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  1. A mi me funciono muchas gracias amigo te amo
  2. I bought the steam version and the same thing keeps happening to me, as soon as I try to open the game it closes
  3. Everyone sees where to spend their money, But still thanks for the recommendation
  4. no estoy seguro pero creo que es el disco porque lo descargué de internet y no de steam. cuando instalo el juego y termino de crackearlo para jugar abro el programa y se cierra
  5. I've been wanting to play Jedi outcast again for a long time but it doesn't work on my pc but Jedi academy does, I have windows 10 pro with intel pentium cpu g4000 3.30ghz 3.31ghz ram 4.00 processor, I don't know if I need to install a program to make it work or simply my pc is not compatible with Jedi outcast
  6. Is there any way to modify the quests and add extra npc to them? Without you already being in the game and having to add them separately
  7. It's great! When will the snowtrooper be ready?
  8. It would be great if your next job to resume was the snowtrooper reskin, it looks great
  9. is there a possibility that you do an anakin like this from ep3? I liked this anakin but I think a normal one would look great on you
  10. Estoy aprendiendo a modificar el archivo animation.cfg y me gustaría saber cómo se llama el estilo de sable medio en el archivo para cambiar la pose. I am learning how to modify the animation.cfg file and I would like to know what the middle saber style is called in the file to change the pose.
  11. How can I edit a stance mod and replace some stances? for example, I am using the humanoid of .. and I would like to change some poses of another humanoid in these
  12. I have 2 doubts First, can a universal humanoid be worn on a single skin? And if I have 2 types of general humanoid and I want to modify one so that it has the position of the other, how could I do it?
  13. I love you bro, I had asked many times how I could do it and nobody told me
  14. Dude, how can I activate a unique humanoid on a skin that I want?
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