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  1. I really like weird names for art, a like I picked up after playing Dishonored 2 and seeing Anton Sokolov's pieces. See for yourself!
  2. COG IN THE MACHINE Here's a little somethin' extra. 😏
  3. STAR WARS: CRIME SAGA Trouble on Quelii! This is a side story I'm working up for my some of my friends and me. It's not quite an arc, and plus 'saga' has a certain ring to it. and also I'm going through DBZ for the first time and that also calls it sagas.
  4. BEACH BUM QUEEN METROPOLIS This is Gwendolyn, but all her friends call her Oni. One part Dathomirian, one part N'Gai, all cheer. She's a fashionista, can't you tell? 😎
  5. BLADEHEART Massive credit to RebelRebel for creating this beautiful saber for Siri! I am ever so thankful!
  6. Of course! He's in the mire of getting permissions, but his other and more original art is definitely something to be appreciated. Hadn't realized releasing art is technically releasing creative material. Kitbashing is definitely a slippery slope for sure. Good lesson for others planning on releasing art, heed Trin's words!
  7. Hey! Stop reading this and go check ZelZel's Archive. I mean, if you like Sith Lords and the Bad Batch. 😏
  8. Not all of these characters are mine, or kitbashed by me! The red man (zeltron) and the amazing Cortana Eve are ZelZel's. If you have not yet seen the awesome ZelZel's Archive, please go check it out! He makes fantastic art as well. ^ click here! do it!
  9. I've RP'd Siri for a long time, so some more NSFW pieces were inevitable. They aren't inappropriate, however (at least not the ones I'm sharing 😏).
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