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  1. I just read this huge discussion thread and the conclusion was that you can post ported models on the forum. So... I can provide a link after some changes (I'd replace the head with one from jedi_hm, maybe).
  2. I'm not sure if I can post this model, I'm not the original author.
  3. Padawan Namon-Dur Accar with his master, Jedi Knight Ezequiel Thaxton. (.glm models with .gla skeletons)
  4. And there it is: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3288-marauder-lightsaber/ Enjoy! Super low-poly yammosk:
  5. You can do it even faster (in Blender) by selecting one red edge (seam) in Default view -> Shift+G -> Seam -> Ctrl+E -> Edge split. No need to select all those edges manually!
  6. I just submitted the file. Sneak peek:
  7. 147 downloads

    Inspired by this post. Another DIY-looking set of lightsabers. Enjoy! Single Player: 1. Enable cheats; 2. Type saber marauder1, saber marauder2, or saber marauder3
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