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  1. Official poster for the upcoming HD director's cut - created as a collaboration by ZelZel and I.
  2. If I'm talking out of my butt, let me know but I have been using Animation Menu for quite some time to create some machinimas and although it has benefitted me, some part of me thinks there could be ways to improve it. The Movie Duels Remastered NPC scripts is probably the best of these scripts but it still needs ways where animations could loop. I don't exactly know if you can bind animation scripting but it could be beneficial. With a new npc system, there could be ways to make the NPCs in machinimas or in-game areas more lively. - Ability to toggle NPCS to walk around with stances - Looping animations - Variety of animations to select from humanoid I always think back to Thrawn animation where he was able to script the Cantina NPCs to be more lively in the background where they would loop animations. I had wanted to work with Valeria on developing a system but we both lack the knowledge of this. I would like to improve my scenes where NPCs aren't just standing there. If anyone wishes to enlighten me, please.
  3. All JK moves are the same, but characters can have different stances, animations for some of these. It requires some editing of the GLM in wordpad or notepad so it has the humanoid animations listed.
  4. It is here! Thank you for everyone following project!
  5. The full movie releases tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys the hard work, it really did take a year with college and everything. EDIT: So Lucasfilm/Youtube actually blocked the movie, they thought it was the actual Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I have sent a dispute saying this is fair-use and hopefully it's unblocked in the next few days.
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