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  1. ah, so the audio is spliced? its pretty seamless so as long as you don't have to force your custom narrative around it that's not a bad direction to go in. having the original VOs for the German dubs read the audiobooks must be surreal, I imagine it'd be like hearing the actual James Earl Jones in one of the EU audiobooks like Lords of the Sith.
  2. haha I don't speak German but it seems like you've got some pretty damn good VOs already. very nice trailer and I wish you luck with the final product.
  3. @@Noodle great addition as ever! I'd suggest maybe adding two extra elements to the skin changer UI: the name of the skin and x/y (y being total possible number of skins for this character). these would probably look the most ergonomic underneath the 'Change Skin' text/button. of course, if none of this is possible then feel free to ignore my craziness .
  4. yeah, I generally have faith in the writers, instead of the PR department who knows how to spin things to please a very vocal minority. its impossible to leave out politics in someone's creation because their own mindset influences how the movie is made, but when it becomes an ideological statement it very often compromises the quality of the writing. take the trend of writing the strong woman character. people don't care that she's made out to be competent, people care if she's flat and has very little vulnerability or compelling characteristics that betray weakness as well as strength. the narrative that some people push that women are perfect is just disingenuous and doesn't make for entertaining products.
  5. @@Langerd good idea, voice-acting/performance should be the last thing that's considered on any video game project as just the cherry on top.
  6. that's a real shame. I thought they were touting how there'd be so much more customization than before? does this mean that its going to be on the same level as EA Battlefront where it's boiled down to a few skins? was hoping for some kind of separate accessories/armor paint option at least. @@Necrolifer I don't understand the sentiment that you and others I've seen in this community share that actually doing something new with Star Wars instead of continuing stories from the EU, that for the most part, have already reached their conclusion, is a bad thing. if anything, that need to constantly reference old parts of the Star Wars legacy is whats putting me off from the new films. the only time I've seen a successful re-integration of something from the EU is Thrawn in Rebels, but that's most likely because Timothy Zahn had creative input and David Filoni has a lot of respect for that character and story. it may not be a popular decision but there was really no way to go about it if Disney wanted to expand the Star Wars universe and not be beholden to a miriad of stories that have a great variation in quality. in addition, because the original creative team of some of your favourite parts of the EU would most likely no longer be available, any sort of re-integration is most likely doomed to disappoint and be a shadow of its former self. for example, I can't see Kreia coming back in her nuanced and compelling glory unless Chris Avellone was directly responsible.
  7. thanks heaps for the vote of confidence! and good catch haha, I'll edit the original post.
  8. any commercial game is technically a cash-grab, doesn't mean there can't be producer satisfaction AND consumer satisfaction. one of the big issues with Battlefront 2015 is that DICE purposefully wanted to distance it from Battlefield and the game suffered mechanically as a result. the other huge issue is that while I personally find the core gameplay of EA's game pretty fun there just isn't enough content or proper progression to justify continued play. Battlefront 2's touted new features seem to remedy this, and from what we've seen the core gameplay looks to be improved. there's mention of better progression for heroes, infantry and star-ships but most of that remains to be seen. also the '3x bigger' remark is vague at best, but we can at least tell from the marketing that DICE is aware of what went wrong in the first game, and that can only be positive. your opinion may be honest, but it's not very well informed.
  9. wow, your attention to detail in all facets of this mod is insanely impressive. I'm also impressed with your work ethic and that you started small but are now branching out in a way that is a lot more natural and easier to handle. also helps that you have an insane amount of mapping, concept drawing, modelling, and level design talent! @@Langerd I caught up on this thread and noticed that you wanted Vader to have a more active role but weren't happy with his current voice and wanted authentic dialogue. I would love to pitch in to this fantastic mod as a voice over for Vader and dialogue writer, because I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the character and how he should react to situations. him constantly touting off awkward one-liners in Star Wars Battlefront really irked me, and I'd love the opportunity to do his character justice. in the voice department this is the most recent attempt I've made at Vader. please excuse the bizarre dialogue, its for a fan-dub of ANH with poorly translated subtitles, if you want to check it out go to https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDubGathers/ unfortunately the audio glitched out at the end: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3m8qxzaqvfk47mh/newANHVaderReelV1_-2.5Semitones.mp3?dl=0
  10. @@Alvar007 that's definitely re-assuring to hear, thanks! also glad that you feel the same frustration I did at the first system. I had no idea from watching the footage that there was some kind of stamina system and that makes me happy to hear there's not just going to be infinite spam-fests. I guess I only have two more questions in regard of the sabering: 1. what was it like to perform aerial attacks? in the first game they were pretty damn clunky (surprise, surprise) where you would perform one preset animation and then get kind of stuck in your trajectory. 2. what was saber vs. saber like? I've only seen one bit of footage in this regard but it looked like a huge spam-fest of who could click the fastest. was hoping for a more tactical approach like dodging out of the way and a more natural blocking system.
  11. congratulations! I know that the closed alpha has already ended but could you tell me how the heroes felt, particularly the saber-wielding ones? the way melee attacks felt in the first Battlefront where you lurch forward and awkwardly and weightlessly swing your saber and stun-lock the other person was a significant complaint I had. I can't really tell much from footage, it looks like there's more of a combo now and saber hits aren't necessarily instant kills but there could still be those other problems.
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