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  1. Estoy aprendiendo a modificar el archivo animation.cfg y me gustaría saber cómo se llama el estilo de sable medio en el archivo para cambiar la pose.
  2. How can I edit a stance mod and replace some stances? for example, I am using the humanoid of .. and I would like to change some poses of another humanoid in these
  3. I have 2 doubts First, can a universal humanoid be worn on a single skin? And if I have 2 types of general humanoid and I want to modify one so that it has the position of the other, how could I do it?
  4. I love you bro, I had asked many times how I could do it and nobody told me
  5. Dude, how can I activate a unique humanoid on a skin that I want?
  6. How could I fish a skin of a model and get it to have the movements of a personal humanoid already done?
  7. It was already necessary that someone wanted to do a reskin of the snowtrooper, this great! when will it be available ?
  8. Hi, how are you? I was seeing all your beautiful skins, but apparently most of them are for multiplayer, how could I use them in singleplayer? regards
  9. broder you know that I want to learn to modify models external to the mod so that they have the animations of for example a _humanoid_galen Could you tell me how you did it so that the characters you created have the animations that the mod already had, please?
  10. The only thing I know is that in the gml file of the model I have to change _humanoid for example _humanoid_vader but when I go to the mod to see if it works I get red: "G_setG2Playermodel: cannot load model anakin_dark". What else do I have to do to make a model external to the mod work so that it has movements of a humanoid from the mod?
  11. How could you add new models to the mod and make them have their own moves? I have wanted to learn for a long time
  12. Excuse me, are the animations the ones the mod already has or did you make them?
  13. Hello, do you know that I am trying to make a new skin have the same movements of the humanoid_galen from the mod movie duels, how could I do it? I've been trying for a long time and I haven't been able to.
  14. I'm trying to learn and see if there is a chance that I can add a new starkiller skin to the mod and have the moves that humanoid_galen has.
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