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  1. all i can say guys,the map have everything what needs thanks to mjt :3
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen! Drawww your eyes to the Center Ring!
  3. Well if I tell what project we will work in Movie Duels it would ruin the reactions when its done. What I can say,I want to work on missions,what Revan software never did sadly. And fans always wanted specific timelines and missions in movie duels...i wont spoil other things. About the PC. I want to learn more about textures,and animations so I want to have a good computer for the best visuals. Always loved to make high quality textures for jk3 models,sometimes remaster old models with more real textures. But of course with a nice pc I want to learn more things about textures,but only for jk but for other engines. Animating was always a thing I really wanted to try. Of course not just for jedi academy,but for unreal and other FPS games. So after what happened I searched for parts I mainly need and the minimum I need to get them is 280 E for the motherboard and Power Pack. But this without the new card.(I have now a gtx1050,it have some startup problem but atm its not unusable I think) with a new card it would be 680 E. Hope I answered for the comments (but I said,donate is not mandatory.)
  4. Yep first I tried gofundme but it did not support Hungary,that is why my team member said PayPal. Never used PayPal for anything before this. But I will check the donation now and I will make a limit. Edit: tried to setup a limit,but cant do it,if you know how to setup it you can tell me.
  5. Idk why you were so suprised (if you read the letter you know I have payment) I work as an actor in a little theater. Sadly my payment is under the normal,but as I said I need all my money for family plans. And I just dont get you. Of course having my new computer is not the most important thing in life for other people. But like in youtube,if people want to help the other they donate(like with superchat). That donation as I wrote was not my idea,some team members wanted to help to get the computer FASTER. Lets see.. For example I am sure if idk like you or...idk Jeff would start a donation in jkhub I would donate. I am sure you have money too,but you take your time to make jk community happy with your idk kitbashes,and I love your works ergo you made my day too a lot of times .Yeah maybe only I can add 1 euro,but I would add something,so the other can get closer and closer to their dream. I WONT BEG for money to anyone,if someone feels that wants to support me,I will be honored. I did not say: oh give all your payment to meee hehe. If someone decide to support me with examole 1 euro or less,its more than enough and I 100% appriciate it. Of course you dont know how I live and I dont say you must understand it,but dont judge me because I decided to call for help to a community. An no offense Omega,still love you and your work,but I wanted to write down my thoughts about your letter. And I want to end this little conversation If someone decide to help a modder I would be blessed,if they say he cant help because they have problems too or just simply they want to put their money in other things thats 100% acceptable.
  6. Guys,need your help(check my wip)

    May the Force be with me xD

  7. My name is GP from Movie Duels Development Team.I'm a mapper, mission designer,user interface designer( I'm sure you all remember the new menu of the last update)and a texture artist.Maybe some of you realized that I was offline since the last update.You all know that I always shared pictures, videos of WIP content (like last time I did with Exegol)but suddenly I vanished...Sadly my PC lost the war.My motherboard and power supply died (they were very old) and one day ago i got the news that maybe my graphics card (GTX1050)might have the same problem too.It was the worst time that could've happened, cause I have a lot of future projects what will blow your mind.(At the moment can't say anything about them but I'm really the one, who always sees all your requests, and these projects will blow your mind!!!). Sadly I just don't have the money for new parts. I need to save all my cash for my family, and everyone knows the most important things in life is family. Me and my wife have plans( baby ) and we want to combine our savings for the future. [And yes I tried to use Force resurrection on my dead parts spoiler,it didn't work (thanks Palpatine).] Seriously, I told the story of my PC in the team and something wonderful happened. One of our members called Angel's Modder had the idea to start a little donation for me so I can scrape together a little money for some parts of the PC. Some of the members like Dennis agreed. When I saw the kindness of the members, it really melted my heart.... First I was not sure about it, but I decided to go along with their plan. So dear MD fans, my brothers and sisters! I have started a little donation. IF you would support me, I'd be honored and would really appreciate it! It would get me closer to getting back to work. As Kenobi said:"You must do, what you feel is right!" https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=YWSDK9ZTY2AUA
  8. Wish i can still order the pack
  9. UPDATE: Exegol is almost done! "Long have i waited" (huge thanks to our supporter mjt,who helped with a lot of fixes on the map and gives a lot of amazing details)
  10. LucasFilm Games is back! 

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    2. LukeJM28


      This can only mean one thing

    3. Lolok


      a JKA part 2 would probably be a bit poor though, in a sense that I doubt it'll ever feel the same (unless they give it poor voice acting and replace any missing model with a stormtrooper). KOTOR 3 would be pretty nice though, it'd likely be either during the same years as SWTOR or it'd be very shortly before it, perhaps somehow leading up and involving one of the Jedi who is later on in SWTOR.

    4. GPChannel


      @Lolok If they remake the Jedi Knight games,i mean with new graphics and with little changes i would be happy,maybe they should continue Kyle's story.
      Kotor III would be nice.
      What i really want is a Kotor like game,but with a style like battlefront (i mean that shooting style) and saber fight would be nice like in Jedi Academy Movie Duels. with open world! Hear me UBISOFT! 😄 

  11. Maybe you want these https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1769-hd-pc-portraits/ https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/1073 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1699-kotor1-hd-icon-pack-ver10/
  12. Glad you are back Mag! Really cant wait to play the new true DLC for Jedi Academy
  13. I was happy,emotional and when HE arrived..my favorite hero..i cried....a lot. Thank you The Mandalorian. Thank you John and Dave...you guys should lead SW

    1. Circa


      Keep them right where they are, directing and producing amazing content. They are amazing at what they do. Leading Star Wars would mean taking them away from what they do best.


    1. Circa


      About time! Can't wait to do another playthrough.

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