it's admittedly not the highest quality.
  5. I haven't worked on this mod for a fair while. Honestly, I've considered taking the assets I've made and starting anew with it - making it multiplayer based, rather than single player. However, there are a lot of complicated things that I'd like to add if I did that, such as: A skill tree (using the Force Power menu system) A level system for unlocking higher skill mastery (based on the amount of kills a player has) An inventory In-depth character customisation Items giving you different armours for customisation and stats Custom playermodels Large maps And perhaps the most interesting (but implausible) one; interconnected servers for a pseudo-open world - loading into a new map with the same stats, and loading back again without issue. That's just to just name a few features I'd like to have. Sadly, I don't know how to go about adding anything like this. It was already an ambitious project to begin with, but honestly I feel like it would be much better as a multiplayer project than as a single player one. That's just my thoughts on this though, feel free to share your own.
  6. The simplest way would be to edit it in a HEX editor. I'd recommend HxD, as it makes life a lot easier. So to demonstrate, I'm using the academy1.bsp map, renamed to acasky.bsp. Make sure you backup your file when you do this. Open up your BSP file with HxD and search for the textures you want to replace with CTRL + F. I'm searching for textures/skies/yavin. What you want to do is replace the texture name with something with the same amount of characters. My texture, yavin, has 5 characters. I'm going to replace it with space, since that's a base texture that conveniently has the right amount of letters. Before: After: In your case, you'll want to rename your new texture to something slightly different, but make sure it has the same amount of characters. If it has a different amount, the map's file size may change, and the map may become corrupted. You may encounter multiple instances of the texture you want to replace, it'll probably be a matter of trial and error finding out which lot of textures you want to replace. Hope this helped and wasn't too confusing
  7. Congrats to the winners! Well deserved, both of them. Amazing work everyone
  8. assets0 > strings > English > hoth2.str Going through different files, I've noticed there's quite a bit of unused hints and dialogue.
  9. Uploaded my submission! Hope everyone enjoys my movie-accurate Boba Fett voice mod
  10. Version 1.0


    This mod gives Boba Fett a voice more accurate to Temuera Morrison's voice heard in the movies and shows. I was never truly happy with Boba's voice in the original game, as it's not the voice I grew up with. It's not a bad impression of his original voice from 1980, but I did always prefer the newer one. And so, I give to all of you, a really damn good voice impression done by the Shape Shifter VA! You may recognize his work in many Star Wars fan-films involving either clones or Boba Fett himself. It was a pleasure to work with this legend in the making of this mod. Features included in this mod: - All of Boba Fett's voice lines redone. - New voice lines reacting to the player detonating the bombs and other interactions. - A new animation of Boba cautiously pointing his blaster at you after killing you. You can never be too careful with Jedi. - 15 possible voice lines after killing you (some being alternate takes, others completely original). - (Optional) Custom dynamic music from Empire Strikes Back to make the level's music feel unique and more appropriate to Boba Fett. - Bug-fixes for the level: * Fix in the opening cutscene where Boba would shoot his blaster, but no fire sound would play. * Fix for the start of the level where Boba would be grounded, but his jetpack would still be active. This simply deactivates his jetpack when starting. - Known bugs: * About 20 seconds after you die, Boba will just pop out of existence. I tried doing all sorts of shenanigans with scripting to make it more exciting and cinematic, but nothing I tried worked. Note that this is a problem already in the vanilla game. Please let me know if you find any more bugs!
  11. Not gonna lie, that might be a much better choice of a model. I'm not quite sure if I can really do this model justice, as I'm a beginner modeller who insists on using an outdated version of Blender, since that's what I've learned. I'll probably still give it a shot, but I don't know how good it'll be. Sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you, I was simply seeing what it would look like if we did go ahead and use that model. I totally get it; if you're gonna have something made for you to play as, you want it to be something you'd actually play as.
