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  1. Looking forward to downloading this over the weekend! Great work!
  2. Grand! I figured there wouldn't be any yet, but I'm hopeful they'll make the cut for 1.0! Looking forward to following the project!
  3. Would love to see a model for him! I've given up hope on Kyle Katarn being a part of Luke's Temple in Canon, but I would be totally down in Beq survives Order 66 and becomes Luke's Battlemaster.
  4. Would anyone be willing to make Plasma's Gile-44 blaster mod act as a replacement for the Ultimate Weapons' DL-44/Bryar Pistol? Specifically where it has the better firing/impact effects and a better and punchier firing sound?
  5. Who can we expect next? Shin or Marrok, hopefully!
  6. I have! Apologies for the delay in response. I got married shortly after this was posted and haven't been as actively lately. I thought I had commented already, but I hadn't. Thank you!
  7. Would anyone be able to take this Luke model at replace the head with this model's? Trying to get a younger (30 year old?) Luke in the TFA robes. Many thanks!
  8. Going to bump this. Really want to see this in a single and staff form. @Plasma @Doughnuts @Rooxon
  9. Totally open to seeing this! I would love to see a tan robe version as well. I did some basic kitbashing to combine the Grand Master Luke skin with Vrook's robes from one of the Kotor skin packs on here and it turned out great. I think we could use even more Robed Luke customization options.
  10. Well done! Hoping that Bode Akuna is next!
  11. Did anyone do Kam, Kenth, or Cilghal?
  12. Damn! I don't suppose there are any other mods out there that increase the amount of available space for skins and sabers that might be compatible with this? Or another RGB Saber only mod that wouldn't conflict?
  13. Would someone be able to diagnose and eliminate the conflict between these two mods? Looking to get RGB sabers in vanilla OpenJK multiplayer while also keeping access to all of my skins and sabers. Tried all I could think of but I think I need someone with a bit more skill. https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Weapons/115893/ https://www.moddb.com/games/star-wars-jedi-academy/addons/ja-unlimited-1-1
  14. Does anyone have any interest in doing a Jedi Survivor character pack? -Dagan Gera -Bode Akuna -Eno Cordova -Cere Junda
  15. Hi Jeff, if it's easiest for you to send me all of them, that would be my preference!
  16. Would anyone be willing to add bot routes to some of the more popular Movie Battles maps for vanilla JKA?
  17. 3rd person weapon animations seem to be bugged.
  18. Hi there! I have an older Luke saber mod I downloaded a while back that I upscaled and enhanced with some AI tools. I was wondering if someone might be able to add the Triangle belt ring onto it so that it completes the look of the actual saber. Thank you, Luke ROTJ enhanced Saber
  19. Bumping this. Jeff's Exar Kun is great, but we need a good Ulic.
  20. Is there anyway to disable the forced Blue and Red saber color options in team game modes in Multiplayer?
    Love this! Hoping we'll see a follow-up with Kavar, Uthar, and a few other characters. Excellent work!
  21. Do you have links to the Tavion and Luke kitbashes? I would love to download those.
  22. Anyone willing to do playermodels for some of the SWTOR Sith Warrior main characters? Nomen Karr Jaesa Willsaam Darth Baras Emperor Vowrawn
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