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  1. McGroose

    Jawa Rancor

    That gif is the funniest thing I've seen all week
  2. Ya I can eventually make a download for those files, Rosh is more or less done. It's just that Tavion has three problems: The JK2 version of her with the new head (long black hair), and maybe the JK3 version, will not have her head dismember or at. I think I know what the problem but I don't think I can fix that. The Tavion model in general requires OpenJK otherwise the shaders will be an absolute mess. I guess this is fine for JK3 but there is only one build of OpenJK I can find for JK2, used in the JK2 enhanced mod, is reaaaaaally broken. I wish someone would just upload a good Ope
  3. I can turn the red bits yellow later maybe, I just struggled with getting the white texture the way I wanted it. I actually like the combo of red and yellow. Thanks, Psyk0sith! I didn't think anybody would do it lol
  4. "A respected waste disposal managers"

    Honestly, I never realized how funny that line was, especially with the delivery of it lol

  5. Just wanted to comment on this to say... hot damn, maybe there was something good to come out of these mediocre ports after all, I get a pretty nice JK2 theme for my PS4.
  6. Lol I'm guessing he means directly in the JKhub file list and admitted via mod approval instead of on a single page of a gigantic thread like this one. Normally you could just put in the direct image URL and it would load the image for you. This still is the case but I swear JKhub has been incredibly slow with registering that lately. It took me a long time yesterday to post pictures here cause of that. It took me a good couple minutes of waiting for those URLs to become embedded images in my post. IDK if the problem is with Imgur or this site. You could also try the bottom right cor
  7. EDIT: All links and creidts provided to mod authors of this current post. (Dang, I forgot to give credit to some of the mods above and their links. I haven't released anything yet so no rush, but I'll get around to it) Alrighty, I'm bored. I did some new things: Episode 2: McGroose really hates model tags. First, the changes I did to Reelo and his thugs. If you ever looked at JK2's big NPC file, you'll notice a lot of the 3 main Reelo's Moot thug types: Rodian, Weequay and Gran, have several NPC variations. This is good because it means that each NPC can be given a unique
  8. McGroose

    Kyle 2020

    Yo do you still play the game? I loved watching your old 1.02 videos. You and Tvpath were my favorite JK2 channels! Always a good time watching them. BTW, could you reupload your Yavin Texture and HQ resource box and shields on JKHub?
  9. Yes, this is incredibly simple. I just suck at making textures white. My request - could someone take Langerd's Reborn reskin and make a white version of it? Just the red parts, I'd like what's still grey to be unchanged. Like a nice, natural-looking white version of it that doesn't look overly saturated and works well with the shading he's got going on with these textures? You can recolor the hat white as well. Please make the stripes on his head a shade of yellow that doesn't pop out too bad. Thanks!
  10. If you're conquering Dantooine, then 1. If you're conquering Alderaan, then 10. If you're conquering Coruscant, then 100. You can expect to see varying levels of defense on each system. To conquer an entire solar system, assuming no more ships are added from start to finish to replace potentially lost ones, I'd say it depends. There are some 50 million solar systems in the Star Wars galaxy, so if you want to conquer the most advanced one, say one with a planet like Coruscant, maybe 500 or so? The empire had a total of around 25,000 star destroyers at their peak. The least a
  11. That above email is hilarious. Taking a 2003 video game way too seriously. FFS, go outside.
  12. I recall seeing someone made progress with modding JK2 on the switch. Apparently the layout of the game's folders and files remains largely the same and untampered with. The person was able to use a mod that replaces the Bryar pistol with the JK3 DL-44, a pretty old but popular mod from back in the day. So it's certainly possible on the Switch. As for the PS4, probably still possible. Just likely not worth it. If I could get my JK2 mod configuration on PS4, I'd have a pretty fun time messing around with it. EDIT: Here's what I was talking about, btw https://i.redd.it/03rwvorh
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