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STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of Movie Duels II)

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Takes a shit ton of trial and error and I nearly hung myself over transferring UV Unwraps for the lightmaps between one version and another - sadly this took out a lot of my time for another project I had hoped to help out with - but maybe I'll be able to keep up with the pace now that I got back into it properly.

Btw... Movie Duels Developers - did your coders change anything with regards to dynamicGlow / rendering of Fog / OpenGL blendFuncs? Because I had tried to make this map look good in BaseJKA / OpenJK - not with the Movie Duels fork.

If so and you remember what it is, PM me and I might be able to work around it.

EAGLE Soundmesh also works now.

FPS I presume is still horrible though with all the fog and EFX - I'll try my best to make this run on potato PCs

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On 12/30/2020 at 4:04 PM, Tompa9 said:

We still have to figure out why is this happening. Could be some code limitations, maybe too many effects... we dont know. It is pretty annoying I agree.

Linken from Galactic Legacy MOD told me on YouTube, that Jace Solaris fixed the error of blasters no effect 😄

Is this true? :)))

In the next update of MD, will this fix in the update? 😍

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Hey there.  I downloaded Jedi Academy on Steam but am running MovieDuels through the .exe.  I'm noticing that the skybox isn't being loaded in the missions, it's just gray.  This is happening across all missions.  I'm also noticing some missing textures (i.e. those generic gray squares with the glowing white outline, probably related).  I'm looking at the jaconfig and jampconfig and r_fastsky is set to 0 so that isn't the problem.  Any ideas what's going on and how to fix it?  Thanks.

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  • Circa changed the title to STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of Movie Duels II)
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Happy New Year! It's been a long time, but we're back with a new update!

Although we hadn't originally planned it, this version ends up being a big full patch called Update 6. We added so many new things, not just bugfixes, during its development that we ended up waiting a whole year before releasing it. We really hope you will enjoy this update, because we have invested a lot of our time, effort and sometimes nerves into it.

Update 6 has arrived to start the new year with new content and features such as new and updated missions, combat improvements, and bug fixes! Tales of the Galaxy: Season 1 is also now available allowing you to play the duels from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.









///Bug Fixes\\\
- Fixed softlock issue regarding the player/NPCs getting stuck in position when loading a save.
- Fixed softlock issue when changing your saber and transferring to another level.
- Fixed Player and NPC alignment being screwed up when loading mission saves.
- Fixed issue where spawning any of the New Clones would clear the Player's weapons.
- Fixed crash when damaging breakable objects.
- Fixed Duel: Coruscant Landing Pad missing music.
- Fixed Gorc not using the DF2 Animation set.
- Fixed Gorc's hilt using the incorrect model.
- Fixed missing effects for Vents and 8t88's neck in the Sulon Star.
- Fixed missing Smoke effects in EP8 Luke's Challenge.
- Fixed TPM's Black & Unstable Red Blade colors having the default TPM blade in UI.
- The Black Lightsaber Blade is now consistent texture wise with the ROTS, ESB, ROTJ, and TFA blade types.

- Optimized all characters with reduced "cull twosided" usage, thus rendering less triangles and improving performance overall.

- Added proper attacking and blocking animations for Starkiller & Ahsoka Tano.
- Added new Medium Kata animation for Anakin.
- Overhauled all walking, jogging and sprinting animations to look more realistic, and more fitting for certain characters.

