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Found 11 results

  1. Circa


    Version 1.2


    This is the AT-AT or ATAT walker vehicle as seen in Empire Strikes Back. The model, textures, and animations were made by Duncan_10158 and all credit goes to him. The original mod seems to have been lost to time, and all we had was an odd clan reskin of it or it was included in larger mods like KOTF. I restored the original textures while keeping Sakura's improvements to the stats. Spawn with the below command: /npc spawn vehicle atat
  2. Noodle

    Battle Gunk


    Inspired by the SOLO movie, here's a gunk that shoots lasers and rockets. To use you must enter the following command in your console: /npc spawn vehicle battle_gonk Known Bugs: - It won't work if you have too many NPCs or Vehicles in your base game. NPC: Yes. LODs: No. SP: No. Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.
  3. 122 downloads

    This brings NPC and Vehicle versions of the R7 series astromech droid to Jedi Academy. The R7-series astromech droid was created by Industrial Automaton during the Galactic Civil War. The R7-series was designed specifically for use with the Rebel Alliance/New Republic E-wing escort starfighter. NPCS: /npc spawn r7a1 /npc spawn r7a2 /npc spawn r7a3 Vehicles: /npc spawn vehicle r7a1_vehicle /npc spawn vehicle r7a2_vehicle /npc spawn vehicle r7a3_vehicle Title: R7 Series Astromech File Names: R7-A1.pk3 [769 kb] R7-A2.pk3 [768 kb] R7-A3.pk3 [283 kb] Date Released: December 21 2018 Type: Model Bot Support: No -------------------- Author: -------------------- Model/Shader by: Jeff Idea and Skins by: ZanderNao -------------------- Installation -------------------- Extract or copy the pk3 files of your choice to you Base folder (usually c:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base\). Start game, enable cheats or devmap.
  4. Version 1.0


    The Imperial Shadow Bike is an elite vehicle used for covert reconnisance operations. It features a dark black paint job to conceal it in the dead of night and uses a quieter engine to avoid alerting it's postion. This particular vehicle is based off the Speeder Bike seen in the Imperial Shadow Squadron Hasbro set. I've always thought it was a cool vehicle and decided to add into JKA for some enjoyment. Now this vehicle features more than just a different paint job, it also includes new sounds to give it a more covert feel. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a stealth Speeder Bike having such obnoxiously loud sounds, so I decided to change them up to make the vehicle more destinct. The bike blaster sound effect has also been changed to resemble the sound as it was in Return of the Jedi.
  5. JKHub


