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  1. HS Kenobi Sound Fix

    This is a simple mod that fixes the sounds for Hapslash's Obi-Wan model. A couple sounds were in the wrong format and gave an error every time it's loaded. This fixes those sounds and also replaces a few of the badly ripped sounds into clean ones. Some lines were replaced.
    It's one of the most popular mods for JKA, so I figured this should be an official fix for all those people that use it.
    You can download it by clicking below:

    HS Kenobi


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  2. Academy for MP

    This is an entity mod of the academy1 map from single player to work better on multiplayer. If you've every played SP, you know that this map is used for all the scenes that take place in the academy. It was only meant for cutscenes, therefore has various NPCs. If you've ever tried playing it in multiplayer, those NPCs will still be there.
    The map is very simple and good for clan meetings or small dueling matches. I've edited out all the NPCs, so now you don't have to worry about killing them all before you begin dueling or whatever you're wanting to do.
    Just remember that this is for MP, server side. You don't need it in your personal base folder, just on the server. Once you have it there, it will affect anyone that joins. They don't need to download anything. The magic of entity mods.
    I haven't tried it in SP yet, but I have a feeling it will still have the cutscene play but without NPCs, which could be a problem.


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  3. Wookiee Voices

    This is a single player mod that replaces all of Jaden's lines with Wookiee lines. The point of it is if you wanted to play as a Wookiee, this will improve immersion by not allowing the Wookiee to speak Basic, which isn't possible for a Wookiee. If you're planning on playing SP as a Wookiee, you'll need this. It replaces male and female.
    Use with mods such as these:


    To see what the player is saying outside of cutscenes, open the console (SHIFT + ~) and type g_subtitles 1
    I went through each voice line and tried to match the mood and inflection as best as I could. There are only so many Wookiee lines that we have access to, so I'm sure some of them will get old after awhile. Honestly though, it's better than the default male Jaden voice.
    If you're not playing as a Wookiee, remove this mod. It's an all or nothing deal.


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  4. Circa's Menu Mod

    This is a mod that aims to freshen and soften the main menus of both SP and MP of Jedi Academy. I always felt like the sounds and music for the menu were extremely harsh. Especially if you're playing late at night, you fire up JKA and click Play--BEEP! Ow. Click Join Serv--BEEP!
    New sounds add a more subtle feel to your menu experience.
    Music track for MP switched with the Yavin Temple explore music from JK2. Very peaceful feel, reminds me of the Jedi Academy map.
    Same music track added to the SP menu (previously no music played)
    Server list now shows more servers at a time, making the font smaller. Before it was huge and only showed around 10 at a time.
    New video plays in the main menu, just to give it something new.
    Server info window is now grey, so it's easier to see black names
    Hopefully more changes will happen later. This is the first release.
    Video demo:

    This was a mod I've had in my base for years but never shared it. Decided to work on it a bit more and release it. It's hard NOT to use it now.
    Also, keep in mind this won't work with other main menu mods, for the most part, if they edit the actual menu.


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  5. Test Maps

    This is yet another simple mod, requested by Penekowski. There are 3 very small maps, with one color for the whole room, making it easy to take screenshot to use in icon creating or other media. Or maybe just to test a skin out. There is a green, white, and grey map.
    To get to the maps, choose one below:
    /map test_white
    /map test_grey
    /map test_green
    The maps are bright, and the shaders used don't reflect light, to my knowledge. That's why you can run into a wall without realizing it.
    Shout out to Penekowski for the idea


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  6. Rosh the Rodian

    This is a single player mod that completely changes Rosh to be a Rodian. His model is now a Rodian but with Rosh's body. His outfit was recolored to better blend with his new skin color. All of Rosh's dialogue was changed to Rodian dialogue from KOTOR. A couple other minimal changes.
    Make sure you have subtitles on for all dialogue. To do that, open the console (SHIFT + ~) and type /g_subtitles 1
    If you hate Rosh, this actually drastically makes him more pleasant of a character. His voice is different. His image is different. Your eyes and ears will no longer bleed because he's on the screen!
    Video demo:

    -===- Known Bugs -===-
    Some dialogue might slightly be too long or too short. None should be too drastic. If anything, it'll show that Kyle and Jaden are tired of hearing Rosh open his mouth.


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  7. High Quality Voice Icon

    This is a mod that updates the voice icon in multiplayer to be of higher quality. The default one is pretty bad, and since I made the chat icon high quality, this needed to be the next step. Thanks to Ensiform for pointing that out.


