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  1. Didn't mean any disrespect, simply providing you with the knowledge about JK2MV to save you time with future modding projects. Don't know of too many who still play JK2 without MV, and in most cases those few come down to them not knowing about JK2MV. Fair enough if you want to support JK2MP (default exe), entirely up to you in the end, but knowing that only about less than a handful of the remaining community doesn't use JK2MV I just wanted to inform you of the existing JKA skin/model support in case you were unaware, so that you didn't have to spend the time converting future models. What you do in the end matters little to me, but I thought it wrong not to inform you of MV and the fact that very few doesn't use it these days, as I myself as a modder would have found that information useful had I not known on beforehand. Best of luck with any future modding projects. ?
  2. The vast majority (almost everyone) of the players in JK2 use what is called JK2MV (Jedi Knight 2 Multi Version), which supports almost every type of JKA skins and models without the need to port them at all, with the only exception being the RGB skins I believe. Just wanted to let you and @T.Zealot know before you spend time converting models in Blender again in the future
  3. 865 downloads

    There have never been any standalone package of mod-compatible hilts for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Deathspike's old DS-Online v1.32 clientside came bundled with a seperate pk3, which contained a nice little collection of hilts from countless of modders, with no readme, credits or anything, but even that wasn't technically a standalone package, since you had to download his clientside in order to get it. Some of the other hilts that are in the pack is hilts I've had for years, though again most of them without a readme. This standalone mod-compatible hilt collection, is compatible with any JK2 mod with a custom hilt feature, and the serverside support required for it to function, e.g. JediMod, Force Mod II, KaMod, DS-Online, etc. The pack consists of almost 100 different custom hilts. I've tried contacting some of the creators of the hilts that contained a readme, as well as some of the newer additions, though without any luck. One of them I even tried contacting through JKHub, but he have not been online since january, and have not opened my message yet, even though more than a month have passed. If I could I would write to all of the creators of the original hilts and ask, but since there was no readme with the original hiltpack in DS-Online, it is more or less impossible to track down all of the original creators. Should there ever be a case, where one of the original creators of a specific hilt writes and complain about their hilt being in this collection, then I will remove that hilt and re-upload the pack without that hilt. I asked eezstreet, if I would be allowed to upload this collection, without permission from most of the original creators, and he said it would be alright in this case, as I've tried my best to dig up some of the original authors. I do not personally take any credit for any hilt in this pack. All credit goes to those who worked hard to make these amazing hilts many years ago.
  4. Great work on the model I've been using the skin in JK2 for a while though, as the latest JK2MV (Jedi Knight 2 Multi Version) exe added "Basic support" for JKA skins, and every time I've used the skin, then I've been looking forward to VII a little bit extra By basic I mean that it doesn't support the JKA "Head", "Torso", and "Leg" selectors, but it supports the model itself at least, as in the case of your Stormtrooper
  5. As I can see, the one in the trailer is only red on one of the sides? Otherwise it looks great
  6. Kameleon


    You can check that in the shader files if you'd like
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