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    Unfortunately I couldn't find the floor textures sorry I think it's called grass 1 and grass 2 if you or anyone finds the files message me ?
  1. It's a playermodel I just used Noesis in utilities and DT85 gave me a weighed skeleton used _humanoid.gla, model loaded perfectly and I converted the model to a glm to work for the game. In the game JA recognizes the Xemnas model no textures missing but it wont load it in I did Xemnas model_default model_default model_default maybe I need to make a model_default.skin file and rename the textures to something. idk this stuff is complicated. In the future i'll be sure to go to you for sabers ?
  2. I have a question.... I heard its possible to import ps2 models into jedi academy. So I managed to get this Kingdom hearts model and map it of course it has the model and all the textures and I've been spending over a month trying to get it to work for J.A. I've tried soft image 3DS MAX blender I got the skeletons at utilities wasn't able to figure out how to import it to any of them. I looked at all the tutorials, this stuff is too complicated for meI feel like ill never figure it out. ? Do you know a guy who can do this or can you help me please I heard from the user "LukesAndylowground" that you were able to add a WII model into the game
  3. Thanks for all your help I appreciate it, sorry for bugging you so much i'm kind of new to this editing stuff and I thought you didn't see the first message lol xD
    Hey that's pretty good! ? now all we're missing is an exegol map. Hey one question where did you get the animations? They look pretty fresh
  4. 130 downloads

    The ancient Sith Temple from the cancelled Jedi Betrayal mod I've been given permission to upload it The code is map SIth_Temple
  5. 78 downloads

    Once apprenticed to the Jedi battlemaster Kyle Katarn Jaden chose to take the scepter for himself and walk the path of the Dark Side. This npc pack is from the cancelled Jedi Betrayal mod I've been given permission to upload this. Didn't want it to go to waste so here you go. The codes are npc spawn darthphoneix darthphoenix_nh There are 2 issues with this one is he has no arms and the second is when he deactivates his lightsaber it doesn't go back into the hilt it disappears idk how to fix this so if anyone can message me please, hope you enjoy this
    Thanks for making the Jedi betrayal mod available I have 2 questions please, it said theres a playable jedi temple duel map? I found only a sith temple map but it wont work also the fallen jaden Model is fantastic the only thing wrong with it is that he has no arms or hands and the lightsaber just disappears when you deactivate it instead of going into the hilt do you have a fixed version please I would appreciate it. ?
  6. Jeff I need your help so I went to your main inbox page that has all your pk3 files and I tried second sister, Lana Beniko,, Doctor Aphra. Darth Thanaton. Darth Tenebrous, Maladi, Jadus, and Caedous and in SP I tried the playermodel command didn't work for any also npc command didn't spawn them in MP only Second sister and tenebrous worked. Also when I tried to open the pk3 by making it a zip the only one I could open was tenebrous all others said windows cant open because its invalid is there a way to fix this issue and maybe even make an npc support out of these please help my friend ? Sorry one last thing it worked by doing tenebrous model_default in SP but when I tried Aphra It said cannot load model... I appreciate any wisdom you can offer
    This mod is awesome thanks for making it! I have one question I would like to play as vader with those animations in the vanilla game or KOTF is there a file I could use so that when I do playermodel Vader it will use those animations only when I use that character? thanks for reading this and cheers.
    This Mod is fantastic has a lot of potential to be up there with Knights of the force and movie duels, also there was zero bugs. I love the idea of having a hub area instead of just clicking the missions and not being able to explore yavin so ty for that. If I could recommend anything I would recommend adding the ability to duel Rosh kyle Jaden or luke after fighting Padawans and knights easiest to hardest and in Legends Luke's students fought Exar Kuns spirit on Yavin and also Darth Krayt could be the new villain. also maybe a Coruscant or dantooine jedi temple level recover a holecron? Thanks for reading this if you need a voice actor i'll do it for free I got a blue yeti ??
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