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  1. Are you talking about the other Purge Trooper model made by Tompa9? I saw it some days after uploading this, really cool!
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    Description of the Skin: Behold the Imperial Purge Trooper... Strong built troopers to fight Force users! Installation: Unzip the .zip and then drag and drop the .pk3 file into your base folder located inside of the GameData folder on the main Jedi Academy folder (GameData\base) How to use: This model only works on MP (I'm still not sure how to bring MP models to SP) so you will find it on the normal Character's Roster or you can type on the console "/model purgetrooper_clone", without the (" ") Credits: Big credits to Pra Viilon for the main model (Clone Airborne) that is on the "Soldier Customization" Mod in JKHub! The main model was a huge help!
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