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  1. The post is edited! My original problem has been resolved. I have another question though at the end below the "EDIT" line. Hi everyone! I'm experimenting with entity modding (I just discovered it recently). There is a one-map mod for Outcast where Kyle goes to Kessel to rescue the imprisoned Lando. When you find Lando, there's no cutscene, no dialogue. You just deactivate the forcefield and Lando starts following you. I wanted to make some interaction between them, to have some dialogue from the existing voice files, but not the same as in the original ns_hideout mission. I edited the voice files, I wrote the script, now the only thing left is to add the script and its trigger to the map with entity modding. But I can't seem to make it work. Now, I'll have to go into more detail about what I was trying to do. I looked through the map's entities. So at the beginning of the level, seeing the first stormies Kyle comments on "What's the Remnant doing here?" This is its corresponding entries in the entity list: { "model" "*1" "classname" "trigger_once" "spawnflags" "1" "target" "t145" } { "classname" "target_scriptrunner" "origin" "-1576 -1660 492" "Usescript" "kessel/kyle_conv1" "targetname" "t145" } First, I thought, okay, let's try this: { "model" "*166" -> the last number here in the list was *165 "classname" "trigger_once" "spawnflags" "1" "target" "t190" -> that was just a random number that wasn't used elsewhere } { "classname" "target_scriptrunner" "origin" "2386 795 -550" -> that's in front of Lando's cell "Usescript" "kessel/kyle_lando" -> this is my script for their dialogue "targetname" "t190" } After I was done and I put the modded .bsp where it belongs, I tried to load the map and I got this error: "cm_inlinemodel: bad number" I figured that maybe I can't give a higher number in the "model" line than *165. For experiment, I changed it to *1 to see what happens. What happened was that it triggered both scripts, Kyle was commenting on the stormies then started saying his lines for Lando (though Lando is on the other side of the map at this point). So I concluded that I need to make this work without adding a new "model" number. There is a short cutscene on the level. After you kill off 5 imperials in a control room, that triggers the cutscene which shows Lando's cell in the prison block while Kyle says the line: "Lando! What are you doing here?" I didn't like this cutscene, though. It would have been better if Kyle pressed a console which shows a camera view. I thought I can get rid of that cutscene in favor of mine. But it's not that easy. The script for this cutscene contains some "use" commands which spawn Lando and some Imperials into the prison block, so I can't just get rid of the script. However, I deleted everything else that referred to the cutscene itself, the camera commands and the voice line from Kyle. The entries for this cutscene in the entity list were the following: { "target" "t125" "count" "5" "targetname" "control_cin" -> these are the 5 Imperials in the control room "origin" "1792 1248 -416" "classname" "target_counter" } { "Usescript" "kessel/cinematic_prison" -> the script for the cutscene, but now it only spawns in the npcs in the prison block "targetname" "t125" "origin" "1792 1216 -416" "classname" "target_scriptrunner" } My idea was to change the script's targetname to "t145" so the npcs will spawn in when Kyle is commenting on the stormies. This work just fine. The next thing I did was: { "target" "t125" "count" "7" -> the number of Imperials in the prison block "targetname" "prisonguards" -> changed the targetname to these guys "origin" "2386 765 -550" "classname" "target_counter" } { "classname" "target_scriptrunner" "origin" "2386 795 -550" "Usescript" "kessel/kyle_lando" "targetname" "t125" } My plan was that nothing will be triggered when I kill the Imps in the control room, instead, after I kill the Imps in the prison block, it will trigger the dialogue between Lando and Kyle. But nothing happens. I tried out several minor changes but none of them worked. I'm kinda stuck. Is there a way that I can make this work? I can imagine there's a very simple solution to this, I'm just really unexperienced with this stuff. I would appreciate the help! Also, is there a guide or a tutorial for entities somewhere that lists all these different lines and their meanings? Like, I get that "model" usually 'spawns' a map_object but what does it mean when it's followed by "*1"? Or what are "spawnflags"? I have no idea. I'm sure entity modding would be much easier if I knew what these are for. P.S. Sorry for the extremely long and complicated post. EDIT Never mind. I managed to figure it out. I compared the original map with my entity modded map in Radiant. Turned out the 7 Imperials weren't connected to the target_counter. My script is now triggered and the cutscene plays. One strange thing, though. I connected all 7 Imperials to the target_counter, and as shown above it contains the line "count" "7". However, for reasons unknown, my cutscene starts after I kill the 6th Imperial, not the 7th. It's a minor problem really, I can delay the cutscene with the "wait" command, but I'm curious. Does anybody know? Also, my last paragraph from the original post is still relevant: 'is there a guide or a tutorial for entities somewhere that lists all these different lines and their meanings? Like, I get that "model" usually 'spawns' a map_object but what does it mean when it's followed by "*1"? Or what are "spawnflags"?'
