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  1. This map /mission is my home. That's why don't play multiplayer since years ago... this map/mission gives me what a really want.
  2. La costa del sol exists in real life. It's easy to find ...also know as M√°laga, Torremolinos, Marbella, etc... That's where i was born, where i live and where i'll die.
  3. CID

    Donald the Duke

    Oh, wow...it was sooooooooo funny. Now we need Hilary and Obama to crush them...like in real life.
  4. Heheh i love it. It looks so cool that precuels haters gonna hate it too.
  5. One of the few things i like from rebels is this lightsaber. Good job.
  6. I agree...JA players needs a new JA bigger and better with a new engine. But seems like Disney and Lucas only will release shitty games for consoles. I don't like the role games, the force unsleashed, and the new battlerfront. The best star wars games ever was Jedi Academy and X-wing alliance.
  7. Both of them would rock !!! Anyway swoop have several colors...so why don't speeder bike?
  8. Yessss !!!! i love itttt, it looks like my harley !!! And i agree with Darth Sion, plz make an sp mod replacement and i'll play it for ever ;D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=157363084294490&l=c3d1322594
  9. Hehehe yeah, the thermopilae pass would be a cool map, but i'm much more worried about the models, cause they actually looks crappy when they are too close. What i did was basicly paint on the emperor's royal guard, so they looks similar, but not perfect. I have done Leónidas, Temístocles, Aquiles, Jerjes and the persian witches (those guys who was launching grenades at 300 movie). I still gotta do Artemisia, but i don't find a similar model to re-skin it The inmortals and the weapons are not done by me. I only modified a shield called "buckler" to looks like an spartan hoplón (shield). For some unknow reasons the old spartan sword doesn't spawn, and Aquiles sword missed textures Oh !!! i also added music from the movie, it's cool !! The songs are: To victory. A god king bleeds. Returns a king. And the npc replacements are: Royalguard------------------ Double cape spartans Royalguard (blue model)- Double cape atheniens Kir Kanos-------------------- Leónidas Kir Kanos (blue model)--- Temístocles Kyle Katarn----------------- Aquiles Karnor Jax------------------ Aquiles Reborns--------------------- Inmortals Shadowtroopers----------- Persian witches Tavion----------------------- Artemisia (undone yet, need to find a good model to re-skin it) Desann---------------------- Jerjes (not very well done, he also need a new model, i guess) In the future i wanna do a reversed ladder, with spartans replacing reborns, ephors as shadowtroopers, queen Gorgo as Tavion and maybe a minotaur as Desann. And a "kingdom of heaven" ladder, with templar knights and all that... Remember...i'm not too happy with the models, so 3d modders are needed and wellcome.
  10. Wow !!! nice models. I need someone with your skills to improve my "300...this is SPARTA!!!" mod. I reskinned the imperial royal guards, but i must admit that they looks crappy at close range. I also used a reskinned Malak as Jerjes...but it looks awful (shame on me) u_u'
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