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  1. Hey there. I want to bring in new models and skins to my copy of Movie Duels. It looks like the filepaths for the models and skins are the same as in the stock Jedi Academy, but how do I create thumbnails in the character selection screen to make my new models/skins selectable? Thanks.
  2. Hey there. I downloaded Jedi Academy on Steam but am running MovieDuels through the .exe. I'm noticing that the skybox isn't being loaded in the missions, it's just gray. This is happening across all missions. I'm also noticing some missing textures (i.e. those generic gray squares with the glowing white outline, probably related). I'm looking at the jaconfig and jampconfig and r_fastsky is set to 0 so that isn't the problem. Any ideas what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks.
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