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  1. Renaming pk3 with "aaa_" prefix actually hepled, big thanks my man!
  2. @mrwonko https://mega.nz/file/EvRzDDSK#Hz-OIBJuSMtO3XNb8BDntVjTmmJKEL1JFCIp6gvmd1o
  3. @mrwonko Well I tried two versions: zAnimatedSky.pk3 (original pk3 name tho) and __AnimatedSky.pk3 but still nothing happens
  4. @mrwonko If I got you right and I should have replace the line textures/skies/bespin for textures/mp/s_bespin then sadly it's not working and I'm just seeing default Bespin sky in game
  5. @mrwonko I want to replace an existing sky for Bespin map (mp/duel1)
  6. Greetings While surfing JKHUB i found a link for these beauty animated skyboxes: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/jk2ffa/animated-sky-t351.html. The only problem that it was made for Jedi Outcast and simple "drag&drop in base folder" solution is not working. So I have a question and hopefully could get some help here: is it possible to port this into Jedi Academy game? Not really into coding and so on, but I suppose that it could be done via changing original .shader file of skyboxes. So in case I'm right I'll leave a code for this .shader lower: textures/skies/bespin { qer_editorimage textures/skies/sky.tga surfaceparm sky surfaceparm noimpact surfaceparm nomarks notc q3map_nolightmap skyParms textures/skies/bespin 5000 - { map textures/AnimatedSky/skystars11 tcMod scroll 0.01 0.025 } { map textures/AnimatedSky/skystars8 blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE tcMod scroll 0.019 0.033 } }
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