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  1. I wonder what KotF's Tim is up to these days

    1. Noodle


      Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

  2. Remember BobaFett's Ultra Utility? Everyone was using that thing..

    1. undeadstormdeuce


      im listening music in Ultra Utility soo

    2. Cor


      Still using it to play JKA

  3. playing quake 2 at 640x360 with max 40fps due to ray tracing is quite the experience

  4. I've had some great times when I was in (JAWA) playing the various events, but I just don't game enough these days to stay in a clan without getting kicked due to inactivity. So, are there any cool events happening outside of clans or that allow non-clan members to join? Sorry if this isn't the proper forum, I just have no idea where to ask..
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