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  8. OpenJK-Alt Server

    This is basically just OpenJK but with a few little features that I really wanted for my server. I wanted to have a basejka server with OpenJK's bug fixes and security, but also a few extra things that the OpenJK devs didn't think were fit to include in the master repository. Nothing changes the gameplay, these are just nice little features for a server to have, if you're not using a mod like JA+ or something.
    Here's a list of all the features thus far:
    ----1.00----• All taunts are available in all game modes (meditate, gloat, flourish, etc)• Private duels now start with full health and shield, and can be changed via new cvars (g_duelStartHealth and g_duelStartArmor) - default is 100/25• Results of a private duel are displayed to all, with the remaining health of the winning player----1.01----• Added a cvar to toggle idle animations (personal annoyance of mine) - g_useIdleAnims 0----1.02----• restored the ability to use map glitches via dmflags 520----1.03----• Cheats are now toggled via rcon, enabling the use for anyone on the server - /rcon sv_cheats 1
    All features of the master OpenJK repo are included in this as of this writing. If you want to compile the latest version of this and the most recent OpenJK commits, I will try my best to keep it fairly in sync with it.

    This is also Linux only for now. If someone wants it for Windows or Mac, let me know. This is server-side only though, keep in mind.
    If you want to test it out first, my clan's server runs it at /connect so.jk3.in
    -===- Installation -===-
    If you are running an OpenJK server (recommended), put the .so file in the base folder of your server, and run the new openjkded file like you normally would. If its a basejka server, same thing but run the new openjkded file instead of jampded file you used to.


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  9. Water Wake Shader MP Fix

    This mod fixes the broken water wake shader in multiplayer, when the player or NPC is standing in water. Normally the shader works in vanilla SP but not in MP, but this will make it work in both. A GIF and video are included to show the difference. Before it was just a static image which looked quite bad.

    I actually made this back in 2016 but completely forgot to release it.
    The file has to be loaded first, even before the assets, so do not rename it. This is why it has a 0 in the name. In addition, the shader itself can't be renamed either.

    -===- Credits -===-
    @AshuraDX for the assistance on this back in 2016. ♥️

    -===- Installation -===-
    PC: Extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.
    Mac: Place in Applications/Jedi Academy/base folder


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  10. Bastila Shan

    This is a combination of the original model ported from KOTOR, mixed with parts from the default human female model in Jedi Academy. I also gave the textures a pretty hefty touch-up. They are much better quality now.
    Use Plasma's lightsaber hilt collection mod for Bastila's saber to work properly with her NPC or use 'saber saber_bastila' in SP or 'saber1 saber_bastila' in MP
    NPC support: /npc spawn bastila /playermodel bastila Bot Support with custom quotes Team Support SP Menu support Custom sounds straight from KOTOR All credit to Bioware for original model, textures, and sounds and creating many of my favorite characters in Star Wars, including Bastila.


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  11. Ingame Character and Saber Menu

    This mod gives you the freedom of changing your player character and lightsaber anytime in single player. I've added dual and staff. I've added red saber color.
    Open up the console and type:
    bind o uimenu ingamecharactermenu
    Replace "o" with the key you want to press to bring the menu up. I made mine O just as an example.
    Of course there are some issues, like rocking the staff saber and single saber together to make a dual stance. It screws up the animations.


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  12. Naboo Plaza

    This is small duel map set in a courtyard in the Naboo capital city of Theed. There is a button on the middle balcony to reveal a duel platform, surrounded by a pit, to keep the duels interesting. There is room on the sides to use this map in FFA mode as well.
    Bug: There is a timer on the button, which means you can't push it over and over, to avoid people spamming while other are dueling on the platform. So if the button doesn't work right after you use it, wait about 10 seconds.
    This was a map made for a specific king of the hill type of event in my clan. The premise is everyone lines up by the main door in a single file line and the two people in the front of the line duel on the platform. First person to get cut by a saber must go back to the line, and the next person enters to challenge the survivor. Last person standing wins. Feel free to use this idea on your own servers.


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  13. Simple Crosshair

    This is a very simple mod that replaces the default crosshair with all but a simple dot. This is common in a lot of games, to simplify a third person or first person experience. I felt like the default crosshairs were created more for guns, and when you play mostly just using a saber (on MP), it's nice to get the bulky crosshair out of the way and keep it simple.
    Again, this is another simple mod that I've had for awhile that I figured others would get use out of.
    This replaces the default crosshair (1) - if you use another built in crosshair (2-10) then you'll need to switch to the default. You can use this command in the console to do so:
    /cg_drawcrosshair 1


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  14. Last Night

    This is a Halloween-themed map, created for the JKHub Halloween Contest 2016. It's very much incomplete. I didn't have time to spend too much time on it. There are some little secrets that you can find. The Use key is your friend (or enemy).
    I may actually finish it later on. This does have everything it needs to be playable, and is available for FFA, TFFA, Duel, and Power Duel. It also has bot routes.
    -===- Known Bugs -===-
    Lots. Trees can be walked through. Probably some brush glitches here and there. Skybox is crap. Lots to fix.
    Much love and thanks to Rooxon for creating all the cool models you see in the map, like the pumpkin, shovel, pickaxe, etc. I think his items turned out better than the map itself.


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