  2. Thanks for the tip! I finally managed to make it work! Turned out, I made more than one mistake. First, I don't know how it happened, but I had a GTK Radiant version which didn't even support Outcast and Academy. Now I have one that does. Second, I just realised I messed up saving the .ent file properly. It was "filename.ent.txt". Basically it was a standard text file with .ent considered as part of the filename. But my Windows only showed "filename.ent" so I thought I did it right. I can't thank you enough for pointing to the right direction! After months of failures I can finally make progress.
  3. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if it is possible to make the camera view look like when the Interrogator droid poisons you, during a cutscene like in a dream sequence for example. Has anyone ever done something like this?
  4. I'm still struggling with the same problem. I tried looking for an answer all over the internet with no luck. I was trying to mess around with the bsp file in Hex Editor, I noticed it is an RBSP file, so it makes sense that the error says it's not an IBSP file. In Hex Editor I changed it to IBSP, then tried again recompiling with -onlyents. I got a new error which says my IBSP file is version 1 not 47. So this is probably not the way I should do it. If anyone could help me with this, I would be very happy.
  5. Thank you for answering! Well, it worked... sort of. Now I get a different error: filename.bsp is not a IBSP file. Can you help me with this too?
  6. Hi everyone! I've just got introduced to entity modding and I wanted to experiment with it but something always goes wrong. So I've read these tutorials: I think I've done everything as the tutorials say but I get the following error: "Error opening C:/Program Files/GtkRadiant-1.4/filename.ent: No such file or directory" The directory exists and there's no spelling mistake, I double checked it, and both the .bsp file and the .ent file with the same filename are in that directory so I have no idea what the problem is. Can someone help me with this, please?
  7. Thank you guys! I had no idea what entity modding is, so I read some tutorials. I ran into problems with it, but I think I should start a new topic for that. I haven't tried the other suggestion yet, but I definitely will.
  8. I'm not actually editing the map, I'm editing the .ibi files in BehavEd. As I understand if I try to edit the map, I would have to redo all lighting of the map from scratch. And I don't even know how to edit the map... So I self-educated myself about BehavEd and editing .ibi files, that seemed a lot easier. And basically this is how things look as of now: (This is the Dark Alliance 2 mod, by the way) CUTSCENE #1 CUTSCENE #2 NPC_targetnames: Mara Jade: m3 Mara Jade: dm Lord Telroth: tell1 Lord Telroth: tell1 (same npc) scripts used: Mara_Stand.ibi: affect (m3+tell1) Mara_Stand.ibi: affect (m3+tell1) (same file) dkyle.ibi: cam angles+removes m3 dk.ibi: affect (tell1) Above is a summary so you can see things more clearly. I'll add some commentary to clarify all of it. In CUTSCENE #1, the Mara_Stand.ibi contains some behavior commands for both Mara (m3) and Telroth (tell1) without using the 'affect' command on them. Then for the voice lines I had to put them under 'affect' commands, so this is how it looks: set ( "SET_IGNOREENEMIES", "true" ); set ( "SET_IGNOREALERTS", "true" ); set ( "SET_IGNOREPAIN", "true" ); set ( "SET_BEHAVIOR_STATE", "BS_CINEMATIC" ); set ( "SET_ANIM_BOTH", "BOTH_STAND5" ); set ( "SET_ANIM_HOLDTIME_BOTH", -1.000 ); set ( "SET_SABERACTIVE", "false" ); wait ( 3000.000 ); affect ( "tell1", FLUSH ) { sound ( CHAN_VOICE_GLOBAL, "sound/text/T_126.mp3" ); } wait ( 4200.000 ); affect ( "m3", FLUSH ) { sound ( CHAN_VOICE_GLOBAL, "sound/text/T_127.mp3" ); } wait ( 3800.000 ); In the dkyle.ibi file, there are commands for all the camera angles, but at the bottom there is a command to remove Mara (m3) at the end of the scene. Telroth (tell1) remains, however. In CUTSCENE #2, the same Mara_Stand.ibi file is used which still contains the commands for CUTSCENE #1. This results in Mara (dm) not saying anything because her voice lines are referenced for Mara (m3), and Telroth (tell1) interrupts himself because the Mara_Stand.ibi and dk.ibi files are running at the same time so the game plays his voice lines from both cutscenes simultaneously. And this is the issue, that the same .ibi file is triggered for both cutscenes which messes up CUTSCENE #2. I've already made another .ibi file and with that CUTSCENE #2 would be perfect, but then CUTSCENE #1 would get all messed up. Simply put, my question is: is there a way to make both cutscenes work properly?
