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  1. CID

    Donald the Duke

    Oh, wow...it was sooooooooo funny. Now we need Hilary and Obama to crush them...like in real life.
  2. Heheh i love it. It looks so cool that precuels haters gonna hate it too.
  3. One of the few things i like from rebels is this lightsaber. Good job.
  4. I agree...JA players needs a new JA bigger and better with a new engine. But seems like Disney and Lucas only will release shitty games for consoles. I don't like the role games, the force unsleashed, and the new battlerfront. The best star wars games ever was Jedi Academy and X-wing alliance.
  5. Both of them would rock !!! Anyway swoop have several colors...so why don't speeder bike?
  6. Yessss !!!! i love itttt, it looks like my harley !!! And i agree with Darth Sion, plz make an sp mod replacement and i'll play it for ever ;D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=157363084294490&l=c3d1322594
  7. Hehehe yeah, the thermopilae pass would be a cool map, but i'm much more worried about the models, cause they actually looks crappy when they are too close. What i did was basicly paint on the emperor's royal guard, so they looks similar, but not perfect. I have done Leónidas, Temístocles, Aquiles, Jerjes and the persian witches (those guys who was launching grenades at 300 movie). I still gotta do Artemisia, but i don't find a similar model to re-skin it The inmortals and the weapons are not done by me. I only modified a shield called "buckler" to looks like an spartan hoplón (shield). For
  8. Wow !!! nice models. I need someone with your skills to improve my "300...this is SPARTA!!!" mod. I reskinned the imperial royal guards, but i must admit that they looks crappy at close range. I also used a reskinned Malak as Jerjes...but it looks awful (shame on me) u_u'
  9. Hahaaa cool !!! Anyway,after see the new trailer i must say that i preffer the old stormies and tie fighters...it's just me? ñ_ñ'
  10. I love an old map called "ladder" it works good in SP and MP...and i was wishing to become an spartan, but after wait several years, i saw no one created a cool mod about it, so i started it by myself. At the beginning it was going to be for my personal use, but it's starting to be cool enough to release someday. If anyone can help somehow i'll be glad, cause i'm having some little problems.
  11. It's working ! IT'S WORKIIIING !!!
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