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  1. Took a 2nd look and yeah, couple more pouches and lil' cylinder things. But the Anakin Hapslash belt should be added to the Anakin skin
  2. This belt should be on the Anakin skin. The current Anakin belt is way too thin :/
  3. Is there a certain stance mod you use?
  4. After you're done revamping the base hilts, Ben Solo's Lightsaber?
  5. Lol the Aurebesh on the main picture says "Place Text Here"
  6. Nice addon of Aurebesh saying: SA Jango
  7. Nice stuff Rooxon. Always enjoy your work here! I've really enjoyed playing around with your Ezra Lightsabers and I love your re-do of the base hilts of the game. Don't know what you mean when you say that they're not good. I really enjoy and they're personally my favourite piece of your work. I use both your single and dual base hilts 24/7; never leave my base folder. You should make some bladed re-dos or make some new ones if you've done some already ( going to check your work again to see if you have or not I've gone too far to abandon this comment and I'm too lazy to open a new tab right now ). Anyways, I've gone off-topic enough. The hilt looks great! Cool to see a big variation in your hilt uploads. I really enjoy the basic look to them; almost like training Lightsabers. Nice to have those 3D thingies to see every angle of it before I download it. My base folder is completely filled with (JAWA) skins and maps for me to get the hilt at the moment but I'll be sure to get it when I have some free time to mess around with stuff in solo game. Anyways, keep up the good work man! -Castiel
  8. Damnnnnnn why doesn't my clan have that map in it?
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