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  1. I've tried 1.5, 1.6.4, 1.6.5 and 1.6.6. Same issue is apparent in each version 1.6.6 same problem should be more like
  2. Update/Bump: I uninstalled my drivers completely and decided to launch radiant which fixed the issue however, upon a clean install of an older Nvidia driver I now have the same issue again... I have attempted to change colour calibration, reverted to multiple old drivers, installed different versions of GTK Radiant but the only thing that has worked has been completely uninstalling drivers with DDU. I have also found that changing Gamma in GTK Radiant from 1 to 0.5 makes everything even brighter so if there is a way to bypass the 1.0 gamma limit I wonder if that could potentially work. Feeling quite lost here and while this doesn't exactly prevent me from making levels, it is pretty annoying to deal with. Any advice?
  3. Recently installed new drivers and it has caused issues with Modview and GTK Radiant, Modview was easily fixable by installing Xycaleth's version however I am still having issues with Radiant. I have tried installing different versions but that has not worked, any help would be greatly appreciated Texture Window and background are way too bright Screenshot provided from a friend (How it should look)
  4. Hashira

    How to use Modview

    Got the same problem, could you help me figure it out too?
  5. I think it would be pretty cool if possible to have such fx for jka with the likes of alternate saber trails inspired by the elements shown in the anime as well as possible force power alterations like force lightning and force speed. Regardless of being a Request/Suggestion, I'll try work on something similar to this and see how it turns out, although I have no current experience in FX
  6. I'm attempting to merge multiple gla's together. I am familiar with the process having done it before however, I am having trouble importing with the new version of Blender: 2.8. When I attempt to import a number of frames I get traceback call errors and I have no idea how to go about fixing this, hoping someone can help me out .
  7. Any way to deal with this? I'm not too experienced with modelling but having just downloaded this version of the plugin suite and exporting my model I am getting this issue and I have no idea how to resolve it
  8. Heya, this isn't necessarily a model request but rather where would I be able to find the parts necessary to create a similar figure to the Integrity Knights from Sword Art Online : Alicization I have a little bit of experience in Frankenstein/Kitbash and would like to work on such a model For reference: This is what I have so far Looking for advice and alternative models that could be used to achieve closest to the above references Specifically a male body and shoulder-pads that can be re-textured
  9. Jeff, would it be possible for you to port the redeemed Arcann model from the Knights of the Eternal throne as it is effectively a 'healthy' Arcann model, both arms and full face(even though it has burn marks). EDIT: I did not realise this at first but after watching some KOTET clips, Thexan actually exists in-game but I believe his model would be harder to find due to him having little part in it whereas Arcann has much more? (I have not a clue in the slightest of how this port business works). https://youtu.be/U4p5uT94MEY?t=10m15s
  10. I am a massive fan of the Witcher series and I know many people who play JKA that also love the Witcher, I wonder if it is possible to add some of the fan favourites into this game such as Iorveth, Eredin and Geralt etc. Which i'm sure many would enjoy having the availability to play of some of these most iconic characters from the franchise but with use of better, competitive melee combat within JKA and I believe that such would be of great value to both witcher fans and the general JKA playerbase due to the medieval/fantasy looks of the Witcher artstyle. I really hope this is possible and if it is, I really have no words to describe how happy I would be to see such on the JKHub. Eredin Iorveth Geralt From Witcher 1
  11. I'm sure it is correct, each of the copied parts has its respective G2 property as well as the vertex groups having "l" replaced with "r".
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