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  1. Hello there! I have the ReShade GI Beta RTGI for Reshade. (Reshade just download from Reshade website and RTGI copy paste the reshade-shaders folder) I planned that I make an RTGI reshade like this videos on Movie Duels or Galactic Legacy because both mods have JO and JA too. But I cant... so simple I dont professional for reshade Can anyone make a reshade same like the videos? In my opinion in the videos, the graphics is beauty and best in YouTube! If anyone can make same or better, but dont have the Shader RTGI, I send him just make this graphics reshade like in videos. THX the answers!
  2. Thanks to Jace Solaris and all MD team members this work!!! I can create ultimate battles at last A dream come true!!!
  3. Linken from Galactic Legacy MOD told me on YouTube, that Jace Solaris fixed the error of blasters no effect Is this true? :))) In the next update of MD, will this fix in the update?
  4. Thanks Tompa the answer! In my opinion about the MOD: it is fantastic, this ins't just a MOD it is a new game now. I really hope that the blasters no effect will be fix, that is the first important thing + is is just for my fun I hope Jace Solaris add his Cloack invertory item to the MD, because cloack is a very usefull and important item for the created spy battles. I very interesting for 2021 updates! Thanks again the MOD!
  5. Wonderfull Mod thanks MD Team! But i have a question: I notice that on a random map the red laser blasters work but the blue laser blasters dont or the rocket launcher dont work, no effect Another random map just the red laser blasters work, another blasters no effect. I can kill without the effect, but it is not good. I love create battles but I can't because this I try that I save the game and load and load and load... but not fixing. Any technics or code or something? Thanks the answer!
  6. Ohh thanks the answer i understand ? Yes cloak dont use in the movies, but in the clone wars animated series, ventress and her ally use a cloak type ability ?
  7. Hy, the Jedi Academy Remastered idea is te best idea in the year! I dont know that you know, the JAE have a 1.06 version by Rendsaurus. (find his Topic) As example, in old JAE (like in the HuB) the AI dont throw lightsabers, but 1.06 AI can throw again thnaks to Rendsaurus. Just 1.06 dont support the JAE renderer, I dont know is this problem for you. I dont know that you know the 1.06, it is just an info ? Thanks for your work in future! ?
  8. JaceSolraris add Cloak to invertory in SP like SJE? Please, please!!! XD It is a very fun and usefull invertory item!
  9. Hy guys! Is there possible? In Jedi Academy Enhanched the force throw is a force power. As example in .sab throwable is 1, but alt attack is kick, if is this possible, i can change mouse 3 to throw, so mouse 1 will be attack, mouse 2 will be kick, mouse 3 will be throw Possible ? Script or code or mod? Can anybody help? Thank you!
  10. Hy, I saw that the controls menu have a Kick options. It is very good because the kicking is passible everytime, just setting a random button to kicking. My question is that is this coding or can i bind this on my JA myself? Is this possible or this is a coding work?
  11. @@redsaurus Will you create an ingame menu for JAE? Circa ingame menu not work with JAE. This will be very good, an ingame menu with compatible JAE and show the chars and sabers that downloaded from JKHub, not only the basics! THX the answer! ?
  12. Yeah my question is same, this mod work with JAE? PLS @Circa asnwer us, THX!
  13. Hy guys! I downloaded the latest OpenJK version + the latest rend2 from the first page links. In MP i wrote to the consol cl_renderer rd-rend2; vid_restart, after restart i dont see anything change in the grapichs, whats the wrong? And i try rend2 on single player, after vid_restart command the game quit... rend2 not work to single player? Thank the answer and the help!
  14. Hy! Your game is amazing! Congratulation! Will you plan to add Cloack to invertory like Jedi serenity engine? And will you plan to add an option that use all force powers? a cheatcode ect. I want play Anakin with dual saber and that dual saber throw OMG!!! I like that the chars can just like the movies but for my fun i need all force powers use i want saber throw, repulse etc. with obi-wan etc. + need a saber window to change the saber like KOTF. If this 3 things add to MB in my opinion this mod will be the best MOD of JA!!!! Thanks for you work!
  15. Hy everyone! I have a question. Can I change the weapons name? As example: E-11 Blaster Rifle to Stormtrooper weapon etc. It's for my fun, thanks for your answer!
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