    Version 1.0


    Submitted by Barricade24 This vehicle model was created by Light Ninja and texture by neomarz1, he has given permission for it to be uploaded here and we appreciate it very much. Here is some text from the original readme... Information: The AT-PT was originally developed by the Old Republic and was intended to be a major component of its ground forces. Platoons of troops were to be assigned AT-PTs; a single platoon would be granted the firepower of nearly a company of ground troops at a substantially reduce cost. AT-PT platoons were to be equivalent to light mechanized infantry units with the added benefit of speed and extended comlink ranges, thus permitting the platoon to patrol a far greater area. This light walker was also intended to provide armoured heavy fire support to infantry units. A soldier strapped into this vehicle was turned into an one-man attack force capable of stopping a full squad of infantry. Although this walker cannot match the speeds obtainable by repulsorcraft, they can be devastating against conventional ground forces. Project designers of the AT-PT developed the light walker to be suitable for open ground, shallow water, jungle, mountain terrain, and urban locations. This design can overcome inclines and obstacles that block repulsorlift and treaded craft due to its independently adjusting leg suspension system. Unfortunately, most of the AT-PTs were carried onboard the famed Katana Fleet, and when that fleet disappeared without a trace momentum to continue the AT-PT project evapourated. As a result the project was canceled.Ultimately, AT-PTs were never given the thorough battlefield testing they deserved. Many of the concepts pioneered by this design were later incorporated by Imperial engineers when they created the AT-AT and AT-ST. Its heavily armoured command pod accords the driver with outstanding protection. Small flank hatches (with foot pegs below them) allow access into the cramped cockpit. Its legs can be fully extended upward for either high speed movement or to allow the driver a superior observation position. The AT-PT can also adapt to operate in cramped conditions by moving itself into a "half crouch" posture, where its command pod is lowered to be even with its legs' drive joints. When compared to the AT-ST, the AT-PT's drive system affords the light walker with superior balance. When sealed, the vehicle is virtually immune to small-arms fire. Located behind the command pod is the walker's main drive unit. Its primitive sensor package is employed for navigation and assists in alerting the driver to approaching dangers." AT-PTs are seeing use by Imperial Forces and can be carried into battle by Sentinel-class Landing Shuttles. Unfortunately, the Rebels have obtained a few AT-PTs from the Empire. An example of this was seen on the planet of Fest, where Rebel commandos stole three AT-PTs from a secret Imperial weapons research facility. These walkers can still be found in the ranks of mercenaries and pirates who stole them, bought them on the black market or salvaged them from battlefields. Planetary defence forces such as the m'Yalfor'ac Order (from the planet of Guiteica) employ the AT-PT (they approximately maintain three dozen of these light walkers). ======================================================================================================== NOTES FROM THE AUTHORS: This model has 1 year and i never thought that it would be finished but well, live is live and casually i contacted with NeoMarz1 and he was able to do this great skin for the model. Also i'll make soon a new version with much better walk animations, if you get a veh file extension error, you have to many vehicles installed in your base folder, remove some of them from your base folder. standart max vehicles, then onces from raven included, is 16. there are mods that can improve that. To install put it in your 'GameData/Base" folder, to uninstall remove "atpt.pk3" from your 'GameData/base' folder. IMPORTANT: THERE IS A .DLL INSIDE THE ZIP, EXTRACT IT TO YOUR /BASE FOLDER AND YOUR VEHILE LIMIT WILL BE INCREASED TO 64 OR SO. HOW TO PLAY IN A MAP THAT HAS NOT PLACED THE VEHICLE BY DEFAULT to play the vehicles in game start a map in cheat mode, "devmap ffa3". when the map is loaded, bring down the console and type in "/npc spawn vehicle atpt_vehicle", make a LOT of steps back and then the vehicle should be in front of you. have fun!, hope this help mappers in siege maps.
  6. Version 1.5


    This is a new and improved version of the AT-ST walker. This model works in both JK2 and JA as direct replacements to the enemy NPC, the SP driveable entity and the MP vehicle. It also comes with 4 extra skins, clean, rusty, mossy and snow. This model was quite some time in the making, it was originally meant for the Dark Forces 2 mod but because of the popularity of the model I'm releasing it publicly outside of the mod. I have to give a huge thanks to AshuraDX for making the amazing high quality textures, writing the shader for rend2 and help with testing and bug fixes. It was practically a joint project because of the amount of work he did on this. The only things that were somewhat reused was the base .npc and .veh files as a foundation for mine, other than that everything is new. A completely new model, new textures and new animation set.
  7. 345 downloads

    Author: Duncan_10158 Model Name: "hailfire_droid06.pk3" Author Mesh: Duncan_10158 Contact: http://io.meskinaw.net/ Skins: Monsoontide Sounds: Yes Concept: A self-aware mobile missile-platform used exclusively by the InterGalactic Banking Clan, hailfire droids delivered surface-to-surface and surface-to-air strikes with their stacked banks of 30 rocket warheads. Hailfires roll along on oversized hoop-like wheels. In between the bracketing axle arms is a small, central body equipped with a single photoreceptor. When the InterGalactic Banking Clan pledged its forces to the Confederacy of Independent Systems (in a non-exclusive arrangement, of course), its hailfire droids were added to the immense Separatist battle droid army. (starwars.com/databank) Submitted by: Barricade24
  8. 390 downloads

    Description: When using /npc spawn vehicle swoop, you normally encounter a MAX_QPATH error that winds up with the swoop itself remaining textureless. This mod fixes that, but also lets you choose which colour swoop you'd like that vehicle to be.
  9. Version 1.0


