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  1. damn, your story triggers such great memories for my self, as I look back and think to the time I myself started playing multiplayer in jedi academy. the journey from being a noob to sitting down and spending several 100 hours a month training everyday for years and getting better at playing the game, to becoming a clan leader for a big server to making money from having a server, to that you start modding the game and then you sit here today and can look back and think back on the things that you yourself have experienced. it gives some super cool flashbacks for me with this experiences i have had for almost 20 years with the game, I've made a lot of good friends myself from it. some have gone others have stayed, I could never regret this experience without it and if i had the chance to start over i would gladly do it again. thank you for your super cool video Circa, thank you for what you do to keep this community up along with all the rest of us who still have a great love for the game and each other.
  2. keep up the good work man, ben watching this mod for years now keep making progress no matter how slow it is hope to see more from you soon
  3. damn this looks nice man, good to see you are back in the community that water looks really nice. way better then what we have in Warzone but i do like Warzone's a lot to here is a Pic of me taking a screenshot from me and Uniq1 Mod
  4. yeah the new forum looks awesome man, really nice job on that and graz to JKhub for its 9 years so far lets take 9 more
  5. correct. wont disagreed on it. i don't think the mod was bad, but Tim was not legit about his action, i talk with him a lot on MSN messenger every day about this stuff, and he didn't only lie to the community he lie to his staff as well behind the screens. any who its not about KOTF past here so lets keep it to the topic
  6. This i can only say is the hold truth, i was there when it happen as i was a Admin on KOTF forum back in the days, Tim was a scummy dude for sure, and the way he earn that money was also a really nasty way doing it, said he could not finish the mod if he didn't get a new PC. i remember it like it was yesterday lol, plus he didn't want to release the mod after he did get his new PC the community had payed him to finish the mod with, his greed got over him again as he wanted 200k views of his video on YouTube, that showed where he live, So me and a sec mod in there got mad and there after did a web script that would get the view counter up faster so the release could happe, when it happen he didn't want to release it right away, and i got mad at him Tim, because he promised his community that it would happen, and he released it, some time after that a lot of stuff happen, and he had no respect for anyone when i was there. it ended up with that i moved a lot of fans and some mods in there away from his forum, and things only went down after that by his own mistakes and greed. it did end up with a new mod that aim for what he did. and Star wars Chronicles got form out of that. sad as things got mention in this topic the source of the models, maps and so on never had a release, witch is sad because it could get out to a lot players,/modders in there hands to fix, play, and do more with it
  7. as long as they keep there time saves for them self, and out of there game, and don't force there player base to grind their ass off to get some martial to buy some gear sets or force to buy it through micro transactions that is cut content like they have done with the last 3 assassin's creed games and breakpoint for that matter with scummy micro transactions. im fine with that Ubisoft gets a chance to make a star wars game. but remember Ubisoft is no different from how EA is when it comes to micro transactions. as long its just skins im fine with it, but they have just not proved that they could do a live service game or a single player game without micro transactions in the scummy way they do it. but this is just my opinion on it. so lets hope Disney still have the voice to keep this in tact so it dosnt end up like Battlefront 2 ended
  8. the main thing for lugormod was to build, making quest with npcs, and based on classes. there was a few RP clans out there, but from my past and having a lugormod server we where more making it a quest based mode where u could get credits to upgrade, build a house for the credits and so on. Robophed or what he was call was one of the last one who was coding on it, but he moved on for what ever reason he had, maybe he just lost the passion to go on with the project. the source code has been release by some other guy who got the code and was trying to work on with it. but i guess he lost interested as well.
  9. yeah sorry about that. but things change. life change, and i simple lost intressed in the mod after i found somme big issues in the saber combat.
  10. yeah we have that right now in warzone ? huge maps that takes for ever to cross ?
  11. damn where u a part of that team to @SomaZ didn't knew that ? i follow that project to bad it never got a release ? but nice details on that pic up above ? let us some more of that soon ?
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