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  1. I managed myself through a tutorial(probably shoulda posted in the link above but found it here first ?) ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezme7vbMC6I
  2. From what I have heard they are bringing back the multiplayer for Jedi Academy and not Outcast so as to not spread the small player base out too much. But as for how it will actually work I have no idea. Nintendo themselves uses peer to peer for Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart and such so I am not all that hopeful xD As for modding on the Switch the Skyrim modding scene for the Switch is quite good it seems. But you need to hack your Switch and might only be possible with the older model(i.e. the original Switch with bad battery). I have not done it myself as I do not want to destroy my Switch. Not really a need for it either since I have both Skyrim and Jedi Outcast and Academy on PC.
  3. Hi, I am trying to use this https://jkhub.org/files/file/2650-general-kenobi/ in sp. I have read that it may not work in sp but I do not know unless I try. I am thinking I should be able to use "playermodel X" but that does not work since I do not know the model name. Does anyone know what to do? ?
  4. I am not sure what's going on but I love it! Couldn't play Jedi Outcast with JK II Enhanced so this was a welcome addition since it enables me to play that game too Really cool to be able to block and such but need to spend more time with the new features so I can get more acquainted with them.
  5. Okay, thought it was the only way to go, but the Movie Battles II seems like something I'd like to try
  6. Hi, I am using JK II Enhanced and it crashes when I try to start a new game. I want to use it due to bugfixes and original game without the mod crashes when I press Esc. The error I get is this: FS_Freefile(NULL) For me it seems like it has to do with this line: Sys_LoadSPGameDll(C:\Users\Robin\Documents\My Games\OpenJO\jospgamex86.dll) failed: "Failed loading C:\Users\Robin\Documents\My Games\OpenJO\jospgamex86.dll: Cannot find the specified module. The file it needs to load is included in the mod but it isn't where it should be, so I tried moving it manually but to no effect. So that probably wasn't it. Crash log:
  7. I'm getting that too but with Windows 10 64 bit. Had it before when I had a few other mods, but now I tried with only Jedi Knight II Enchanced. Not sure what to make of what the error log says. Edit: In my log it says that it is looking for jospgamex86.dll in C:/USER/Documents\My Games\OpenJO\jospgamex86.dll but there is no such file there. So perhaps that's what's causing the crash since it can't get past that stage? Edit: Nope.
  8. I really love the quality of this, the outfits are spot on! The head though, looks a bit off to me. Doesn't match the skin of the body and looks a bit scary for me. I must be using 2.2. Never saw the 1.1. I hate to complain, it's not my intention. Meant as constructive criticism
  9. I looove that doublesaber hilt. So fancy, staff style handles are right up my alley too
  10. For some mods I've had to go back to an original skin for that level. Crashes or freezes. Haven't tried this particular mod though.
  11. Hi, I have never tried multiplayer in Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast. My intention was to try with Jedi Academy, but it seems like I'd need to download mods to play multiplayer. How do I go about this? I've found a server list on here but I have questions. Do mods I use in SP matter? Or are those mods not counted, like it's limited to mods installed on the server? Would be fun to try it like in a duel or so, not a full scale battle. I was mainly thinking lightsaber duels, not much for shooting. Tried searching the forums but couldn't find what I was looking for Edit: think I found it now. Top menu Edit 2: Also found this: JKA Multiplayer - Getting Started
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