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  1. Thinking about making Ren

    Ren was the original leader of the Knights of Ren. Ben Solo faced him and took control of the order




    He took his helmet off, and looked like the love child of one of Spanki's Jedi heads, and Jeffery Epstein.




    For this project I'm going to try and at least make the helmet on my own. My actual modelling skills are a bit lacking. Been watching tutorials all over Youtube, trying my best lol. The helmet looks easy enough though. I may snag a cape from another model, already have a shirtless male I'm eyeing (lol) so I just need to add convinving enough burned textures.


    All around Ren has a pretty simple design, so it should be easy enough. I liked this guy in the comics. He was suave, and had a kind of swashbuckler energy to him. Would have liked to seem him in a movie or something (though I could say that for the rest of the KoR). 



    Also I'm still working on Starkiller, for the one or two people that might see this in a year. Still needing to get permission from the original modellers before I go further on him since I feel like his textures are gonna be a bit difficult.

    1. bigphil2695


      The Star Wars Lightsaber collection source book has depicted him in 3D already. Might take a crack at that hilt. I wonder if it's possible to strap a bomb to it, like in the comic.



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