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    It was a pleasure to help test this mod, truly fantastic work!
  1. I was watching ROTS sometime ago, well not quite watch but more just scanning over a scene for Movie Duels, and noticed a little detail while paused that caught my eye: Although not quite the same, they are very very similar in appearance, which seems quite interesting. I wonder if there were any other background details like this one missed!
  2. Hey all, Rebels Maul is now on JKHub files!
  3. 1,280 downloads

    This is Maul from the Star Wars Rebels TV Show, featuring all his outfits from all episodes he was featured in. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: No Menu Support: Yes INSTALLATION: Extract maul_rebels.zip and put Maul_Rebels.pk3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! To get his Lightsaber hilt, download Plasma's Lightsaber Hilt Collection here: NPC Spawn Names: Default: npc spawn maul_rebels Shirtless: npc spawn maul_shirtless_rebels Credits: Khaimer (hips and legs) Langerd (belt) DT85 (head, torso, hands) neomarz1 (shirtless torso) Raven Software (Hood) Scerendo (Torso Bandolier) GP Channel (improved torso and leg textures) Tompa9 (soundpack)
  4. This topic is to show all progress the team makes with characters added, changed, or removed in the mod. Anakin Skywalker (Attack of the Clones): - Robe changed to resemble his AOTC robe, since as it turns out, there's a difference from the regular Jedi robe: it has a cut underneath the armpit region on both sides, and lacks the arm sleeves. - Added LODs for optimization.
  5. Hello fellow JKHubbers. It is I, a guy named swegmaster. I've opened this thread to show off works I've done or helped work on. Some of you may remember that I made a WIP thread already, titled "sweg's Fuckin WIPS". I came to hate it, since none of it was WIP, and it was just a port/port-kitbash thread, with occasional releases that were never teased, they just got posted. I've made this thread since I've learned a lot more than porting over the years, and put up the stuff I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while. I will edit this post with any current WIPs, and releases. Here's my first work, "Maul" from Rebels: Releases: Maul (Rebels): https://jkhub.org/files/file/3643-maul-rebels/
  6. There's a new option labelled Change Author when viewing files, that can change the author of any file hosted in the Files section. I tried it with "Nautolan Knight Krio", and successfully changed it's owner from Tarisianale to myself, then changed it back.
  7. The fix will be out by the next update, since it's caused by the high-resolution menus, though the fix can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pu5n9rctkyjflh1/r_lqmenuscreens.pk3/file To install, simply drag the PK3 into your JKA Installation's Gamedata/MD directory.
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