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    Packed together by: @Tompa9 All of you i think saw a strange eyes in this model. Well and this Reborn looks too quiet even he is a Sith. So ... i changed them. Face and eyes ... In my opinion they are more Sith like than before. And i changed icons in multiplayer. Anyway Thank You for downloading my little modification ^^ (skin)! This file also completely remasters JKII: Jedi Outcast Reborns with new HD model based on RPG sourcebook and invents new female Reborn Dual variant. NPC SPAWN COMMANDS: /npc spawn reborn /npc spawn rebornfencer /npc spawn rebornacrobat /npc spawn rebornforceuser /npc spawn rebornboss /npc spawn reborndark /npc spawn reborn_dual /npc spawn reborn_dual2
  2. What do you mean by - hard to rotated an object exactly?
  3. @Vade Parvis Hello There. Any updates on the imperials ? These player models look amazing.
  4. Well if people want to know what is happening - Life is happening. I dont want to be active publicly so pls dont contact me. 
    Thank you for understanding.

  5. O___O What the hell happend to Jkhub

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