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  1. Hi. Been playing for years, signed up to this site a while ago and just love everyone's content on here. Done a bit of basic modding, some skins/sounds/physics changes but haven't dared going into map creation or level scripting but it looks like something I'd like to explore sometime. This might sound silly but forum-wise, is there a qualification/activity level you have to be at to post in the modding section? I can't see any button in this forum subsection that will allow me to post or reply to a thread. Not to start a modding thread but to let user @Jeff know that I really like his MOTS sith statue and if he decides to continue with another then it is possible to download the entire JK/MOTS soundtrack from https://www.sounds-resource.com/pc_computer/starwarsjediknightmysteriesofthesith/sound/3168/ and get good clean sounds of the statues.
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