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  1. this made my day, i never expected anything funnier for Reelo than the JK2 skin with Bespin Christmas but this is better.
  2. Jedi Outcast is and always will be my number one favorite game and Jedi Academy is part of that placement for me. Outcast got me into Star Wars and I love the Bryar Pistol to death. Happy 20 jk2.
  3. Kyle Katarn is my favorite Star Wars character and JK2 was my first introdution to star wars. It also was my first video game ever played and bought for me by my dad. Kyle plays great in Galaxy of Heros as does Darth Talon and Dash Rendar.
  4. Maksman

    Attack Robot

    i really want to find these animations.
  5. Yeah it wouldn't download the latest update so I downloaded and manually installed it.
  6. My worry to is that there are sooo many.
  7. Ok sounds like a GOOD decision just need to nesure you fellas knew of the bug.
  8. Hey one quick question did you guys use the Yavin_swamp and YavinCanyon from Jedi Outcast Academy/ Jedi Academy Outcast or did you edit the maps to fix the swamp water skating glitch?
  9. Oh I was hoping you guys would make it require the game so those of us who do want it and have it could use it.
  10. Wait others asked for this beyond me!? Also Thank You guys.
  11. No offense but I think games are a long way from that many still.
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