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  1. as long as they keep there time saves for them self, and out of there game, and don't force there player base to grind their ass off to get some martial to buy some gear sets or force to buy it through micro transactions that is cut content like they have done with the last 3 assassin's creed games and breakpoint for that matter with scummy micro transactions. im fine with that Ubisoft gets a chance to make a star wars game. but remember Ubisoft is no different from how EA is when it comes to micro transactions. as long its just skins im fine with it, but they have just not proved that they co
  2. the main thing for lugormod was to build, making quest with npcs, and based on classes. there was a few RP clans out there, but from my past and having a lugormod server we where more making it a quest based mode where u could get credits to upgrade, build a house for the credits and so on. Robophed or what he was call was one of the last one who was coding on it, but he moved on for what ever reason he had, maybe he just lost the passion to go on with the project. the source code has been release by some other guy who got the code and was trying to work on with it. but i guess he lost in
  3. yeah sorry about that. but things change. life change, and i simple lost intressed in the mod after i found somme big issues in the saber combat.
  4. yeah we have that right now in warzone ? huge maps that takes for ever to cross ?
  5. damn where u a part of that team to @SomaZ didn't knew that ? i follow that project to bad it never got a release ? but nice details on that pic up above ? let us some more of that soon ?
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