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  1. Thank you so much for the work that you put into this, Circa. Some interesting questions and interesting answers. It's been great listening to these guys chat about the game.
  2. I've already had some ideas for this, so I guess I'll be starting today! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone contributes.
  3. I love it when stuff works as intended! 😃


  4. I tried a scan over ye olde search engines this afternoon and came up short as well. Glad to know it's not just me!
  5. Popped open my map to see if I'd left anything out! I noticed you mentioned the stun_baton flag. Do you not have the "noweapon" option shown here? Spawnflags 64. When I don't tick it, I get given a lightsaber in addition to whatever I dictate my script. After ticking it, all worked fine. I added the melee weapon in addition to the bowcaster in this example.
  6. I've two levels for this example. The first level provides the observant player with an opportunity to snag a holocron granting Force Jump level 2. In another level, the player is in the same location at a different time of day with other things happening, but I wanted to leave the holocron there as a second opportunity to the player if they didn't pick it up the first time. What I would like to know is - is it possible to perform a Force Power level check through script/mapping that would remove the holocron if the player already has Force Jump level 2.
  7. To do this myself, I had the info_player_start targetting a target_scriptrunner which ran "intro.ibi" At the end of the intro script, I put a command to use a target_scriptrunner with a targetname of "forcepowers" My "forcepowers.ibi" was just a list of what Force powers I wanted the player to have and at what level. At the bottom is also a command to specify a lack of weapon. You could change that to a blaster or such if you preferred, of course. I hope this visualisation helps.
  8. This is your friendly reminder to back up the files of whatever you're working on. 😀 

    This feels like an essential mod for all communities every December.
    I really liked playing on this map! It's very spacious, particularly outside. We could comfortably spawn vehicles out on the grass, just watch out for the edge of the mountain! Some lovely brushwork with terrific textures here (particularly that skybox, too!) The music choices are great as well. It's a fun map! If I were to suggest anything for an update, it would simply be to consider adding a .arena file to the .pk3 so that it shows up in the game menus. Besides that, maybe a little bit of ambient noise, such as high winds! Great work!
  9. 1) How do I change what player model is used in game? This particular post lays out the answer to this question quite nicely. I'm not sure how to get around your second question, but for your third, you'll have to elaborate a bit on what exactly you were trying to do.
  10. A lot of the questions you're bound to have are answered in this tutorial, which I can't recommend highly enough as it started me on the path to a similar project. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together!
  11. I've appreciated the inclusion of Dash and Kyle in SW:GoH recently. A little acknowledgement's just nice IMO.
  12. I thought I'd share a portion of my work from this weekend! This is a new bonus level accessible via the menu in my SP mod. This one takes place between the first tier of missions in the original game. A separate cutscene will play if the player succeeds in besting Rosh.
  13. Well, this is neat! Look who's made an appearance on Galaxy of Heroes! 😀

    1. NumberWan


      Valley of the Jedi too. Dash Rendar from SOTS is also in the game. Too bad there is nothing else about it...

  14. I use BehavEd to do all of my scripting, which comes with the Software Development Kit. The scripts are included in their .icarus (pre-compiled) form too.
  15. I attempted this method a moment ago! All I had to do was add a SET_SKIN line to the academy1/intro script for each of the Jedi Master NPCs. "npc_master3/4/5" have a spawnscript enabled by the academy1 map that tells them what animation to perform in the cutscene. There is no reference to them in the academy1/intro script, so I added them with just a line each to specify their skin as seen below. Here is the result: I did try the SET_PLAYERMODEL command as well, but that crashed my game.
  16. I spent about an hour today fiddling with a script to get it to work and looking at the relevant .map as well. The problem? I had saved the blasted script in the wrong directory; the script was fine. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Noodle


      This has happened to me so many times!