    I finally finished my skiff vehicle for Academy to spawn it open the cheat console , activate cheats and type : "npc spawn vehicle skiff" Please notice that using the skiff_anims.pk3 file will make swoops and other vehicles that use the swoop animation ridiculous while only this skiff profits from the aniamtion replacement - this makes it also incompatible with any other animation mods Have fun !
  10. 586 downloads

    *************************** JEDI KNIGHT ACADEMY MODIFICATION *************************** Title :Republic Gunship Skin Pack Vehicle Imports :Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" Modeling :Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" Skinning :Dark_Cuillere Rigged :Zappa_0 E-Mail :neomarz1@sbcglobal.net :zappa0@gmail.com Website : :http://www.jedioutcastmovies.wordpress.com File Name :gunshipVM_AOTC.pk3 File Size :2077KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_ARC.pk3 File Size :2067KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_Camo.pk3 File Size :1949KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_Kenobi.pk3 File Size :2093KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_ROTS.pk3 File Size :2042KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_Shark.pk3 File Size :2157KB Date Released :1/30/2014 Description : Skin pack for Neomarz's Republic Gunship Vehicle --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spawning Commands: AOTC: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx_aotc ARC: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx_arc Camo: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx_camo Kenobi: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx_kenobi ROTS: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx_rots Shark: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx_shark ******************************READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING*************************************** Instructions: 1) In order to spawn the craft you need to acivate cheats heres how you do it. Singleplayer- Load a level, I suggest the "Trip" levels, the once your in the game make sure you move your character to an area big enough to spawn the craft (big and somewhat flat) hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "devmapall"...hit enter (cheats are now on)...next type "npc spawn vehicle (vehicle's name)" Example: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx. Here are the npc vehicle names for this pack... gunshipx_aotc gunshipx_arc gunshipx_camo gunshipx_kenobi gunshipx_rots gunshipx_shark cont... close the console by hitting the tild (~) again. Now this is the most important part, move back to allow the ship to spawn, it may need alot of space. Once the ship spawns you simply move up and hit your "USE" key (usually return). Now you can fly! **Now read this part carefully**, or you'll end up crashing into everything before you know it. To lift off you push down the space bar, but dont hold it down too long or youll activate the turbo thrust (this will cause a crash almost always), just lift off a little and tap the forward key a few times. The more times you tap the faster you will go. Use turbo only when you know you have enough space to jet. Multiplayer- To activate cheats, you do thing a little different. activate the console by hitting shift+tild(~). Next type /devmapall "mapname". Example: /devmapall kotor_flight_school. The map will load with cheats activated. Now join the game and find a large area to spawn the craft. Open the console again and type /npc spawn vehicle "vehicle name". Example: /npc spawn vehicle falconvm. Notice that single player you have to put the "/" slash before the command. 2) You can only have so many .veh files or the game wont even load a map. So you may have to pull vehicles out in order to use other ones. I think the limit is 12, but I'm not sure. If you happen to have the "Kotor_flight_school" map, then there are already 3 vehicles added to your overall amount. You may want to remove the map, or open the pk3, and remove the vehicles in the "Kotor" files. I like the Kotor map to fly around in, so of course I chose the second option. One thing you may want to do is create a folder called "vehicle drop" in your base folder. That way you can shuffle vehicles in or out as needed. ***Trouble shoot*** 1) vehicle wont spawn- make sure you have enough space to spawn, make sure you have cheats activated, make sure you use the proper npc name. 2) vehicle wont take off- You may have spawned the vehicle too close to a wall or rock. This will ancor the vehicle so that it wont move. 3) The vehicle keeps crashing- Read instructions up above, if you practice youll find that controlling the craft is pretty easy with practice. Big note here, you need a map with alot of room. Also keep from flying to high because the maps will have an invisible ceiling height that will cause you to crash. If you fly to fast into a cliff wall, you will be sent into a spinning crash! The crash detection is very sensative to fast collisions. ***Known Issues*** 1) Gunship rockets dont work in Single Player. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  11. Inyri



    Swoops are fun, but I needed something new. So suddenly it occured to me that a hoverboard, as a swoop replacement (or even its own vehicle) would be really cool. And so a little hoverboard was born! It hovers, it glows, it hums, and it sinks in water (for those who were worried!).
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