/Prequel Trilogy\
- Added Jocasta Nu.
- Added Joopi She.
- Added Koffi Arana.
- Added Micah Giiett.
- Added Que-Mars Redath-Gom.
- Added Sarissa Jeng.
- Added Stass Allie.
- Added Tsui Choi.
- Updated Anakin Skywalker (Ep3) with new hair from Toshi's Anakin model.
- Updated Depa Billaba's TPM model with a new one by grimbord.
- Updated Female Jedi with slimmer torso proportions.
- Updated Kit Fisto's cloth textures. Also updated his soundset with better dialogue.
- Updated Luminara Unduli with a new model by grimbord.
- Updated Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ep2) with a new head, taken from Ep3 Obi-Wan and reskinned by GP Channel.
- Updated Padme's Queen appearance with Toshi's head.
- Updated Saesee Tiin with a new head by grimbord.
- Updated Sora Bulq with a new head by grimbord.
- Updated Yarael Poof with nicer textures by grimbord.
- Updated Battledroids so they have much more varied and consistent soundsets, taken from both Classic Battlefront games and the ROTS Game.
- Updated Clone Troopers with overhauled LODs, and fixed Phase 2 Helmet vertex normals to look smoother.
- Fixed Ki-Adi Mundi's head tags being glitched.
- Fixed Bultar Swan missing hips specular texture and head tags.
- Fixed Super Battle Droids' arm twitching in between their shots.

/Original Trilogy\
- Added Obi-Wan [Jabiim] from his titular series.
- Added Darth Vader [Battle Worn] from the Kenobi series. Renamed similarly named TFU variant to "Battle Damaged".
- Added Dagobah Luke with Yoda inside his backpack.
- Upgraded Boba Fett with nicer proportions similar to his BF2 2017 appearance.
- Upgraded Bossk with a new model by Mat Grunt.
- Updated Darth Vader with a modified version of Toshi's Vader helmet, used in MD2.
- Upgraded Han Solo with a new model by Mat Grunt.
- Upgraded Jabba the Hutt with nicer textures by Mat Grunt.
- Updated Luke Skywalker's face on all ESB-ROTJ-TM variants to accurately resemble Mark Hamill. Also restored his ROTJ rusted belt buckle.
- Upgraded Luke's ROTJ face texture with an updated version by Mat Grunt.
- Upgraded Ep6 Palpatine with Force Arena's model.
- Upgraded R2-D2 with nicer textures by Mat Grunt.
- Fixed Vizam's model tags causing him to aim above his targets, instead of at them.
- Fixed Han's ANH appearance being glitched.

/Sequel Trilogy\
- Added Kylo Ren [Shirtless].

- Added Tera Sinube.
- Added Thongla Jur.
- Added Oppo Rancisis.
- Added Halsey.
- Added Knox.
- Added Bolla Ropal.
- Added Ima-Gun Di.
- Added Nahdar.
- Added Caleb Dume [The Bad Batch].
- Added Depa Billaba [The Bad Batch].
- Added Dooku [Tales of the Jedi].
- Upgraded Cad Bane with a new model by Mat Grunt!

- Added Jaro Tapal.
- Added Cal Kestis [Padawan].
- Added Cal Kestis [Jedi: Survivor].
- Added Bodhi Rook.
- Added Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Jabiim" and "Pre-ANH" outfits from his self-titled show.
- Upgraded Cal Kestis with a new head by grimbord!
- Upgraded Rebels Maul with nicer lighting, and also now using his respective animations.

- Added Black Krrsantan.
- Added Greef Karga.
- Added Kuiil.
- Added Grogu.
- Added Fennec Shand.
- Added Moff Gideon.
- Added Luke Skywalker (TBOBF Tunic).
- Updated Boba Fett's TM Soundsets to his BF2 2005 soundset.
- Fixed Boba Fett's Helmetless TM Skin missing a Jetpack.

- Added Cade Skywalker.
- Added Darth Krayt.
- Added Darth Talon.
- Added Foul Moudama (CW 2003).
- Added Imperial Remnant Troops to Menus.
- Added JK2/JKA Jedi to Menus.
- Added Jerec variations; Default (Added Chest Armor), Robed, Classic (Remastered), and Classic (Low-Poly).
- Added specular effect to Reborn Shadowtrooper's armor.
- Restored JK2 Reborn variants, and swapped the Concept Reborns to the Saberist Cultists.
- Updated Jerec so he uses the DF2 Humanoid animations, because of Sariss' saber style change (listed in NPC changes).
- Updated Maw to use the JKA skeleton instead of JK2's (Dual Saber Fix/Finger Movement).
- Fixed HM Jaden's decapitation not working correctly, and optimized the way his Prequel-style robes are handled.
- Fixed MOTS Kyle's right gauntlet having inverted normals.
- Fixed MOTS Mara Jade's holster being missing.
- Fixed Darth Desolous' decaps not working correctly.
- Fixed Plagueis' robe being invisible on one side.
- Fixed Exiled Shaak Ti's neck disconnecting from the torso.

