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  1. I'm not familiar with the intricacies of Movie Duels 2, but the map has been tested in MP Base, JA+ and RPMod and doors have worked as expected! The tablet on the desk isn't actually pickupable, just a typical +use function like you would a door. The map isn't designed for singleplayer use.
  2. 165 downloads

    My second ever public release of a map. Unlike my previous map which was intended to be larger than it ended up being, this went the other way. *** Most consoles will do something *** *** To show all hidden triggers, use the datapad on the desk in the security room *** Welcome to the Naev Security Facility, the most remote storage facility in the galaxy, located on the moon of the shadow world Umbara. However it doesn't just hold treasures and physical possessions, if you can find it, it houses a powerful force nexus, a vault that carries with it some secrets of the force. Designed for the roleplay community ::JEDI:: (www.jediholo.net). Includes - Landing Ramp - Toggleable drop-ship - Tunnels - Engineering Room - Waterturbine Cave - Holding Cell - Path to 'surface' - Reception Area - Guest Rooms - Staff Dorms - Staff Room - Secret landing bay - Security Room - Vent system - Safety Deposit rooms - Hidden cave - Hidden force nexus BUG - Probably some, but nothing game breaking has been spotted. Credits - JEDI community for testing and feedback.
  3. This map is nearly done, needs a couple of tweaks before public release. This is a roleplaying map, its intended use is any of the following - a mountain outpost, secure storage facility, force nexus, crime lords base, underground prison, hydro-power plant.
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    I think this is my first ever public release of a map. Welcome to the Galactic Beat Holonews Studio, deep in the entertainment district of Coruscant. Galactic Beat is the cores premier evening show, a blend of news, entertainment, sport and even cooking! This map was intended to be bigger and feature more, but figure its best to release something than nothing at all. Originally created for the JEDI roleplaying community, it features - Reception Area with movie memrobilla such as the Wampa costume from renowned holoseries 'Escaping the Wampa's Cave' and security gates - Green room with view of studio - Studio floor (light switches for studio lights) - Set (News desk, cooking area, interview set and demonstration area). BUG - Unfortunately, you will have to noclip/teleport through the security gate as there is no way to open it from the outside (map designed with RP in mind) Credits - Magsul and Sehkola for their wood and door textures respectively, taken from the Rannom Praxeum map. - SithJCull for his coursucant skyline skybox, taken from the SJC Coursucant Adventures. - JEDI community for testing and feedback.
  5. This? https://jkhub.org/forum/75-jedi-academy-moviemakers-edition/
  6. I'm up for it! Iffo (tis ex-jawa Gravitas, Jango hope you're good!)
  7. Soon as I heard this I thought it'd make a great SW Cantina song!
  8. Did a bit of work on the reception area. Featuring a piece of set from 'Rixes: Jungle Warrior of Endor' and the Original Wampa costume from 'Wampas Revenge XVII' The wampa pod has falling snow, and I'm going to sort the grate at the top and the blackened side of the rock All artwork on the walls is just filler artwork for now too
  9. Not at all, this is probably where someone will tell me an easier way . Create the lighting unit (which is just a rectangle brush) Apply the texture of the off bulbs on one face. Duplicate the brush and move it down slightly before shrinking the width so it's 1 grid square thick (think like a piece of paper) Caulk all the sides of this new thin brush Apply the 'light on' texture to the face of the thin brush Turn the thin brush into a func_wall Use the trigger you use for the lights to also toggle the func_wall. So when the light entity turns on the thin brush also appears.If you use the thinnest grid size (from the menu, not the 0 - 9 hotkeys) it isn't noticeable that it's slightly infront at all. If this isn't clear, let me know and I'll see if I can do a screen recording or something.
  10. 2017 has been hitting seriously hard, so not made nearly as much progress with this as I would of liked, but that said managed to get a spare few hours tonight. Messing about with electrical wiring Started the lighting but didn't like the way that lights I'd chosen always seemed 'on' so messed about with a texture and made it toggle quite nicely. Did the exact same with the kitchen and news desk glows
  11. I've dabbled in mapping for about a year or so, never released anything publicly as I've just used prefabs and whatever textures have been in my base.. That said decided I want to release something, so have come up with a Holonews Studio concept sort of this, sort of like an all morning show.. the ones where they present the news, sit on couches and have cooking segments.. Appreciate there are some borrowed textures, but all these will be changed by the time release comes round or permission acquired! Some screens for now.. comments and criticism welcome, just bare in mind my first real mapping project Plan is - One studio (News Desk, Couch Area, Kitchen and Weather Section) - One control room - One green room - Two dressing rooms - One reception area.
  12. Iffo

    Secret Santa 2016

    I was a very lucky Iffo and got a hilt of Gungi's Lightsaber. Although just arrived back and seem to have a bug with it in-game? Happy for it to be released publically too if the author wishes it! As for the person I had, I assume the message was passed on, so feel free to contact me if you require anything!
  13. Iffo

    Secret Santa 2016

    I've only been able to peak inside the pk3 of mine but thank you so much whoever you are! Looking forward to getting back and testing it!
  14. Just got round to trialling this, works perfectly! Thank you very much @@Archangel35757 for your assistance
  15. @@Archangel35757 Appreciate the response! Thanks. ah right. So I apply a standard material to the whole mesh naming it say 'rucksack'? And that needs to be the name of my texture file that the md3 will look for? E.g. Rucksack.jpg? Ensuring to follow the /models/map_objects/ file structure?
  16. Sorry to jump in. Not overly sure if this is the right thread but seeing as I'm attempting to use this plugin thought it'd be as good as any to start. Currently in the process of trying to convert a GLM to a MD3, I have a reskinned backpack from the snow trooper model. [image] and wish to incorporate it within a map. Either lying on the floor or on a table. I've split it from the model in 3DS max. [image] Used this tool and it seems to be working in MD3 view except I have no textures. [image] I've read around it and it seems to about applying a 'standard' material only? Not overly sure what these means, and was wondering if someone would mind explaining or even just link me in the right direction? I've tried googling around, but can't see anything about applying a pre-existing UV map?
  17. Iffo

    Video Share

    A couple of videos. Few AA issues (as always), but happy with the outcomes.
  18. @@AshuraDX Cheers for pointing that out . Although I only need those windows in that room blocked out for the scene I'm doing. It won't move from that location so fingers crossed it should be fine. Then I can just pull the change out of by base.
  19. Thanks @@Lazarus. Something hypothetical is better than nothing. Now that you've identified where the glass pulls from I should be able to figure something out Thanks. Will post what I find out.
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