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  1. Oh no for sure I did that. But there's an odd gap that is transparent. Idk if that is a model issue or what.
  2. Probably safe to assume he was killed during the events of the War. No one remembers him lol.
  3. Originally I started with Plasma's Kylo Ren for TLJ Kylo, then moved on to dark_apprentice's and finally I ripped the models from Peneke's MBII pack and while all models are great in their own right, they seem to lack a capeless Kylo. He shrugs the thing off every time he fights, and yes I have tried editing the skin files to remove the cape and have done so successfully, but I've noticed for all models, there is almost always a gap between his belt and his ass. Covered up by the cape, yes, but problematic when it comes to a capeless version. Is there a way to either fix this myself (I've no knowledge in modelling or texturing) or is this something we'll have to wait for the authors to fix?
  4. You probably have too many npc files. It may be remedied by installing OpenJK
  5. I'm not too well versed on the EU but I believe the game is canon in terms of Rosh's Saber style. It just seems to be "generic training saber" in yellow, followed by "generic dark side warrior" saber in red. He is dismembered and the next time you see him is at the very end of the game saberless. I've seen fanart of him with an orange blade, but tbh you're probably only gonna find fanart rather than a definite saber for Rosh. I would assume Luke's EU Praxeum would've just handed out these lightsabers to new recruits (Rosh did mention he would get a "stupid training saber") to begin practicing immediately while they build their own later in their careers, while the Shadow Troopers, Reborn and Disciples of Ragnos were handed out standard issue sabers in a militaristic fashion.
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