///Duel Maps\\\
- Added Waypoints to the following maps:
Profundity (Applies to Vader's Challenge)
Emperor's Throne Room
Starkiller Base (Forest) (Applies to ACC and Rey's Challenge)
The Supremacy (Applies to Snoke's Challenge)
The Dark Palace
Sulon Star
Valley of the Jedi
- Renamed "Star Destroyer - Command Bridge" to "The Executor - Vader's Flagship"..
- Removed "The Executor - Vader's Chamber", the other Executor map features a more accurate chamber.

- Various areas of the code optimized and memory reconfigured. UI should run much smoother when selecting models, no more stuttering when loading in a new model.
- Grievous, Vader, Gorc, and Maw are now resistant to Knockdowns.
- Reduced Snoke's and Palpatine's (non-saber versions) health and force points to make them more balanced and spam force powers less.
- Removed Saber Damage System option due to issues. A new, more balanced damage system is now in place.

MDA Mode:
- Added Specialized Saber Impact noises for MDA Mode only.
- Added Cosmetic Saber Stances option, allowing for character's stances to be seen in MDA mode.
- Re-balanced MDA Mode blockpoint system, Spam blockers will have a higher block cost. Block point reward system re-balanced.
- Re-balanced Lightning Block, along with new blocking animations. Holding block will drain force powers, and holding block + attack will drain block points.
- Disarms are now less common, instead you may stagger when very low on block points.
- NPCs can now perform dashes and trigger the slow-motion effect when performing a perfect block.
- You can no longer block or attack until the current swing animation is complete. This allows for smoother animation transitions.
- Balanced Gunner VS Saberist combat. Gunners are able to dodge/roll incoming attacks, drain block points and disarm attackers.

Force Powers:
- Adjusted Force Rage with the following changes:
Automatic health/shield recovery is inactive during the Rage & Rage Recovery states.
Invincibility period is reduced to 2 seconds when under 2 HP.
Some unblockable kill moves can kill you if health is low enough, even while Rage is still active.
- Tweaked Deadly Sight's timer so it isn't dealing 400+ HP damage at Level 3.

- Added Rebels SFX Blade option. Most sabers now have the same blade width to accomodate this.
- Added a much larger selection of "classic" blocking sounds to EP4 Vader, EP4 Obi-Wan, EP4 Luke, and EP5 Luke.
- Added Darksaber (The Mandalorian).
- Added Grand Inquisitor (OWK).
- Added Obi-Wan Kenobi (OWK).
- Added Oppo Rancisis.
- Added Rey (TLJ).
- Added Rig Nema.
- Restored Plasma's Kyle Katarn hilt.
- Fixed ESB/OT RGB sabers glow when switching between the different blade styles.
- Fixed white ignition flares when using RGB sabers.

- Added 26 more saberblock sounds, which adds up to 90 blocking sounds in total.
- Added specialized sounds for saber hits in MDA mode.
- Added specialized sounds for saber kills via special kill moves in MDA mode.
- Upgraded ignition/hum sounds for Ahsoka's Rebels hilt.
- Upgraded ignition/hum sounds for the Darksaber hilts.
- Upgraded hum sounds for Darth Vader's hilts with two variants, one used for ANH/ROTJ, and one for ESB.
- Upgraded ignition sounds for the Inquisitor hilts.
- Upgraded ignition sounds for Kylo Ren's hilt.
- Upgraded ignition sound for Luke's Episode 6 hilt.
- Upgraded hum sound for Luke's Episode 6 & JKA Hilts.
- Upgraded all sounds for Kylo Ren's hilt.
- Anakin's Knightfall Hilt now uses a more film-accurate ignition sound from Lego TFA, as well as using Vader's saberhum.
- Lowered volume of Sith Rey's ignition sounds.
- Removed bits of silence from Krell's saber sounds, should sync more nicely with swing animations.
- Removed custom bounce & block sounds from Darth Maul's hilts.
- Removed custom bounce & block sounds from Darth Vader's hilts.
- Removed custom bounce, hit, & saberthrow sounds from Starkiller's hilts.
- Removed custom bounce & block sounds from Rey's hilts.

