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    Combination 1

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    The idea is fresh and the lock system is one of the most interesting things i have ever seen in jk3 maps. In terms of visuals and objective.


    The look of the map is awesome and it is well done with the color contrast. I also like idea for the small map with quick tactics involved. I started to hate big open area maps.


    I am not big fan of jk3 mp in general but i rate your map with 5 stars.


    One of the best Ctf maps ever made no doubt!

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  1. This is great, I love the animated pumpkin heads! Also, the animated ghosts really bring the halloween mood to the map. I also enjoy the fact that I was buried twice in the cemetery :) Only issue I had was related to the fogs, I believe, since they take a bit of my fps, but it really didn't hurt the framerate that much. Nice job! 

    AAAa my mistake XD .. Yeah sadly map is sometimes laggy ... i was trying to optimalize it.

    Moonbase Labs

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    This is the map that inspired me to start mapping and modding. I rly Love the atmosphere and details. Lightning work is just masterful here. 

    Automaticly looked inside the files You have uploaded. The fact that You shared the map file and Ase models is just amazing. I looked inside the gtkradiant on this masterpiece. 

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  2. He rly take me back to my older models.. I am talking about First Morin model for example (my own guy made for the modification)  .

    When You are making a character from book or game It is very important to feel this original character .  As the Rooxon said His mask is defenitly too big and i think his Eyes were yellow/orange.

    Also the body build is more like that - arms are set wide and his body is more slim.. Even if someone is muscular it doesnt mean he is bulky and seems like that person is fat or something. 


    But anyway very good start and i hope too see more stuff soon :) 

    Of course We all should take on note that this character is kinda cartoonish looking so his proportions are changed.


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  3. Oh, okay. I thought the beta was for the "Lady Luck" ship and stardestroyer bridge too, as we can see on the screenshots. I hope the sequel will come :)

    Just two little things which are not fixed: when we use the Healing power, this is the voice of Jaden who makes a "uh". And when we find the both 3PO and R5 units, this is Jaden who says "this is not the droid we're looking for", instead of Vader.

    Many thanks for that! But pls.. give me all issues on the forum section of the mod: https://jkhub.org/topic/6026-bespin-cloud-city-vader-sp-mission-wip/page-13


    This will help me a lot in fixing the problems. 


    The last issue i found out two days after uploading XD

  4. Cool stuff, but is it normal that I'm stuck after the first boss (the Twi'lek)? I beat him but then there is nothing happening, no button to press and no door which opens. I tried everything with lightsaber, Force powers or fire weapons, even with noclip cheat but I'm litterally imprisoned in the place.

    Sadly Yes because it is a beta..

    Obi Wan reskin pack

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    Like Cerez said i think the same! Thqt one screenshot show us the amazing progress! I rly like that Kenobi :) to be honest hapslash, s Obi Wan's head was not all that great for me.. You really catched his look! Nice work!

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