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  1. All JK moves are the same, but characters can have different stances, animations for some of these. It requires some editing of the GLM in wordpad or notepad so it has the humanoid animations listed.
  2. It is here! Thank you for everyone following project!
  3. The full movie releases tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys the hard work, it really did take a year with college and everything. EDIT: So Lucasfilm/Youtube actually blocked the movie, they thought it was the actual Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I have sent a dispute saying this is fair-use and hopefully it's unblocked in the next few days.
  4. After a year of production, Last Jedi is 80 percent complete. I am grinding to finish it over the summer. Current runtime is running at 2 hours. Star Wars: Galactic Legacy saved this project, so I look forward to making further stuff in JKA.
  5. KOTF had problems, but I got alot done but not enough to post episode 3. Here is a clip to suffice people till January.
  6. I'd like to see if anyone could make a playermodel of Zorii Bliss from TROS?
  7. Jeff, can you make a Dark Disciple Asajj Ball dress?
  8. Proud to announce the official release date of the full feature will be on October 31st! EDIT: Due to issues with recordings, PART 3 will release on the 31st. The last act still needs work and new recordings.
  9. "Ben Solo......" TLJ - REVITALIZED Ep. II comes out this May
  10. I am looking for friends and colleagues to help with the TLJ Revitalized Project. The filming part is a bit tiresome for me due to my schedule and I would like some help in the filming department. Script is written, voice acting is done. Any type of 3D visual is appreciated!
  11. Part 2 coming along, I've been pretty busy with this whole corona thing. Also I am one of the head devs for the mod 'Jurassic Life', that also takes my time.
  12. I would love to see a map of Luke's island if you plan to do ST maps SJC!
  13. It's a Roblox map with greenscreen. Hehehe, sometimes you gotta just use materials you have access to.
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