- Optimized all Menus significantly by reducing the amount of images used,

/Main Menu\
- Massive quality upgrade to all Menu images, including the font, logos, background elements, etc.
- Added additional main menu theme "Talk of Podracing".
- Adjusted all mission descriptions so they're written nicer and use string text, allowing for translation support.
- Flipped position of Jedi/Sith icons in mission character selection.
- JKA Campaign menus now use only one music theme.
- Reset SP character when entering the arena to avoid softlocks when loading.
- Increased the slider range of the saber glow size (you can now go above the default value).
- Improved error message positioning.

- Updated layout/structure of setup menus.
- Added "Desktop Resolution" option to video options.
- Added Weapon Removal Timer option to settings.
- Added Slow-Motion Selection option to settings.
- Added Default Player Health option to settings.
- Added Automatic item pick-up option to settings.
- Added NPC Stamina Bar option to settings.
- Added body marks option to video options.
- Added mouth movement warning to EAX description.
- Moved subtitles button to the sound category.
- Reduced size of setup/control button's clickable areas.

- Overhauled the Modern Hud with a much nicer appearance. Features vertical and horizontal variants.
- Added JK2 Hud option.
- Blocking Point support added to MD2 Hud.

NPC Bars:
Adjusted the bars size and positioning.
All bars are now the same width and distance apart.
The black border is now consistent on all sides of the bar.

- Added RGB sliders to saber customization menu.
- Changing saber colour now affects all of Kylo Ren's blades.
- Added Random NPC spawn buttons to NPC spawn and command menus.
- Character names in Character/NPC selection now use strings, allowing us to format them more nicely, eg. Luke_Skywalker_TM_TBOBF becomes Luke Skywalker [Post-ROTJ]).
- Fixed NPC commands menu hilt buttons not being removed when clicking one of the sub menus.
- Fixed camera commands not applying properly in camera menu that would make the camera spin when loading another level.
- Fixed a button overlapping in the saber menu.

Mission Credits:
- Added "Continue" option that lets you continue to the next chronological mission, rather than returning to the Main Menu every time.
- ROTE now uses it's own endcredits theme, moved it's original theme to the Rebels variant for Twin Suns.

Short Negotiations:
- Extended intro sequence with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan boarding the Lucrehulk.
- Added Bacta Canisters throughout the level. Used via inventory selection.
- Added more droids to the hangar, and the doors now open in a small cutscene.
- Fixed the chair height so Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are actually sitting atop the chairs, rather than inside them.

Duel of the Fates:
- Mission now uses the higher quality "Duel Maps" version of the map from MB2.
- Overhauled all cutscenes to be more film accurate!
- Remade Sith POV's Ending.
- Fixed Maul using the wrong animation during his "death" scene.

**An Important Lesson**
- A new mission that recreates one of Anakin Skywalker's training sessions with Obi-Wan inside the Jedi Temple, sometime before the events of AOTC.
Map created by Lwkill.
Special thanks to Galactic Legacy team.

Bounty Hunter's Escape:
- Added Raindrop effects outside.
- Added Waypoint support.
- Added Six Blaster Ammo packs near the Slave 1 for Jango's POV.
- Lowered Jango's HP from 4000 to 500, to account for fixed low saber damage.
- Fixed instances of Jango not dying in Obi-Wan's POV during the first stage, softlocking the mission.
- Fixed Obi-Wan swapping Team Alignment in the second stage of Jango's POV.

A Mother's Cry:
- Added intro video of Anakin racing abroad a swoop bike to rescue his mother.
- Added Waypoint support.
- Added checkpoints for after finding Shmi, and at the start of the Tusken Chieftain fight.
- Improved map lighting.
- Fixed some Tuskens not attacking and just staying idle.
- Fixed Tuskens inside the tents standing up instead of sleeping.

