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  1. i have only 1 question about the mod, is it gonna replace Boba Fett from Singleplayer?
    This is the best Boba Fett mod so far good job man.
    Fantastic model but is it gonna get SP support?
    Preety good but is it also replaces the luke from single player?
    the shade of the green looks nice
    they look so good but what about recoloring them like red yellow and etc
    looks good but are you gonna make the female version too?
  2. is works for female jaden too?
  3. happy birthday for you then and JK
  4. did you deleted the other purge trooper model that better than yours
  5. its amazing but can you add single player support? preety please (im asked nicely so respect me)
  6. im have the gog pirate version of jedi academy and im dont have so many dollars
  7. dude not everyone can use the console becuse some some players are have the copy version of jedi knight jedi academy
  8. see plasma im told you to have single player support on this mod everyone agress with me
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