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  1. Amazing quality and effects, and it stayed true to Jedi Academy's style which I thought was simply awesome. Can't wait to see more. ✨
  2. SMILES ALL AROUND Some portraits of my friends' characters! The last one is my Mandalorian, Corr , without her helmet. FIREFLY
  3. Most of these models aren't actually compiled into working skins, just in blender for artistic purposes. 😏✨
  4. RED DAUGHTER (a spooky take on my Jedi Padawan, this art is for some story I plan to flesh out for her. 😎)
  5. NOTHING PERSONAL This is Corr! She's a foundling who used to be a slave, until a wandering Mandalorian taking bounties rescues her from captivity. Taught the way of the Mandalore, she becomes a force to be reckoned with!
  6. I certainly have a few models I'd love to release, once I get the appropriate permissions and credits! ?
  7. FACES OF QUELII A cold assassin with pinpoint accuracy. Crime Lords of Quelii beware.
  8. it used to be black hair and I thought it looked like Severus Snape ?
  9. STANDOFF A Mandalorian bounty hunter seeks to collect a bounty, but he'll have to get through Siri Ordance-Versio first!
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