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  1. I don't know if that's helpful to you but here's a tutorial about shaders:
  2. Hello, I've found those in assets1.pk3 --> shaders --> effects.shader. In there look for gfx/misc/personalshield (absorb effect) and I believe gfx/misc/forceprotect is the protect effect but haven't tested it in game. You can look, beneath those lines in the .shader file, the effects are using the texture gfx/effects/p_shield which you will also find in assets1.pk3 in the gfx folder I hope that's what you're looking for
  3. Great! I did think it looked like it could be yours. Thank you. You're right, and I won't let it affect my schedule. I'm honestly surprised I was able to find the names for all the other mods.
  4. Hello all, I've just finished a video that uses parts of dozens of mods and I'd like to properly credit all authors. I've now compiled a list of all of them but there are 6 mods which remain nameless. No readmes, and found nothing on mrwonko, jkhub, rpmod, modd or gamefront. Can anyone help me identify any of these? 1. Downloaded as "w_ship.pk3". Wampa's claw map. It states on RPMod that the map was uploaded by aayla, but the uploader isn't always the creator. 2. Downloaded as "Corran Horn (Pilot).pk3" 3. Downloaded as "Dazur Dar.pk3" 4. Downloaded as "
  5. Thank you! I will most probably include it in the way you suggest. I don't suppose I should include Disney as well now? As for the mod creators, I do plan on making a list of all mod authors. The video uses parts of about 60 mods. Unfortunately I do believe I downloaded some with anonymous authors on a few websites. After all these years some creators are forgotten I guess.
  6. Hi, I see on every file uploaded here to the Downloads section, there is this section at the bottom: THIS FILE IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN SOFTWARE, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS™ & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. I'm making a video filmed in Jedi Academy and I'd like to clearly point out who owns the assets used and featured in the video. Did you take this phrasing from any official source, as a way to properly credit the authors/copyright holders? I know the phrasing "No copyright infring
  7. Hello, I've recorded a demo in a custom map, "W Ship" by aayla (downloaded from this page https://rpmod.jediholo.net/gameasset/view/name/w-ship ). Around the ship there is a custom hyperspace effect when pressing a button in the cockpit. I've recorded my demo with the hyperspace effect activated but when viewing the demo in JAMME, everything is as it should be except the hyperspace effect is not to be seen, instead you see the stars box around the ship, which is the normal view when hyperspace is not activated. However, if I go into jamp and watch the demo, the hyperspace effect is visibl
  8. I'd like to give an update on this. Even though I don't see any logical reason for it, setting r_dynamicglow 1 (instead of 0) allows demolist to capture more projects, around 6 or 7 before the error pops up (instead of 2). I've captured around 800 projects in jamme now, and this is the only setting that made a difference for this issue. My last 70 projects were now captured with r_dynamicglow 1 and it has captured 6 or 7 every time before the error pops up. I'm conscious I seem to be alone with this problem but perhaps this will shed some light on it for you ent, or anyone else.
  9. Hey, If you had any insight on that last problem I've described, I'd really appreciate it. I've changed motherboard/processor/ram/ssd in my computer since then, and it's still occurring every time I run a demolist. I've changed the installation path of jedi academy from the program files to Documents, I tried pretty much all variations of settings in the demolist batch file, but no change. If you don't have that problem, I MUST be doing something wrong, but I can't find what it is. Thanks again.
  10. It will capture fine all project files that I've set. I've captured from 5 to 30 seconds clips (haven't tried longer clips) and it does work fine on default maps. But still, it will ONLY and ALWAYS capture 2 projects from the demolist at a time, then have the same error. I don't know if that's any use, but here's my current jampconfig: And here is my ffmpeg log:
  11. My bad, I tried to set mov_smoothquat to 100 and the stuttering was the same, but setting it to 1000 does fix it. Thanks!
  12. Hi again, I'm encountering a new problem with off-screen demolist capturing. The demolist that I set, no matter what project files it runs and what demos, will not capture more than 2 projects at a time. After the second, it crashes and the jamp window appears telling me about the error, which I can't decipher. I've copied the text of the jamp window: The problem is recurring and also a note that might be of interest: this error will appear even if my demolist ONLY has 2 projects to run. It will capture both, then this window will pop up. I've tried changing workmegs from 12
  13. Thanks for further explaining DOF, I got it right now and that manual fix is working good. About the issue of smoothquat, I used the wrong word before when I typed "screen tearing". Actually, the movement is stuttering, heavily. Let me clarify that as well, the camera is not actually moving, it's the angles that change. The effect is less noticeable between 2 keypoints if they're close to each other. Watch this first example (key points at 8:00, 10:00, 14:00, 16:00, the movement gets less smooth between 10 and 14): If you can't really see the issue there, it gets a l
  14. Thank for the advice, I might do that. I have an 8 years old CPU, but I'm upgrading at the end of this month.
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