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  1. For those few who use the pbr versions, I have just found out that there are some textures missing for the head and eyes. DM me if you need them and I'll send them to you on discord or I'll make a gdrive link and post it here (or in my wip thread- check it out)
  2. Yeah it isn't all of them I'm afraid, there are many more to be made!
  3. Looking good! I like that the vest comes out at the shoulders. I think the armour plates aren't accurate, but that's the tfu Boba For you. The helmet is a little large also, but that could be the perspective.
  4. Finished version pending approval. v1.5. This Is my final update to this so I will be moving on to my next project.
  5. Finished the lods thanks to Sweg on discord and worked on the shader and weights and also replaced the head with the model made by Scerendo. much closer likeness and accurate sarlacc scars. will release another update soon.
  6. It does. I haven't tried that level however.
  7. Glad you like it. I do have a modified version of Corto's Boba Fett model that I remodelled to be Jango Fett. It's mostly finished. It isn't from scratch like this one. No idea when but it is in the works.
  8. Honored to have two of my files featured!

  9. Eventually I will make another update that adds lods, fixes weights and adjusts shaders. made the envmap on the visor also be on the metal scratches. makes it look more metallic. also new environment map. But for now thanks those who waited and followed. Next project plans are to finish a jango fett model and another alien head pack. no timeframe on those however.
  10. File has been updated, in future it will be made more obvious. The model has some weight issues no lods and may not work well with vanilla jka. the updated file polishes the vanilla textures to look closer to the pbr ones, as the specular map was to bright and the colours on the diffuse map slightly faded. This is my first full playermodel done from scratch so there are mistakes but I hope this file is enjoyed by those who like the character and look forward to the Book of Boba Fett!
  11. No lods on this model I am sorry to say so you will likely require openjk or a mod based of it like jaenhanced or it may crash your game. I haven't tested it in vanilla jka
  12. sorry that version had an issue with the weights on the lower abdomen armor clipping, I have fixed it and reuploaded
  13. Models uploaded! Will keep the topic open for troubleshooting and questions.
  14. In Future weapons will be uploaded separately.
  15. Version V1.5


    This is a new Boba Fett model, made from a high quality model I made in Blender a while ago. It features four main appearances and two helmetless options. The options are: The Empire Strikes Back outfit Return of the Jedi outfit The Mandalorian battle damaged outfit from the episode "The Tragedy" (helmetless variant included) The Mandalorian repainted outfit (helmetless variant included) Feel free to use as you see fit, but please do not use them outside of Jedi Knight games without my permission. This model is custom made in Blender and Substance Painter from scratch. They include vanilla textures and shaders as well as PBR variants for those who have more advanced renderers like rend2.
  16. ROTJ EE3 version complete! I will finish tweaking the weights on Boba Fett and then It should be ready for release.
  17. Made an optional replacement for the bowcaster. It's the EE-3 rifle shown in Empire Strikes Back. Will make a version for the one shown in Return of the Jedi, which will replace the disruptor.
  18. remade the head texture to make it less derpy. not perfect but much better.
  19. A look at all the skins in-game the helmetless version looks a bit derpy.
  20. Have them all working in-game now. Some minor weight adjustments to reduce clipping and a helmetless variant and I am ready to release I think.
  21. finished setting up the model. Need to fix the weights a bit but hopefully it should work ingame, I've only checked it in modview so far. I guess maybe I'll make a head for a helmetless version next. I dunno
  22. Finished the re-armored repainted version from the Mandalorian.
  23. Beautiful. Not sure about the static clouds that are brighter. I'd make them not as bright maybe? This map is looking amazing.
  24. Made Fett's first Mandalorian appearance, which I call the Reclaimed armor. Next is the repainted version and then maybe I'll make a battlescarred head, then on to rigging etc.
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