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Found 19 results

  1. 530 downloads

    ////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ////////////////////////////////// Author: Magnus D'Kana Contact: magnusdkana@hotmail.com OR Magnus D'Kana#9312 Website: http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/ File Name and Version: harmony_temple.bsp, boss_battle_all.bsp and others such as models/textures/scripts/sounds etc. (Original) Release Date: 15/11/2019 Build Time: 1 year and 9/10 months (not actual work time) Filesize: 107,119 KB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 147 downloads

    Description Based on the singleplayer campaign map. bsp name - duel_taspir Installation Extract the archive and put the pk3 file into base folder.
  3. Version 1.0


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: ilikewaffles File Name and Version: Single Player Maps: Version 1.0 Release Date: 07/01/2018 Filesize: 21.2MB's Description with installation instructions: A few maps re-set back up for use, this time for the Multiplayer Portion of Jedi Academy. Roleplay, or whatever comes to your mind when utilizing these maps. Might be a bit messy but compiled and setup for multiplayer so no weird script errors, doors that don't work now work, and so f
  4. Harmony Temple View File ////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ////////////////////////////////// Author: Magnus D'Kana Contact: magnusdkana@hotmail.com OR Magnus D'Kana#9312 Website: http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/ File Name and Version: harmony_temple.bsp, boss_battle_all.bsp and others such as models/textures/scripts/sounds etc. (Original) Release Date: 15/11/2019 Build Time: 1 year and 9/10 months (not actual work time) Filesize: 107,119 KB -----------------------------------------------------------
  5. Version BETA


    A clan map for the Dark Empire of the Sith featuring areas for dueling, tournaments, jump courses, water courses, and vehicle combat. It is in beta phase, so it still has a few sections, including details of the outside of the temple, that haven't been completed. There also is no lighting yet. Special thanks to Darth Martyr for teaching me how to map and help me with the obstacles I came across in the making of this map. Without him I would never have started mapping. Special Thanks to Loda for helping me with advanced mapping info. Special thanks to Circa and Radiuks for creating an
  6. Version 1.0 Final


    TITLE: Ord Mantell Courtyard CLASS NAME: OrdMantell AUTHOR: Zarbomba FILENAME: OrdMantell.pk3 FILESIZE: 25 MB DATE RELEASED: 21 March 2016 Map-Type: FFA / Duel Botroute-Support: No Custom Textures: Yes Custom Music: Yes NPCs: Yes -------Introduction------------- First of all, thank you for downloading my map! This map, i've made many years ago, but never published anywhere. Its a kind of fabric, where metal from the courtyard gets melted. I hope you enjoy it! -------Installation------------- In order to install the map into your game you must: 1)Extract the folder 2)Put the SargeHe
  7. Version 1.0


    GAMETYPES: duel, power duel, ffa, tffa BOT SUPPORT: None SOUNDS AND MUSIC: None This map contains few deadly features such as functional conveyor belt with crushing wheel at the end, or area that can be closed to trap and burn other players to death. You can also find acid pits with barrels and lava rooms with floating shards of metal that sink or appear.The map also contains two controllable elevators and one locking door. The main trap mechanism can be operated by two buttons. First button closes the locking area, and button second kills anyone inside. However to maintain balance, the grou
  8. Version Version 0.9


    The Temple of Mechanism beta, Hopefully in time for May the 4th! I've got lots to do still but the map is on the road to a final release I hope soon. Many places need lighting or finished, mostly some details need to be made for the interiors, lighting work and so forth. The original outhouse map I made years ago had a mini put putt course for thermal grenades, and the Temple of Mechanism features a full 18 hole adventure golf course (it's a beta, the last few holes are in a bit of disarray.) I have tested the map both in JO and ja, some changes made for JA to work right but I did notice I mis
  9. 741 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Star Wars: Vader's Meditation Chamber AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: vaderschamber.pk3 FILESIZE: 10.4 mb DATE RELEASED: March, 15th 2015 CREDITS to: Livingdeadjedi and myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the vaderschamber.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: Vader's Meditation Chamber from the Star Wars movies. There is a Meditation Chamber made by Ravensoftware for JKA, it was part of a vjun map. However this versi
  10. Version 1.0


