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  1. Someone should write a tutorial on how to set up a server and list all the remaining server providers.

    1. BelugaArts


      I volunteer as tribute!

  2. Sometimes I wish there was a minimum age limit here.

  3. Sorry for any issues you may have with the site. We are working on figuring it out.

  4. Sorry for the downtime today. The website software is updated and there should be no more issues.

  5. Started working with Maya. Anyone who wants to be my modeling guru, add me on steam/xfire/skype.

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    2. h643


      same for me, just started with Blender :)

    3. CrimsonStrife


      I got my degree with Maya <_<

    4. Circa


      Good. Then I will be annoying you in the future with questions.

  6. Thanks to all who submitted! The poll will be posted later today!

  7. That moment when the professor writes “Big D” on the board. He meant “big dipper” but obviously students are not laughing at the big dipper.

    1. therfiles
    2. Bacon


      stupid kids. It is just called "The D" Big D sounds more of a pimp name then what it actually be funny.


    3. DT85


      This made my wife chuckle.

  8. That Rebels finale tho! Wow.

    1. Darth Sion

      Darth Sion

      Season 2? I'm onto the 6th Episode of Season 2, now. "Brothers of the Broken Horn".

  9. The © is back.

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    2. Cerez


      LMAO XD


      Don't expect to be served by beautiful, smooth-legged waitresses at The Hairy Cerez Inn. The management will be employing extremely short-tempered, scruffy looking wookiees for the task. A word of advice: try to tip them and play nice. ^_^'

    3. Cerez


      If you hear someone begin to complain about the food or service, RUUUUUUN!(°0°)

    4. Ramikad


      Leaked a classified picture taken in The Hairy Cerez:


      Could that be the remains of a food, or what's left of a customer? :P

  10. The Gold Pack and JK2:HD have been merged into one project called JK: Enhanced. Go take a look at the new goals. http://jkhub.org/topic/3957-jedi-knight-enhanced/

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    2. Jango40


      Ugly name..

    3. Circa


      Better than the Gold Pack. :P

    4. Onysfx


      This reminds me of when Open Jedi Project was renamed to Jedi Knight: Enhanced xD.

  11. The Latest Files block now shows updated files.

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    2. swegmaster
    3. Seven


      Do you think that updated files could also go in whats new?

    4. Smoo
  12. The Mac Game Store site is having a sale, including JO, JA, TFU, and KOTOR for very cheap! http://www.macgamestore.com/listing/Specials/

    1. Monkee


      I doubt I would buy from the App Store seeing as how Mac ports have so many issues. More likely, I would buy from Steam, where I have the option of the PC platform; therefor I mitigate any loss by games that fail on Mac.

    2. Circa


      It's not the App Store, it's a site called Mac Game Store that sells digital downloads. Also, I've never really had issues with Mac games compared to PC games.

  13. The one thing I dread most every week is my 4 hour night class.

    1. therfiles


      Yuck! Doesn't sound like fun. What are you studying?

    2. Circa


      This class is Astronomy. The last 2 hours are supposed to be the lab, but the professor (an 80 year old guy) is not really doing that. Lectures and labs the whole time!

  14. The parts for my new PC build came in. Time to learn how to build a PC. :D

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    2. Circa
    3. AshuraDX



      Allthough you might want to invest in new HDDs depending on how old they are.

      here's what I run currently https://i.imgur.com/ia85uNP.png I use the exact same Memory config you use - but speccy does not recognise it properly.


    4. Circa


      Nice. The HDDs aren't too old, probably 4-5 years old. Only things I'm putting on them are games from Steam, nothing important. If they crash I can get new ones and reinstall no problem. The OS is installed on the new SSD so that one should be good.

  15. The tutorials system has successfully been updated with lots of bug fixes. Can you people do us a favor and test it?

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    2. Rooxon


      but I went around these problems the last time I edited it simply by not using any tags at all.

    3. Circa


      It was updated like 10 seconds before writing this status.

    4. Rooxon


      oh then I can't help you as I've written that one before that... I'll report next time I do.

  16. The whole Rosh, Jaden, and Caelum thing is getting old.

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    2. Onysfx


      Your predictable? UNLIMITED POWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    3. Onysfx



    4. Futuza



  17. There are now Steam and Xfire fields in your profiles. Fill them out if you want.

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    2. OmegaSigma
    3. eezstreet


      I don't seem to see the XFire field anywhere, otherwise I'd fill it out.

      Would it be too much to ask for custom background images/styles on our profile pages? I want to give mine a little flair.

    4. Circa


      Sorry eez, it's fixed now. Should be right under Steam. As for backgrounds, I'll discuss it with the other staff. I think that would be cool.

  18. There is a known issue on the host's end with our web hosting accounts. Investigating. We apologize for the downtime.

    1. CzarHellios


      Its okayz. Remember, as long as FaceBook does not break, nobody will ever be upset or mad.


    2. Merek


      If Facebook breaks, I will fucking GO OH LA LAH OVER THE INTERNET. That would be the greatest day of my life, the day Facebook Breaks!

    3. Merek


      Thanks for this update man, really appreciate it. It keeps me from going INSANE.

  19. There's a couple sales on Steam right now. JO, JA, and KOTOR for only $3.39. Good deals if you don't have one of those!

    1. OmegaSigma


      yeah I just saw

  20. This is the perfect article for those that struggled with The Last Jedi. [spoiler alert] https://t.co/l5tbycmLnz

  21. those of you not into Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn will officially be a chracter in Season 3. :)

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    2. BelugaArts


      You owe me an apology, Ramikad.


      I can take checks, and other sorts of uhm... *coughs* payment.

    3. Ramikad


      Hm. I don't really know your, *ahem*, tastes, and if there was any monetary exchange, it would be FROM you, rather than TO you. :D

      How about we settle for some Beta Testing in due time? :P

    4. BelugaArts


      Aye, that I could do. ;)

  22. To Mac users: Aspyr released an update today for JA if you updated to Mavericks.

  23. Too many mods to work on. I had to make a list.

  24. Truck loads of approved files coming your way.

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    2. Ramikad


      If only I didn't get a really horrible Error 522 when trying to download them.

    3. Circa


      All of them?

    4. Ramikad


      Yep. Looked around the Internet and there are some suggested solutions around that I'll try.

  25. UltimateWeapons is now on JKHub. :)

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