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  1. I was always a big fan of the Dark Mace Windu Battlefront 4 concept art. I probably wouldn't have my character with the black core in the saber though. I feel like the Darksaber should be its own thing. Of your three I'd choose the middle one, but without the weird 2ft goatee. If I remember right that's an official concept for Rebels that got scrapped. The one on the left feels to New republic era, and the one on the right is trying to force things too hard by using part of a helmet as an arm bracer. How would that even work, and why couldn't he find something better considering he found the material to build a new lightsaber?
  2. I don't really mod JO/JA any more, but I wanted to post just to say that I'm 150% behind you on your work. This sort of functionality makes creating maps so much easier. Kudos to you.
    Clever. I love the crossguard sabers in particular!
  3. Sorta. Gran have six fingers instead of five.
  4. So I know this is a small thing, but the whole Jedi Knight series gives every Gran the hands Ree-Yees has. In Legends it's a genetic mutation that's rare. I'd love to see some regular 6-fingered hands if someone feels up to it. Nothing special, just hand swaps.
  5. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2594-dark-forces-mod-source-files/ Mohc's 3DS Max model is in that link. Again, he's not rigged, and he isn't set up for dismemberment with the caps and such.
  6. It's against the EULA of any EA Star Wars game. If someone ported it I think it's safe to say you wouldn't see that model here. Taking a tiny bit of the model, maybe some of a texture or a sound byte ... those you could call Fair Use (USA - or the equivalent in another country), but the whole thing is no bueno. A good rule of thumb is that if there's a quality free or community-made model there's never a need to borrow from a retail game anyway. They Kylo Ren models here are fantastic, and also work within the limits of the game engine. That Kylo wouldn't, so there's also that.
  7. People read the requests forum often, but nobody is *required* to make those requests. It has to interest the maker. Lots of stuff goes seemingly ignored, but in fact in that case there just isn't any interest sometimes. The Requests forum is definitely not invisible -- neither literally nor figuratively.
  8. I think it'd be fun from a retro, hilarious standpoint. Respect the past ­čśŤ
  9. She also brandished a yellow saber in the books that she got from some black market.
  10. Also to be clear owners of WIP threads are perfectly capable of reading your requests in the Requests forum and probably don't like their threads being bombarded with huge images and copy/paste posts of the same request in someone else's WIP thread. That comes off as annoying and has the opposite effect from what you're trying to accomplish -- in other words such posts actually turn people off to the idea. Possibly a bit too blunt, but I think it's better you know now rather than get more flak later.
  11. Loved it, but I'll keep it short: I played specifically for the story so I put it on the easiest difficulty. It was still a little too high of difficulty. It was totally playable, but I wanted to be able to decimate enemies and never die. I wanted the story only. On the bright side I would have missed out on the subtleties of combat, so I suppose I get why they did that.
  12. Jaina and Mirax legit look incredible! Don't know Darth Zannah well enough to comment (other than comparing to pics), but she looks great as well. You're a machine, Jeff!
  13. You always knock it out of the park, dude. Well done!
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