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  1. Hello, I am requesting a model based on the picture below.
  2. Wow, this is great! A good tribute to the late Sir Christopher Lee!!!
  3. I know there are, however none of them have the skeleton nor skin that I would like.
  4. Hey all, I'd like some help with this request. Its a model I've wanted for a long time and asked many people, but all have given up or gone inactive in the process. Posted below is the concept art.
  5. Baal

    Saber side hilt return

    It is already in japlus folder
  6. How do you have your saber show on your belt when using JA++ with openjk? Is it client side or server side? What is the command line?
  7. Hello, I downloaded this map https://rpmod.jediholo.net/gameasset/download/name/renaissance-yavin-academy/page/9 and it says I'm missing a sound set. How do I fix this?
  8. Rooxon, you're the man, thank you .
  9. @@Rooxon You are awesome! thank you so much!
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