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  1. 39 downloads

    Inspired from the trailers seen from the Bad Batch. A way to celebrate the launch of the new series! (THIS IS JUST THE SKIN MAPS, NO SHADERS AND NOT SETUP FOR MP)
  2. 23 downloads

    Small kitbash cape addition and reskin of DT85's amazing FO stormtrooper. These guys appear in SW: Resistance. This includes the skins/shaders only
    Any chance that the Moviebattles folks can add this?
  3. Not sure if I followed the directions wrong, but when i open kejim_post through console the cutscene doesnt play properly and i'm missing map textures. I added the pk3s to base folder and renamed so they load first.
  4. Is it okay if I use your Green Goblin model in my MB2 FA Pack?
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