Petranaki Arena:
Made the following optimizations:
- Majority of the Jedi NPCs in this mission are replaced with NPC spawn menu counterparts to reduce duplicate NPCs.
Jedi POV:
- Added menu warning when selecting the Petranaki Arena mission.
- Replaced sabertwirl animations in the intro cutscene with normal stand idle openings.
- The player must now give Obi-Wan and Anakin their lightsabers to begin the Battledroid waves in the Jedi POV.
- Removed the 3 random Jedi.
- Removed 10 droids from the first wave, and removed SBDs on the balcony after Jumping below.
- Removed 2 snipers.
- Removed 3 droids from the second wave.
- Made all the droids in the Arena shoot every 1-2 seconds.
- Anakin and Padme no longer constantly taunt.
Jango POV:
- Added a checkpoint immediately after the intro cutscene to avoid repeat viewings on death.

Battle of Geonosis:
- Made Rocket Droids fire at a slower rate to improve performance.
- Replaced all clone NPCs with NPC spawn menu versions.
- Updated Clone Snipers so they feature red striping instead of yellow (inspired by BF1 Classic).
- Fixed the Separatist Power Cells not having a damaged appearance after destroying each one.

The Count's Retreat:
- Improved hangar lighting so the spotlights look nicer, along with fixing sunlight leaking through the wall.
- Replaced Dooku and Yoda NPCs with NPC spawn menu counterparts, to reduce NPC redundancy.
- Fixed subtitle mishap in Czech translation for Light Side POV.
- Fixed lack of music in the Sith POV's end credits menu.

Showdown with Grievous:
- Overhauled all cutscenes to be more film accurate!
- Replaced various NPCs with NPC spawn menu counterparts, to reduce NPC redundancy.

Arrest the Chancellor:
- Overhauled cutscene scripts so they're easier to edit.
- Upgraded the skybox with a more film-accurate version by Harrisonfog!
- Made invisible NPCs non-existent until needed for cutscenes. Prevents messing up cutscenes.
- Fixed crash when loading a savegame in the Sith POV.

Operation: Knightfall:
- Overhauled prologue cutscene to be film-accurate, and added an extra scene.
- Revamped camera angles for Parts 1 & 2 to look more cinematic.
- Adjusted Part 1 with several Quality of Life updates listed below:
New Jedi Temple skybox
Updated the Main Hall with MB2's design, mixed with the nicer carpet texture of MD.
Overhauled the lighting of all locations past the Main Hall so it looks more fitting.
Added hint optimization to various rooms, reducing unneccesary rendering of areas the players can't see.
Added a hint message to the invisible barrier near the Forcefields & Council Elevator.
Music now varies a bit more for various sections.
- Fixed Clone follow/spreadout behavior not working correctly.
- Fixed Shaak Ti's NPC not spawning in, softlocking the mission.
- Fixed player getting softlocked in the Council Chamber, if they stood in the doorway before the cutscene.

Assassination on Mustafar:
- Added new SBD "Cortosis" variant with twice the HP, replacing all normal SBDs in the map. Reduced overall SBD count to compensate.
- Added warning labels to the destructable forcefield pipes, so there's a clear indicator they can be destroyed.
- Anakin's hilt now uses the same ignition & hum sounds from Operation: Knightfall.
- Overhauled all cutscenes to look nicer.
- Replaced Battledroid Pilots with Security variants for film-accuracy.
- Replaced Neimoidian Brute Guard with a Jedi Hunter Droid, making the mini-boss fight more challenging.
- Swapped Sith Holocron texture from Grip to Lightning. Power upgrades from this are also now properly applied.
- Removed cutscene that plays when the first locked door unlocks. Prevents players from dying if they were above the lava pre-cutscene.
- Fixed MD2 issue where killing one of the Battledroids fast enough on the rising platform would stop the Magnaguard's AI from working.
- Fixed Gunray and other separatist leaders using default JKA idle animations, now using MD cutscene specific idle anims.
- Fixed long-standing issue with the upgrade holocron and it's holopad remaining in place, after the Lava Collection Arm falls.
- Fixed enemies in the Council Room attacking Anakin during his entrance cutscene.