    Author: RJA File Name and Version: Exiled Castle (1.0) Release Date: 2015. Filesize: 39,4mo Description: Exiled Castle is a FFA map which contains an entire castle with a lot of rooms and secrets rooms... The map is composed by a huge tower which allow you to enter a lot of rooms. The Exiled Castle is an old abandonned Castle which was the Domain of an ancient Cast of Warriors, the Exiled. It is a very dark temple with a lot of secrets and Force. It is also a sort of home. - Ground Floor: This is the way to the exterrior. - 1st Floor: This is the command center. - 2nd Floor: This p
  11. 368 downloads

    Author: RJA File Name and Version: RJA Ultimate Map Pack (1.0) Release Date: 2015. Filesize: 189mo Description: This is my last map pack I forget to release. I hope you'll find it funny. There are 8 maps. - Lava Sanctuary Final: My final version of the Lava Sanctuary I made, inspired by Rayman 2. It has three parts, the outside, night and dark blue, the secret side, made of green rocks and strange pipes, and the inside, red and full of lava an fire ! - Third Deathstar Reactor: Here is my 3rd version of this map, the final one I think in a Tron style. With some big secrets areas. - Hom
  12. Kalek

    AoF Arena


    This is a massive arena map I made years ago for the Angels of Fire gaming clan. Turns out I never released it publicly, and given the literal size of the map, and the amount of work it took, I decided to upload it today. It's got a few spawnable vehicles for extra chaotic goodness. There may or may not be Easter Eggs (there are).
  13. 203 downloads

    Title : The Temple of Mechanism Type : FFA, TFFA, Jedimaster File Name : mechtemple.pk3 Map BSP name : mech^1temple.bsp / mech^1golf.bsp File Size : It's big, just take my word for it. Authors : lil_binger, with some elements Ook made for the Forest House. Date of Release : December 24th, 2015 *Attention : seta com_hunkMegs 128 or higher is required* ====================================================================== Description: The Temple of Mechanism Location : Yavin 4 Backstory: The Temple of Mechanism is an Ancient temple only recently discovered without much known about th
  14. worldspawn



    What makes duels much more epic? - Rising lava! A map with a lots of vertical space and stairs. Destroy the large column to get the lava flowing, then win by finding just the right balance of lightsabering your enemy and running for your life!
  15. Version 2


    These maps are brought to you by ~Mortyrshell. Nothing makes JKA great like simple maps and a challenge. These are nothing fancy and add a little bit of challenge. Updated Jun 24, 2016. The duel maps are simplified versions of the FFA maps with the same number. MMDuel1, MMDuel2, MMDuel3, and MMDuel4 work with duel and power duel. MMFFA1, MMFFA2, and MMFFA3 work with FFA and TFFA. MMFFA2 works with CTF. MMFFA4/MMFFA4A is a giant map designed for spawning flying vehicles. All maps have some degree of bot compatibility. If you have any requests/suggestions/bugs you can find me on JKHu
  16. Version 3.0


    Just the final version with all it's little fixes and what not. Ambience sound is added into the map, and unlike other copies this one doesn't have bugs. Map name in game is jedi_council_gcx This map is literally like a paint job over the original. I had absolutely no hand in the making of or creating of the original GCX map, nore was I ever apart of or in {O}.
  17. Version v1.1


    This is the first map I ever finished. It is entirely created with bsp modeling and high contrast lighting. The concept was originally a hidden asteroid base, and with lighting became an abandoned hidden asteroid base. It may not be the prettiest, smoothest, most detailed map out there, but it does what it does well. Known Issues: The sewage hole is a pain in the butt to get into. It keeps jumping you out frustratingly, but if you slow yourself down and carefully drop in, it should work. Bugs? What? Nah, not that I know of. Feel free to report any that you find.
  18. Version v4


    Author: ZidZabre Well...here is the v4.i should have released it earlier but i havent gotten around todo it. Well this map includes a prison, Duel room, Council, BAR, Hall of Fame...ye ye lots of stuff Hell and heaven and wierd rooms are part of it too
  19. Version v2


    It is basicly a large arena with a base on either side and a sniper post on either side of the arena and a large secret room. If you can find the button the floor in the main arena opens up to drop unsuspecting players to there doom. Beta Testers: JJ masterHookz, Acrobat, Snipe, and the SK Clan. If you want to take any of my ideas or textures and use them in your own map go ahead just give credit to me in your readme.
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