  9. Hi everyone! I ran into a problem that causes me serious headaches. Maybe I have an idea that can solve this problem, but I'm not sure if it would work. I am attempting to improve an old story mod by recording voice lines to the characters. Originally the mod only had subtitles. To understand the problem, I'll have to go into details here. The player character meets with the main villain in the first cutscene. A bunch of bad guys surround the player character. Everyone is in both_stand5 animation. There's dialogue, then the main villain orders his men to attack. The first cutscene ends here. Script-wise the scene was built like this: There was one script file that contained the camera angles and the sound files for the subtitle references (the sound files were 5 seconds of silence), there was a second script which had the both_stand5 animation for all the characters present (and other behavioral stuff), and there was a third script which made the bad guys ignite their lightsabers at the end of the scene. Initially, when I replaced the silent sound files with the recorded voice lines, everyone in the scene said the lines which resulted in extremely loud and distorted sounds. I managed to assign the player's voice lines by using the AFFECT command in the second script. I couldn't do this with the villain in the first script, it didn't work. What worked was I assigned the villain's voice lines also in the second script. It was a tricky one, but then this scene was done. After you kill all of the main villain's troops, a second cutscene starts. In the scene a third character arrives. The three of them talk to each other. That's basically it. And again, three script files work at the same time: One had the camera angles and the silent sound files, the second one had the both_stand5 animation for the villain and the player, and the third script had the both_stand5 animation for the third character. And finally we get to the problem itself: the second script file in this cutscene is the exact same file that was used in the first cutscene! So the player and the villain in the second cutscene still say the voice lines from the first cutscene. At this point I was ready to give up all hope and quit... but anyway, I made a backup to that script file, then moved on and managed to make the second scene work perfectly. So at this stage, I have the same file twice, one contains the commands for the first cutscene, and the other contains the commands for the second cutscene. What I have to do when I play the mod is to put the first script to the mod's .pk3 archive, play through the first scene, then save the game, quit to windows, put the other script into the archive, launch the game again and continue playing. I did all of this back in August and I had no idea what to do until now. I was examining another mod's scripts today and I found that one cutscene's starting trigger was made by using the IF command in script. In the game you have to activate four switches in random order and that triggers the cutscene. So this got me thinking: Would it be possible to use this IF command to solve my problem? What if I open up this shared script file that contains the first cutscene's commands, somehow I add the IF command which would "tell" the game to trigger the next cutscene when all the bad guys are dead/killed by me? (Luckily, all the bad guys have unique scriptnames) And after that, I could add the second cutscene's commands under the IF commands. With that, I could have both cutscene's commands in the same file but it would play one after the other. Although, I would still have to find a way to prevent the game from re-triggering the script file when the second cutscene would start. Or am I overcomplicating this? Is there a way to simply "tell" the game that it should trigger another script file for the second cutscene... without messing up the .bsp file? Any help would be greatly appreciated! And I hope that what I just wrote down is understandable and it's not some lengthy gibberish. English is not my first language.
  10. So @Jeff, can I ask you please to fix that facial tag on your Corran Horn Pilot model, if it's possible? I'd really appreciate it.
  11. Okay, I did some additional research and I found this: https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/12060-identifying-6-mod-authors/?tab=comments#comment-160510 According to this, that particular version was made by Jeff. If one facial tag is off, then I guess the issue is with the 3D model itself. I don't have any experience with modeling, so I don't think I can fix it. I'm fairly new to the community, so what should I do? Can I reach out to Jeff and ask him to fix it? Or should I start searching for modeling tutorials? Btw, I appreciate your help, guys!
  12. It is the Corran Horn (Pilot) version, though I changed his clothing. I can't remember who the author is. I collected a lot of stuff over the years. I tried to find it here with no luck.
  13. Hi guys! So I tried to modify my JA by replacing the green double-bladed Jedi master with a Corran Horn model. It works fine, except for one thing: he always looks up. When I spawn him, he should be looking at my face, but instead he looks way above me. Then when I crouch, he looks straight ahead. Why is that and is there a way to fix this?
  14. Thank you for the help, guys! You got it right, mrwonko. It was the @ symbol. I had to experiment with it for a while to make the reference work. It turned out it is: @FILENAME_REFERENCE It works perfectly. Thanks again!
  15. Hi everyone! Freshly new member here, sorry if I haven't posted this into the right thread. I have a difficult question I couldn't find the answer to on my own. I like doing translations to my language and I had no problem writing in string files. Now I encountered some texts in a mod that show up by a script made in BehavEd using the 'print' command. I had no problem writing my translations in there, everything was fine. Then I opened up Jedi Outcast and when the text shows up, the accented characters are missing. For example if I write "hétvégi üdülőhely" in BehavEd, in-game it is shown as "h.tv.gi .d.l.hely". I checked if the text got messed up by saving it to .ibi but it stays correct. So the problem has to be with the game itself. I can't figure out what because it never had a problem displaying accented characters with using strings text. So the game has these characters in the fonts. Something else is wrong. I know that English speakers might never encountered this issue because English doesn't really have accented characters, but I hope there is at least one person here who knows about this and has a solution. It really bugs me that I can't figure it out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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