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  1. Somewhat! These are JKA (and other) models posed in Blender and edited in Paint.net. Although I am self taught, so there are many improvements still to be made. Thanks for all the nice words, everyone! ________________________________________________________________________________ DUNE SEA GHOST
  2. This is Darth Malgamus. He's the "benevolent" apprentice of the Emperor in an upcoming DnD-esque story with friends!
  3. She is a Sith Assassin and apprentice to Darth Lumrek (see above). Her mask was heavily damaged while raiding an ancient Sith fortress with said master, so she reforged it with phrik she received weeks prior. Like any apprentice, she has occasional ideas above her station about training her own pupils, some who happen to be Jedi, in reference to the art above. For the mask I used to use Revan's mask recolored black because I was a newbie at modeling & kitbashing, but by the time she reforged her mask I was lot better. I wanted to kit & create a look that matched my character's personality and also looked potentially iconic. I love Kylo Ren's outfit so I took a lot of elements from it, and her mask is indeed Kylo's rebreather and Revan's visor. I think it looks cool!
  4. I think a more prominent place for the community section would be nice, mainly the Art, Media, and Technology area. There are so many good pieces of art, short and feature length fan-films as of writing this today, and so much more. As someone relatively active in the art crowd, I'd love to see contests relating to that too if it isn't too unrealistic. While art isn't as useful as a skin, and the 'Our Picks' section is also appreciated for spotlights, I feel a more active place could be cool, to show that it's not all mods and more of a community--a hub. Excited to see what happens next, whenever it happens.
  5. EXECUTOR Art made for an AU event happening for me and my friends!
  6. The daughter of a Commander, training to continue her family legacy via her own story.
  7. IN OVER YOUR HEAD This is a one-day test comic I made for an art prompt (that I also made) in my discord group. The prompt was, "this is my Special Move!"
  8. Amazing quality and effects, and it stayed true to Jedi Academy's style which I thought was simply awesome. Can't wait to see more.
  9. SMILES ALL AROUND Some portraits of my friends' characters! The last one is my Mandalorian, Corr , without her helmet. FIREFLY
  10. Most of these models aren't actually compiled into working skins, just in blender for artistic purposes.
  11. RED DAUGHTER (a spooky take on my Jedi Padawan, this art is for some story I plan to flesh out for her. )
  12. Now this is what I'm talkin about Great model!
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