  17. I followed RichDiesal's tutorial this morning and put together a tiny map with a working func_train entity. I've uploaded a compiled map you can access with /devmap train_example, and an editable func_train.map file so that you can see how it was put together. Hopefully this will help you to identify the cause of your problem. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-X6RcwepSUEx-VnYVUi5RrVIEl60hNe/view?usp=sharing
  18. Drop me Drive link to the video you want to use and I'll see if I encounter the same issue. :)
  19. Here's a step by step for you all who aren't in on this little trick. The following instructions will explain how to create a desktop icon that will connect you directly to a server of your choice. This process was drafted up on a Windows Vista operating system. Your process may vary slightly if you are using something else. However, the basics are still the same. So don't sweat it! Navigate to your Gamedata folder in your JKA directory. Locate your JAMP.exe file and right click it. Select "Copy Shortcut" Drag this shortcut on to your desktop, feel free to rename it. (Maybe to your server name!) Right click the shortcut icon that you placed on the desktop and go to "Properties". Along the top is a tab called "Shortcut". Add a space, then type "+connect [iP Address]" into the "Target:" field. See screenshot below for example. Click Apply, then Okay. Done.
  20. Prior Knowledge Requirements: Creating/Modifying/Opening .Pk3s H'okay, this tutorial is basically going to go over the step by step process of how to change the chat bubble for Jedi Academy Multiplayer. What is the chat bubble? I'm referring to the (by default) black and yellow speech bubble that hovers above your head whilst you're typing or you have the console open. Anywho, this is how we begin! First, navigate through your JKA folder directory to the Base folder. Within the Base folder, you'll find "assets1.pk3" lurking about. Open this .pk3. When you have it open, look for a folder named "gfx". Inside the "gfx" folder is another named "mp", open this folder as well. Inside the "mp" will be a file named "chat_icon.tga", copy this somewhere that you'll be able to edit it - your desktop for instance. When you have done that, you can close down the .pk3 for now. This image is what tells JKA how the chat bubble should look. As it is in .tga format, you'll need something stronger than MS Paint if you want to tinker with it, programs such as GIMP or Photoshop will naturally suffice. Anywho, open the image and make the desired changes to the image. When you're done, save it again. (Keep it in the .tga format!) Now, create yourself a new .pk3. You'll want to name this .pk3 something that would come after "assets1" alpahbetically. "ChatIcon_Edit.pk3" or something would suffice. As a side note, when you're creating .pk3, always label them so that it is easy to tell what the .pk3 contains at a first glance. When you've made your new .pk3, create a folder within it named "gfx", and inside the "gfx" folder, create another named "mp". Place your modified "chat_icon.tga" image inside this "mp" folder and save your new .pk3. Place this .pk3 inside your base folder and voila! When you next play Jedi Academy Multiplayer, your new chat icon should be replacing the old, boring one.
  21. Altering Jedi Academy Multiplayer Duel Music Prior Knowledge Requirements: Creating/Modifying/Opening .Pk3s Tools: Pakscape, Your MP3. Following this tutorial will allow you to replace the music that plays when you challenge someone to a private duel on Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Create a new .pk3. Ensure that it is named something that will come after the assets pk3s alphabetically. Create a new folder within the .pk3 named "music" In this "music" folder, create another named "mp" Rename your desired mp3 track to "Duel.mp3" and place it inside the "mp" folder. Save your .pk3 and place it in your Base folder in the JKA directory. If the mod you are playing on has its own duel music, place your .pk3 in the Gamedata/ folder instead of the Base folder. Ensure that the .pk3 is named in such a way that it will be read after the mod .pk3 that contains their music modification. Note: What types mp3 settings have to be met for music to play correctly? Your mp3 should be: 44100Hz, Stereo, and 128kbps (If anyone objects to this, feel free to interject. This has always worked for me.)
  22. Altering Main Menu Music - Single Player & Multiplayer Prior Knowledge Requirements: Creating/Modifying/Opening .Pk3s Tools: PakScape, Notepad, Your MP3. Single Player: By default, the main menu whilst playing Single Player in Jedi Academy, has no music. If you want to add your own track to play in the background whilst you are on the main menu in a Single Player game, open up your assets1.pk3 from the Base folder. Once you have done this, open the "ui" folder called ui. From here, copy the file main.menu out of the .pk3 to somewhere you can make modifications (E.g. Your desktop). Now that you have the file, open the main.menu file in Notepad. To quickly scroll to the part we want, use the find command (Ctrl+F) and enter this into the search criteria: "setfocus newgamebutton" This should scroll you to the appropriate section of the file. It will read something like this: onOpen { setfocus newgamebutton } To alter it to play your music file, change this section to read the following: onOpen { setfocus newgamebutton exec "music music/yourmp3.mp3" } When you have made the change, save the file. Done? Create a new folder and rename it "ui". When this is done, place your main.menu file in this folder. Now, create yourself a new .pk3 and place the new "ui" folder within it. Place your .pk3 in the Base folder of the JKA directory and voila! Done, right? Nope! We haven't added your music in yet. In your new .pk3, create a new folder named "music". Place your mp3 in this new folder inside your .pk3. Ensure that the name of the .pk3 matches what you wrote in the main.menu file! Note: Be sure that the name of your .pk3 would come after the assets .pk3s alphabetically, otherwise this modification will not work! Why? Because JKA will read your modification, then the assets, rather than the other way around. For you to overwrite something with a modification, it needs to be read by JKA after the assets! If you want your music to overwrite the music played during the main menu of a single player conversion mod, place the music .pk3 in that mod folder, not the Base folder. Multiplayer: Changing the multiplayer music for Multiplayer Jedi Academy's Main Menu is very straight forward. In fact, it is nearly the same process as for Single Player. This time, navigate to your Base JKA folder and open up assets1.pk3. Open up the "ui" folder in the .pk3, then open up the "jamp" folder inside that. Once again, copy the main.menu file to somewhere outside the assets1.pk3 so that you can modify it. Open the file in Notepad and again use the Find command (Ctrl+F) and enter the following search criteria to quickly find the section we need to edit: "t2_dpred/ImpBaseB_Action" When you have done this, you should find the section of the file that looks like this: onOpen { exec "music music/t2_dpred/ImpBaseB_Action" ; } This is what tells JKA which track to play when it opens up Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Change the above to match something like this: onOpen { exec "music music/mymp3.mp3" ; } Wait, why can't you just overwrite the t2_dpred track? Well, you can. But doing so will interfere with that track when you play Single Player Jedi Academy. You could copy the file directory and name your .mp3 to overwrite the above file, but as I just said, this will mean that music is always overwritten. Anywho! When you have made the change, save the file. Create a new folder named "ui", open it, and create another new folder inside it named "jamp". Place your main.menu file in this folder. Create a new .pk3, and place the "ui" folder with the "jamp" and "main.menu" inside it into the new .pk3. Create a new folder inside the .pk3 named "music", place your mp3 file inside this folder and save your .pk3 again. Place this .pk3 in your Base folder and ensure that it is named something that will be read alphabetically after the assets files. Note: What types mp3 settings have to be met for music to play correctly? Your mp3 should be: 44100Hz, Stereo, and 129kbps (If anyone objects to this, feel free to interject, this is what has always worked for me.) If you want your music to overwrite the music played during the main menu of a multiplayer mod, place the music .pk3 in that mod folder, not the Base folder. E.g. Gamedata/japlus rather than Gamedata/Base. Hope this helps!
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