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    If Delta Squad had a distant cousin during the Clone Wars, may I present Theta Squad. Their result in design are inspirations from a mixture or of places put together. It probably looks ugly, but they'll just collect dust on my PC until my harddrive fails PS, I separated the shaders between the visor and the armor, so if you dislike them being shiny on dark maps, you can just delete the shade.shader from the pk3. /model theta_squad/spartan /model theta_squad/shade /model theta_squad/pyro /model theta_squad/gear
  2. I think the game is pretty good. As a fan of both of the shooting genre and Star Wars, I like the mix. It's a little fanboyish to say but it's fun to me nonetheless. I made this video plugging in some parody to it: Feel free to take a gander at it
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