Aftermath in the Temple:
- Added additional music tracks throughout the mission.
- Added Checkpoints to the beginning of the Shadow Clone and Clone Assassin fights.
- Overhauled all cutscenes to look nicer, ending cutscene is slightly more film-accurate.
- Made Obi-Wan/Yoda NPC partner in the Clone Assassin fight invincible.
- Replaced Obi-Wan and Yoda NPCs with NPC spawn menu counterparts.

Masters of the Force:
- Added waypoint support.
- Updated most cutscene cameras to look more cinematic.
- Fixed missing Obi-Wan NPC in the Bonus Mission's ending.

A Friendship in Flames:
- Overhauled all cutscenes to be more film accurate!
- Added Waypoint support.
- Added dead separatist leaders.
- Improved map lighting.

**Twin Suns**
- A New Mission that recreates Maul's final stand-off with Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi on Tatooine!

**Assault on the Tantive IV**
- A New Mission that recreates the Empire's Tantive IV invasion, attempting to reclaim the Death Star Plans!

Obi-Wan's Last Stand:
- Overhauled all cutscenes.
- Added partial waypoint support (only in areas where Ben and Vader fight).
- Unlocked door leading to hangar entrance (though the hangar is still blocked off).
- Made invisible NPCs non-existent until needed.
- Fixed Obi-Wan being too agressive and running towards Vader instead of walking in the Sith POV.
- Fixed stormtroopers noticing Luke and co. in the intro cutscene.

A Great Disturbance:
- Transferred the cutscene to a nicer Executor map by Lwkill.

The Great Pit of Carkoon:
- Added several new Alien Mercenaries to the enemy variety, including Abyssin, Advozse, Arcona, Devaronian, and Nikto species.
Replaces several Weequays, so they're no longer the dominant enemy you face throughout most of the mission.
- Replaced most NPCs with their original JKA counterparts instead of mission duplicates.
- Jabba now dies after the player kills all enemies in the first Barge interior wave.

**Father and Son**
- A New Mission that recreates Luke's final confrontation with Darth Vader abroad the Death Star II!

A Cold Confrontation:
- Fixed duel map event causing ending cutscene NPCs falling into a crack in the ground after a while.

Family Ties:
- End Credits music now uses the intended music.
- Fixed Kylo incorrectly having the taped head appearance when taking the cape off.

Darth Vader's Redemption:
- Ported the mission to a nicer Executor map by Lwkill.
- Revamped all camera angles to look much more cinematic.
- Replaced Ahsoka and Dooku with Yoda and Qui-Gon.
- Revamped the order of appearance of each enemy wave to be somewhat more chronological; Qui-Gon, Random Knightfall Jedi, Yoda, then Obi-Wan.
- Swapped Vader's appearance from ANH to ROTS, to fit with the Sith POV's loading screen.
- Fixed duplicate Vader breathing sounds in the Sith POV.
- Fixed Vader sometimes attacking an invisible Anakin NPC in the Jedi POV.

An Old Enemy:
- Revamped all camera angles to look much more "cinematic".
- Fixed Obi-Wan not turning to face the hut.
- Fixed Obi-Wan and Maul not fighting in the second cutscene.
- Fixed the map textures replacing vanilla JKA textures, causing incorrect textures in maps that use them.

Starkiller's Last Trial:
- The player's health and armor are reset after each wave so it's more forgiving.
- Removed EVO Shadow Troopers from Stage 4 to make it considerably less unfair.

Rescuing the Rebels:
- Fixed duplicate Vader breathing sounds.
- Normalized the music volume for all music tracks, so it matches the Music Volume option better.
- Added missing subtitle for Vader in the Sith POV.

**A Fragile Hope**
- A New Mission that recreates an alternate timeline, with Lord Starkiller's first & final duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mos Eisley!

Wrath of the Empire:
- Improved all camera angles to look more cinematic.

Palpatine's Challenge:
- Added waypoint support.

