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Jedi Home III - Temple Edition

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As one of the lucky ones... I can honestly say this map has got it all. There are so many nuances, so many easter eggs, so many unique details that really are the hallmarks of a legendary map. There's also the utility of it as a map that can host clans and have it act as a hub for film groups as well. The architecture is unique, there's pretty much everything you'd ever need, and it's just overloaded with charm! I can't wait to see the final build!

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2 hours ago, Lazarus said:

Angel, that reflective floor tile looks amazing. I may need to steal that idea from you. Is it an env map and the reflect shader with a portal surface? 

    qer_editorimage    textures/jh3-te/graymarble
    surfaceparm    forcefield
        map textures/shinfl/qer_mirror
        map textures/jh3-te/graymarble
        blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_SRC_COLOR
        map textures/JH3-TE/ENV002
        rgbGen identity
        alphaGen const 0.5
        tcGen environment


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3 hours ago, Bubbles said:

Very nostalgic

Kinda makes me miss filefront when maps like this get posted and it gets reviewed loved reading those reviews haha.


Same, sadly most of who review the maps here are not as knowledgeable and cant really give an accurate assessment on the stability or functionality of a map. That's not meant to knock them of-course. Just to be fair this map is beyond most of there skill sets. Damn no matter how you try to word that it comes out rude. But it's really not meant that way. 
That and I've seen how they react to even trying to schedule a release. >.> 
Hence this map wont be uploaded here, merely the link dropped here for initial launch until they can get it up on here. Speaking of, I need to find a way to get Vader removed off steam, that or at least moved as my own content and stop giving points to whoever uploaded it without even asking me apparently. 

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Doors to hanger need texture on opening edges.(DONE)
Rhino hanger needs more boxes and clutter.  (DONE)
Rhino Cockpit and crew quarters need finishing details. 
Exterior of Rhino needs piping and details. (DONE)
Sith Base hanger needs finishing details  and blending work Crates pipping etc same as main hanger may share details (DONE)
Remove multiple personel logo's from hanger lobby (DONE)
Add or fix tele's out of glass hallway duel area. (DONE)
Remove flicker to holo's(DONE)
Placed Holocrons at base of sweeping stairs (DONE)
Edit new duel room texture with shader for +glow and blaster deflection. (DONE) The green duel room now has this effect

    Council section (DONE)
Remove white room in Admin hallways and just elave this black inside.(DONE) + Added -Light to give full darkness feel. (Jedi Face darkness.)
Fixed issue where people could not proprley sit in council chair. (DONE)

Place roberts dad message and 2 beer bottles (DONE)
Placed DF2 Signs back in. (DONE)
Added crates and lighting to back and forth admin portals. (DONE) ALso added admin guide arrows for back and forth travel. (DONE)

Deco Chancelor's Office. (DONE) 
Various Changes to the senate functions
Break semetry of top floor (DONE) Banners. Arrows by lifts to break it up + and signal whats up and down. (DONE)
Redid flooring(s) of senate ring. (DONE)
Redid Senate Ring cieling (DONE)
Resize Logo on second floor. Dont forget to adjust GLW for logo.
Adjust any lighting issues in senate area due to new cieling. (DONE)

in basic I have problems with my hand atm, I am waiting on a new ergonmic mouse arriving monday to alleviate the issues. The swoop
Track will be place back in in the 3.5 update. Bigger and much better. 

Adjust personel logo's glowmap to less intensity. -50% (DONE)
Write shader for Prof Akrii's room "mainlobby". 
Put together the darn readme... Oh boy!

All of this and more has to be done by morning! And my wrist is killing me XD

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Modders log - Star Date the day after hell year the first of 2021... Still feeling spry  so as long as I'm up I'll keep flushing it out. Running a fast compile atm thats almost finished. Hoping everything looks ok and there are no more bugs to work out. If thats all god it's one more mechanics BSP and then I run the final on the main map. It's almost 4AM now. I think I can make it another 2-3 hours easy. 
When I wake up 6-10 hours later lol I'll test the bsp, if its green light I'll quickly split the map up into the mentioned duel variations. to include with it and begin  compiling those. They wont take long, in the mean time I'll double check the pk3. 

Then it's dropping the link to u find fella's whilst I hit up the staff here to upload  it for the main public that doesn't check the forums!

Annnnnd thats it... Ladies and gentleman that's a map!  She's on her final compile @4:42AM.

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Map release will be delayed till this evening. REASON - before you cut my head off one of them stopped the vis from compiling - in a map this big vis is important.
The issue has been fixed, doing final checks before I start it again. Looks like I wont be doing much on the pc till it's done! LOL
Sorry guys working as fast as my busted hands will let me!

And this kids is why you always check when you erase some thing that absolutely NOTHING got left behind. >.> Also never set a release date, every thing will and can go wrong!

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I've just been taking a wander through the maps and I had to say they're terrific works of art! 😃

Well done on seeing this project through to completion. It was clearly a huge undertaking!

EDIT: The floating holocron is my new favourite thing, as well as the contents of the monitors. 😄

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30 minutes ago, Lancelot said:


Just downloaded the map. I'm going to test it soon.

Would you mind that we put this map in the JKHub file section? That way, your work will be easily available for everyone. 😉

YES!!! I meant to upload it here to but your upload system keeps 5050'ing. If you need any thing from me let me know! Id say use the Demo trailer as the screenies or w/e.
Let me know that way I can take it off my cloud!


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