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  1. Sorry, i didn't know you back then. Only heard of you a few months ago... Next time, i'll ask straight to you
    Just can't find enough words to describe how incredible this map is! A marvelous and outstanding job!!!
  2. One of the best mods that will probably never be released. I had so much hope for this one, but yeah nvm.
  3. The Jedi Battlelord model link doesn't work anymore. Could you please re-upload it? This is the link i'm using: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63672348/Jedi%20Battlelord.pk3
    A wonderful map to play. You have done a very good job! Keep up the good work ?
  4. I see. Please do priorize your IRL, it's way more important <3 Hope it all goes well for you man, wish you good luck on your life <3
  5. Any progress in this mod? I'd really like to try it out you know...
  6. Oh damn; I'd totally love to use Zenitsu's breath of thunder as a saber trail!
  7. Are you going to disponibilize their links any time soon? Especially Jacen's model... i totally want him!
  8. That's what we can expect from these amazing twins! Well done, guys. <3
  9. That is just awesome! Thank you for your help, gonna start working on my model and then apply it on my playermodel. Thank you <3 <3
  10. Hello there! So, it's been a few months since i started to work with modelling and all that. I've been able to create some hilts (but not even close to the ones Ashura does) and make them work on JKA... this time, i want to create a mask and assign it to a playermodel's head. Now, i know what to do when it comes to creating and texturing the model itself but the problem is about assigning it to the playermodel so it can work properly. So my question is, what should i do? Does it need a modifier to work or do i have to do something on the Object data (vertex group, shape keys...) I'm using Blender atm since it's the best free program i could find and i've been using it since i started learning about modelling.
  11. Siegfried


    Is there a way to change the bones to JKA's bones?
  12. Its okay Leader! Love ya <3
  13. Actually i asked that when we were making the Cosmetic, leader! xDD Was trying to help, but you were way faster <3 <3
  14. Hello there! I'd like to ask someone to please make this model ready for JKA. It's Iron Inquisitor Kayle from League of Legends, i've recently downloaded this model hoping that when i posted it here some good-hearted person would rig it for me (do not care about the wing. You can delete it if you want). Here's the download link: https://ufile.io/sr0b7 Preview:
  15. I'm playing the Single Player only because when i try to create a MP server or join a solo game the game stops working, and in the SP the Force Speed doesn't work properly. It doesnt even stays more than 1 sec.
  16. The Jedi of Freedom (aka JoF) is always recruiting. If you are looking for an active and well experienced clan come check us out!

  17. How does one even creates a new crosshair?
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