  12. The model I suggested was more for the actual outfit, than the head. I definitely think you'd need to Frankenstein a new head onto her. If you remove the cloak, the general shape of the outfit is pretty similar, it would just need a little bit of tweaking. Here's a crappy photoshop job of the proportions adjusted to be like SWTOR (please excuse the poor quality) Ignoring the head entirely (as Rey obviously looks nothing like the Miraluka) the general body shape is very similar. You'd just have to cut the dress in half, model a belt and a few other details - and of course, find a suitable head replacement. The Black Cat model ported by HUM-3154 works surprisingly well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibuz0ng0zn7axgi/Black_Cat.pk3?dl=0 Simple concept I made in GIMP (without retexturing): Note that it's not actually a model, I just photoshopped them together. I also just realised how disproportionately small the head is, but I'm too lazy to fix it.
  13. One model in particular that I found that looks kinda similar is @Doughnuts' Dark Rey model. Re-skinning it and re-modelling it to have a new head and extra details should work pretty well, I think. Could even keep the cloak as an optional skin.
  14. Some things that should help: - Source of the picture: - In-game SWTOR Screenshot: Additional artwork (made by the same artist, Arideya) Additional information about the female Miraluka in question: With this information, we can have more reference pictures (or a port, if anyone can do that) Nightlife Operative Armour: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/nightlife-operative/ Unstable Peacemaker's Dualsaber: https://swtorista.com/weapon/unstable-peacemakers-dualsaber
  15. Hello there! All of the models are present in JKA's base folder, in assets1.pk3, located in models/players. Extract the models folder to your base folder or another folder on your PC. Depending on what modelling software you use, you may have to do different things. If you use Blender, download this plugin and add it to Blender. After installing the plugin, you can import the .glm files straight from the character model folders. I hope I explained this well enough
  16. I believe I tried that at one point, but it didn't work. However, as it turns out, my laziness was uncalled for. Here's a fully working script: https://pastebin.com/C0DyK4iG Feel free to use it however you like, modify it, etc.
  17. For my Sword Art Academy mod, I made a few regen scripts for the player, which I think also works for NPCs. https://pastebin.com/mXd9rLaw If I recall correctly, this regenerates 5 HP every 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds). To change the delay, alter the wait timer near the top. This isn't the best - I got a bit lazy, so it all just works in increments of 5, rather than using proper maths to do it properly. If you have 4 HP, you'll regen to 5 HP, rather than 9 HP. This could be fixed, but it took me a long time to get that done in the first place After compiling this with BehavED, naming it regen.ibi, put it in scripts. To activate it, run the command: /runscript player regen If you spawn an NPC, make sure it has a NPC name for the script to target. /npc spawn reborn_new bob /runscript bob regen Of course, if this is in a custom map, you can have a target_scriptrunner activate this.
  18. That would be so cool! For starters, I've always wanted to be able to dual-wield weapons in JKA. This mod looks epic in JO and I'd love to try it out in JA.
  19. It might be possible to have an invisible and invincible NPC that your NPC wants to attack, with the func_breakable being "collateral damage." Other than that, I think it might be possible with scripting? I'm not all that experienced with that sort of thing, so I don't know for sure.
  20. Holy shit, that is so damn cool! Badass animations and kill-cams and fun looking gameplay.
  21. Yeah, pretty much that concept, with 360° movement (or at least forward, back, left, right and diagonal). The camera doesn't drop and the controls are more responsive. Usually, it's bound to a key separate from the crouch button like ALT or X (maybe C? Is there anyone who doesn't bind crouch to CTRL?) to avoid accidentally crouching instead of rolling, though there might be a way around this if that's not something we want. By default, tapping the roll key will roll you forward, even if you're not moving forward. Moving in other directions will make you roll in that direction. When you're rolling, you're not locked to that one plane of movement - you still have some control while rolling (mostly during the dive part of the roll animation.) I hope I explained this well enough to understand, it's a bit difficult to explain. If you've played Jedi Fallen Order, it's a lot like that.
  22. Well, that looks a hundred times better than the one I was working on Nice work mate. Textures are obviously still a WIP.
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