Darth Vader's Challenge:
- Fixed lack of breathing during the intro.
- Updated Vader's stance to account for animation changes made since initially revamping the level.

Yoda's Challenge:
- Fixed Yoda doing a weird animation instead of unmeditating, along with being an allied NPC.

///Challenge Arena Revamp\\\
- Each wave now has a random enemy, and gets progressively harder.
- Boss fights now occur every 10 waves.
- Added checkpoints after defeating a boss.
- Enemies will be removed shortly after dying so there aren't piles of dead bodies as you progress.
- Added a short delay at the start of each wave to give the player time to react.
- Credits menu will display after defeating Grievous.

///Jedi Outcast Campaign\\\
- Updated Title Crawl text to use the Franklin-Gothic font, supports other language variants.
- Restored Outcast's original Force Power progression. None of JKA's or MD's added force powers are present except for Sense.
Changes made to base force power progression:
Grip 2 is now acquired in Cairn Bay instead of Assembly (because of Kyle levitating and choking Tavion in Bespin Platform's end cutscene).
Saber Throw 3 is acquired in Yavin Swamp instead of Courtyard, because getting max-level saber throw in the second to last level didn't allow enough
time for the player to properly enjoy it.
- Restored JK2 soundsets for Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, and TIE Pilots.
- Updated most map objects so their lighting looks nicer.
- Fixed multiple issues in cutscenes where characters weren't holding objects, or were doing erratic movements.
- Fixed Kyle looking in the wrong direction in most cutscenes, due to glitched model tags.

NS Streets:
- Fixed Kyle handing over a blaster pistol instead of his bryar pistol to the cantina bouncers. Also corrects pistol item on the second floor.
- The Bartender and Kyle will now hold their respective items instead of invisible objects.

///Jedi Academy Campaign\\\
- Updated Title Crawl text so it looks nicer, and updated other language versions to use the Franklin-Gothic font.
- Updated most map objects so their lighting looks nicer.

- Fixed the player having Force Projection.

- Fixed player having all of the new Force Powers instead of neutral only, which broke progression before.

Bakura - Emergency Assistance:
- Fixed Jaden NPC in the intro reacting to dead worker corpses.

Blenjeel - Merchant Rescue:
- Reverted skybox to base-JKA so the time-of-day matches the ROQ cutscene.

Dosuun Predicament:
- Fixed the skybox using Korriban's skybox.

Vjun - Bast Castle:
- Fixed red steam effect in Vjun3.
- Fixed the skybox using a nighttime Deathstar 2 skybox.

- Map now uses a better method of skybox replacement (Old method resulted in Dosuun's skybox being wrong).

- Adjusted Force Lightning effects slightly.
- Adjusted saber glow effects for all SFX saber options, so they look smoother and have a less noticeable color-banding artifact.
- Upgraded Force Judgement texture to look nicer and not compressed looking.
- Restored Instant Use Medpacks, so they don't get confused with the item versions in JK2 Campaign.

Adjusted many NPC files to include lower yawSpeed values (mainly gunners like Battledroids and Clones, especially Snipers).
Adjusted stats for many NPCs so lots of Jedi/Sith in JKA mode aren't jumping around nearly as much or doing cartwheels.
Adjusted several NPCs to have shorter skin paths via removing "_default" from their names, to reduce possible MAX_QPATH overflows if the player swapped their playermodel to one with a long internal skin name.
Sariss now uses the Staff Style instead of Tavion's, as it more closely resembles her DF2 combat style.

- Updated dialogue in missions to be much clearer by removing background noises.
- No more earshattering sounds when hitting droids.
- Updated various saber swings and hit sounds.

- Added missing subtitle for the Old Jedi in Operation Knightfall.
- Updated several missions with nicer subtitles, less instances of very long subtitle text.

- Edited TGPOC dialogue.
- Edited grammar in MD_JT2 String.
- Fixed missing objectives for ROC Extended.
- Updated with support for improved subtitle changes.

- Updated with support for improved subtitle changes.

- Overhauled swoop bike sound effects with nicer, more film-accurate sounds.
- Fixed vehicle looping noises not working.



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