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  1. Rayce's post in Bots immediately join spectators when spawned with \addbot was marked as the answer   
    Update: It turns out the timer only works in duel mode.
  2. Rayce's post in Promode not working properly. was marked as the answer   
    Promode is in it's own folder. Would uninstalling and reinstalling delete the dlls in base?
    EDIT: VICTORY IS MINE!   One of my earlier theories was correct that, due to having joined JA+ games though base (I was lazy), my settings got screwed up. But it seemed I did not wipe the game's memory well enough when I was first testing it. So, it WAS a dll issue, but I didn't delete all the dlls. So it works now. Thanks for the help.
  3. Rayce's post in A couple problems in ForceMod. was marked as the answer   
    A-HA! It wasn't there. I created a new one and it works! Thanks! 
  4. Rayce's post in Can't create new saves was marked as the answer   
    I deleted everything except for the beginning of each level. It works now! Thanks! 
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